Beacon, Sci-Fi Shooter Videos Reveal Traps And Gunplay

There’s a new upcoming indie game by Monothetic that is in development for PC and Xbox One, which is entitled Beacon. The Sci-Fi game mixes top-down, twin-stick shooting mechanics with aesthetics that are said to be infused with manga and low-poly geometric visuals.

Beacon is designed to display a “strong” aesthetic mixed with science fiction themes with modern low-poly modelling to create a striking world. I do have to say that I like some of the art for the game, especially the whole Daft Punk-thing going on with the colors — it makes it look quite interesting.


If you want a nice summary that will enlighten you on what Beacon is about both the official description and the trailer sit below.

“You play as Freja, a highly skilled pilot for the private military sector who’s crashed on an unidentified planet. You must fight your way through randomly generated levels, attempting to find your ship’s Beacon to escape the planet. Played from a top-down perspective, and controlling similarly to a twin-stick shooter, Beacon evokes a sense of classic arcade action within the trappings of modern Roguelike progress and permadeath, with the twist of Cloning mechanics tied to Death to create a lasting sense of progress.”

Although the trailer above is quite old and there hasn’t been an overflow of information pouring out regarding the game the devs, however, are still working on the game and even released some new short video clips on Twitter. The first clip is by Monothetic while the second is by Rando Boy 4000, which the former shows gunplay while the latter dabbles in traps.

As of this moment the devs behind Beacon have not released any information on its initial release date yet, but more information regarding its release should arrive near the latter part of this year or the early part of 2017. For more information on this game you can visit


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