Alien: Covenant Poster Arrives With May 19th, 2017 Release Date
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2016)

Ridley Scott’s return to form is shaping up nicely it seems, as the world of Alien will be expanding in a more familiar direction starting May 19th, 2017 next year. The director’s follow-up to the 2012 sci-fi thriller seems like it took a long time to get here but it’s finally here.

In addition to announcing the release date, the studio revealed a haunting new poster. It’s stolid in its presentation, relying on presence rather than panache. A simple black background with a xenomorph emerging from the darkness as the stilted use of the word “Run” sits at the top and “May 19” rests at the bottom.

Alien: Covenant

The movie is expected to pick up after the events of the original Prometheus, in which the main character and her sadistic, synthetic sidekick took to the skies to head to the home world of the Engineers. Only, this time the story follows a crew who happens upon the synth, David… apparently he was the lone survivor of the expedition.

This raises all sorts of questions about the potential plot. I also wish this was a slow build toward a proper Aliens vs Predator film, given that the Engineers and the Predators seemed like perfect rivals. But alas, it’s Hollywood and they seem more intent on rehashes, remasters and reboots than giving people what they want.

Heck, the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot was a perfect example of pushing politics ahead of entertainment.

Let’s see if the entertainment can trump the politics when it comes to Alien: Covenant. Also ,this movie better be darned good for them to have delayed Neil Blompkamp’s rendition of Aliens, which was supposed to star Sigourney Weaver. I really wanted to see his redo of Aliens 3 because the original third movie sucked really badly.

I guess we’ll find out just how good Alien: Covenant is when it inevitably releases on May 19th next year.

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  • Gorgon

    I do like the tagline.

  • Hawk Hopper

    I also wish this was a slow build toward a proper Aliens vs Predator film, given that the Engineers and the Predators seemed like perfect rivals.

    Wouldn’t be cool if there was a Predator in the movie, but nobody knew about it? You would be watching it and then BAM Predator, and he’s just wrecking the place and takes on an Engineer. That would be cool and unexpected, but with Hollywood, they would go out of their way to ruin the surprise by prominently showing the Predator in the trailer.

    • That would be perfect and create tons of buzz. But yeah… Hollywood has a bad habit of ruining surprises and twists by giving everything away in the trailers, like Wonder Woman and Doomsday in Batman v Superman. I think I could have appreciated the movie a lot more had they just left some surprises in there.

      • Hawk Hopper

        I’m just reminded of the huge twist they gave away for Terminator Genysis in the trailer. Not knowing what happened wouldn’t have made it good movie, but it would have been something interesting when you were watching it.