Yakuza 0 Trailer Shows How Goro Majima Tries To Get Back In The Game

Sega released a new trailer for the upcoming Western release of Yakuza 0, the prologue prequel that introduces gamers to all of the characters and events that eventually led into the original Yakuza game on the PS2.

The trailer follows the charismatic, ponytail-wearing, mutilated Yakuza, Goro Majima. Clocking in at just a minute and a half, the trailer wastes little time in explaining what’s going on and why. We find out that Majima-san was once a respected Yakuza henchmen that had his eye cut out. He was then relegated to working the hostess clubs and being a normie in disguise as part of his punishment. However, being a normie was not in Majima’s resume.

We find out that after losing his eye, Majima is given a chance at redemption, beyond making money at the clubs. In order to regain his status he must murder another gang member. However, the murder doesn’t quite turn out as expected and things get convoluted, forcing Majima to make some tough decisions.

The trailer keeps it very straight laced. We don’t see any of the ridiculous or over-the-top elements of the game that the series has become known for. Instead, the action is contained within the vignettes that focus on giving gamers an idea of who Goro Majima is and what set him down the path that follows in subsequent Yakuza titles.

The game is set to launch on January 24th, 2017 for the PS4 in America and Europe. Sega is handling the localization of the game internally, so you don’t have to worry about easily triggered SJW-types ruining the immersion or changing the dialogue to say something that it doesn’t.

There’s also a pre-order special “Business” launch edition that contains a stainless steel business card holder with an elaborate Yakuza demon dragon design on the front and back (and it looks so badass it’s the sort of thing you might buy for the card holder alone), there’s a double-sided bilingual business card for Kiryu and Matima, along with a hostess card.

You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.


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