Attack On Titan: Escape From Certain Death To Launch On March 30th

Attack On Titan will be getting a visual novel by Koei Tecmo and the company’s Ruby Party brand that goes by the name of Attack On Titan: Escape From Certain Death. The visual novel will release on March 30th, 2017, for the Nintendo 3DS.

That’s right, Koei Tecmo and their Ruby Party brand will bring forth Attack On Titan: Escape From Certain Death on March 20th, next year. The game will be exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS on release, and will feature a story line that takes place before the Female Titan.

The official description can be read below.

“While investigating the outskirts of a certain old castle, the Survey Corps are caught in a Titan assault. The ground collapses amid the chaos, and the protagonist ends up falling into an underground part of the old castle. Just narrowly escaping death, the protagonist cannot return to the surface as their Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear has broken. The protagonist links up with a single “partner” and attempts to escape the castle underground shrouded in mystery, but…?”

The visual novel, known as Escape From Certain Death, standard edition will cost 5,800 yen, while the Treasure Box edition will run for 12,800. The standard edition will obviously provide the basics, but those who opt for the Treasure edition will find the following content included:

  • A copy of the game
  • A visual book
  • The full soundtrack (OST)
  • Two waterproof posters
  • Six large tin badges
  • Mikasa and Levi 3DS theme w/ voices download code.

In addition to the above the first-print copies of either the standard or Treasure edition includes an Eren 3DS theme with voices download code. Looking over to the first-print copies of the Treasure Box also gain access to Erwin 3DS theme with voices download code.

Ruby Party also updated their channel to reflect a newly posted video below that stands as Escape From Certain Death’s trailer.

Attack On Titan: Escape From Certain Death will debut on March 30th, 2017, for the 3DS.


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