A Room Beyond: Episode 3 Set For Launch December 1st

Developer René Bühling sent out word that A Room Beyond has officially received its launch date for Episode 3. It will be arriving for Steam gamers starting December 1st.

A new trailer was released for the game to give gamers an idea of what to expect from the third episode in the lo-fi point-and-click horror-mystery game. They’ve introduced a number of new features into the game, including additional camera angles, an all new weather system that changes depending on the time of day and other conditions, as well as the old gods, such as Cthulhu.

You can check out the release trailer for the third episode, entitled “The Voice Form The Deep” below.

A Room Beyond is still in Early Access but René has been slowly letting loose each new episode leading up to the game’s final release when the final episode is done and finished.

There are still two more chapters to go to round out the game’s five chapter expanse. A Room Beyond is a murder mystery where gamers will work with the villagers to discover why a dangerous and murderous fog from the old era is killing people.

The game is described as an interactive graphic novel as players reveal the mysteries of the occult, spiritualism and the philosophy of life. The title hearkens back to the old days of PC adventure games like Alone in the Dark and Hugo’s House of Horror.

With the introduction of the weather system, more challenges, and the new environments to give players something to explore beyond what’s present in the current two episodes.

You can check out A Room Beyond right now over on the Steam store where the first two episodes are available, or you can wait until December 1st for Episode 3 to launch. You can likely expect all five episodes to finally become available throughout 2017.