American Truck Simulator Launches Expanded Map Beta

SCS Software released a new beta build of American Truck Simulator for Steam users that features the all new rescaled map. It’s been expanded from a 1:35 scale to a 1:20 scale, allowing for more roads, intersections, tourist traps and sightseeing locations.

The news was made present over on the SCS blog, where they announced that those who want to opt into the beta for American Truck Simulator can do so right now.

The rescaled map, featuring new roads and travel opportunities wasn’t the only thing that SCS pumped into the game, they also added in new chassis options for 6×2 and 6×2 liftable axles.

Weight stations have been modified, along with pneumatic braking behavior with a new safeguard where you have manually disengage the parking brake, and new map projection to better accurately display the map according to how most people are familiarized with it based on most geographical depictions.

SCS have been very diligent in keeping American Truck Simulator up to date. It’s one of the few games where the developers work really hard to listen to the core fan feedback without compromising the quality of the game itself.

The map scale feature is actually something that gamers had made critical remarks about back when the game first released. Many enjoyed the title but felt as if the maps were a little too small compared to their real life counterparts. There was some slight push-back from SCS due to the work required and the complexity of expanding the map, but they didn’t waste time groveling for long and decided to get to work on bringing the expansion to life via rescaling the map. Now that it’s in beta gamers can play-test the map for themselves and see how well it all works out.

You can pick up a copy of American Truck Simulator right now or participate in the beta by checking out the Steam store page.


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