Age Of Farming Set To Release November 18th On Steam
(Last Updated On: November 17, 2016)

It seems as if there’s another farming simulator game that will join Farming Simulator 17, except Age of Farming isn’t exactly like FS17 but more like an overhead farming manager. If you are into investing in buildings, plowing, sowing and creating windmill farms, Age of Farming is set to drop tomorrow for PC via Steam Early Access.

I should note that Age of Farming is very indie. I say this because there are some features within this game that are quite low quality. If you don’t mind the graphics being kind of bare compared to Farming Simulator, you just might find catharsis in Age of Farming. You can be the judge if the farming sim is something worth checking out by watching its new trailer.

Age of Farming is noted by the devs to present players with a wide range of possible decisions that are an incentive for developing skills in business and economy. Not sure how true that is, only time will tell when it releases, but this is somewhat reiterated again in the description.

“Age of Farming is a dynamic game, which lets you control the whole process, from plowing and sowing to investing in buildings and wind farms.”

The game is also said to be built around several amenities related to building and other factors to reflect what propels farming. This climate of gameplay is said to be bolstered by a plethora of farming machines and equipment to help customize your farm the way you see fit.

Other features that are said to be included in Age of Farming consist of harvesting goods, storing grain in silos and selling other resources around and about town to increase you profits, along with your farm. It is also said that the market and pricing on goods will vary depending on what’s going on with the economy.

Sadly there is no official site for Evergreen or Age of Farming (as of this writing), but you can learn more by heading over to Steam Early Access.

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