Art of War: Red Tides RTS Game Storms Onto Steam Greenlight

Developers Game Science has recently posted their new game Art Of War: Red Tides, onto Steam Greenlight and within the first 48 hours of showing off their game they have already reached the top 100 games in Steam Greenlight ranking charts.

Game Science is a small indie group that has come together to create a new real time strategy game (RTS), that has similar gameplay features and themes that aesthetically looks like the StarCraft Series. The developers say that Art Of War: Red Tides will feature high end graphics and artwork to give you a visually stunning gaming experience.

The team’s artist Yang qi917 has created some really amazing sci-fi and fantasy artwork for the game (which you can see in the above header image), that illustrates the different factions and monsters you will encounter in the world of Art Of War: Red Tides. I am hoping that more of his work will be featured throughout the game.

red-tides-2As for actual gameplay, Art Of War: Red Tides will feature three unique races for you to choose from, with more than 40 different unit types that you will be able to command in battle. To add a bit of strategy to the game though you will only be able to put together an army that consists of 10 different units when you go into battle, so choose your army wisely.

The battlefield will be large scale and will feature more than 300 units all fighting on the screen at once. Art Of War: Red Tides will also feature online multiplayer and co-op modes for you to play with your friends. At this moment, I’m not sure if the game is purely an MMO RTS that has to be played online, because the Greenlight page also has “Single Player” listed as one of its tags, so it appears there will be some form of single player game modes available for you to play alone.

The developers released a series of short teaser trailers leading up to their Greenlight launch page, but they have also compiled a more comprehensive trailer that shows commander skills, enemy units, and fast paced action on the battlefield. Take a look at the Art Of War: Red Tides trailer that I linked down below.

The developers for Art Of War: Red Tides have said that they feel like RTS games aren’t as popular now as they used to be, and they hope that their contribution to the genre will help to inspire people to get back into the RTS gaming genre.

Last but not least, Art Of War: Red Tides is listed as a Free-To-Play game, so we’ll need to keep an eye out for their marketing plan for Cash shop and microtransactions because they haven’t talked about their financial plans just yet since the game is still early in development.

Art Of War: Red Tides is currently awaiting the Steam Greenlight community to vote them through so that they can become an official Steam game, and they are planning to launch their beta testing later this year.


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