Audio Game Hub Seek To Expand Games For Visually Impaired Gamers

Audio Game Hub is a small independent group made up of students from New Zealand’s Auckland University of Technology. They recently held a Kickstarter for their self-titled PC and mobile project, asking for just over $4,000 to help bring the next evolution of their project to life.

The idea is to expand on the original concept for what the team introduced previously for mobile devices and PC. So what was the original concept for the Audio Game Hub? Well, it’s about giving visually impaired gamers an opportunity to play and enjoy video games even if they can’t see them.

There’s a variety of small mini-games that center around using audio cues and audio vibrations to give gamers an idea of what’s happening on screen. This includes a variety of small games that can be played either solo or against someone else in a versus match. The handful of developers working on the project talk about what they have planned and how they’re planning on utilizing the money to improve the offerings within the app.

They’ve already managed to get far more than what they had set out for, accruing more than $6,600 with 17 days left to go on the Kickstarter campaign.

They mention in the video that millions of disabled people have a tough time playing games, including the 39 million who are blind and the 285 million out there the world around who suffer from some form of visually impairment.

They want to broaden the scope of their offerings when it comes to giving visually impaired gamers an opportunity to enjoy themselves with electronic entertainment.

Now that they’ve reached $6,000 they will include five new games that will be voted on and created as part of the collection of games they offer up within the audio hub. They also have plans on creating a Kickstarter-exclusive game that will be available specifically to backers.

For non-backers they will be able to extend their play experience by purchasing additional games for the hub as in-app purchases. The core Audio Game Hub is still and will continue to be free.

You can learn more about the project by visiting the Kickstarter page or you can download the free app hub from the Google Play store or the iTunes App Store.

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