Ben Affleck, Terminator Arnold Mods Arrive For GTA 5

This past year maybe you were enthralled with seeing the Batfleck on the screen. His bulging fake muscles and low-pitched, New Jersey impression of Adam Sandler may have given you the googly-eyed goosebumps across your body. And who could deny you such a reaction? Well, if you can’t stop touching yourself while thinking about the Bennifer-evolved version of Ben Affleck, now known as Batfleck, don’t worry about it… you’ll be able to see a lot more of him with the new Ben Affleck mod for GTA V.

The star and director of movies like The Town and Argo is now playable in Grand Theft Auto V thanks to the absolutely groundbreaking work put in by modder Maestre. He literally designed this model from the ground up because Ben Affleck has made “a lot of good movies”.

GTA 5 - Ben Affleck

He also explains how he resculpted parts and pieces from GTA V and used an originally modeled face sculpt from Ben Affleck in order to design the original mod, writing on the mod page…

“I made the whole head model, then I used Some GTA V’s clothes models from another stream peds. After that, I re-sculpted original GTA’s clothes and made some retexture. Then I created Buckles with 3Ds Max and I Painted textures for good and real texture. Then I just converted with zmodeler.”

The work is impeccable. Ben Affleck actually looks like Ben Affleck. The crazy part about it is that I knew exactly who it was before I even read the title of the mod. He managed to capture that depressed, midday-drunken eye droop, as well as that unkempt, dad-in-midlife crisis beard that he’s been rocking lately. All round great work by Maestre.

In fact, people love the model so much he plans on making more. Oh man, oh man… he has got to do Matt Damon next. Batman and Robin skins for Matt Damon and Ben Affleck would also mean that we could finally see the true dynamic duo together on screen again!

You can download Ben Affleck from over on

GTA 5 - Arnold

The other mod worth checking out is an Arnold pedestrian replacement mod based on three different Arnold models from the first two Terminator flicks.

The mod is put together TheMadBreaker, who rigged and imported the models into GTA V. The models were originally sculpted by DeviantArt user jc-starstorm.

The hands are a little weird. I’m not sure what happened with the rigging, but enough people have already given TheMadBreaker flak for it in the comment sections. If you want to have Arnold as a Terminator walking around in Los Santos, you can download the mod from over on


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