ARK: Survival Evolved Will Get Tek Tier Endgame Content Soon

Studio Wildcard has a special surprise for ARK: Survival Evolved players. They plan on releasing a brand new content update with tons of new endgame gear called the Tek Tier. It’s advanced, sci-fi gear featuring weapons and armor that are out of this world.

The update will allow adept crafters build and shape the environment with brand new craftables, including power-armor, plasma weapons and advanced Tek saddles with long-range sniping weapons that can be equipped to the dinosaurs. Even more than that? You can add jetpacks to some of your crafted items so you can fly around when you don’t have a pterodactyl at your disposal.

You can actually check out what the new Tek Tier content will look like when it launches for PC and Xbox One gamers, soon. Check it out below.

The trailer is actually really sleek. The new plasma weapons and HUD gear allow you to see enemies through wall, and burn them into little shards of roasted flesh as you tear through them like the rage of science incarnate.

The new power-armor not only allows you to fly around with jetpacks but also speed through the jungle using turbo boosters. It’s almost like when you’re super powered up in Saints Row IV. Except, hopefully they don’t undermine the game’s difficulty in ARK the way Volition Software did with Saints Row by making the player-character so strong that the game became a borefest.

In this case, the whole military-style, super soldier actually looks like it could make ARK very interesting. Only the most elite of elite players will have access to this kind of gear since it is the highest of highest tiers and is endgame content. I’m sure plenty of players will be attempting to barter all that they have to get their hands on that armor.

But wait, there’s more!

There’s also all new underwater base that allows you to check out some of the sea life from a water-sealed location.

Sounds like they’re practically nearing the end of development for ARK: Survival Evolved and the whole cyber dinosaur armor thing looks righteous. Let’s just hope they can finally balance out the optimizations and ensure that the game runs right proper with solid frame-rates when launch time rolls around.

You can keep an eye out for the new Tek Tier when it launches soon for the PC and Xbox One versions of ARK: Survival Evolved. For further info on the new update feel free to visit the official website.


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