Brawlhalla World Championships Sees $50,000 Up For Grabs

Some good ‘ole e-sports news and this time it doesn’t involve gambling scandals, lawsuits, doping or betting scams. This time, it’s about Blue Mammoth Games’ Brawlhalla, which is a little bit like the PC gaming arena’s version of Super Smash Bros.

The developers announced that the e-sports world championships will get underway this week in Atlanta, Georgia, where the best of the best from the world around will come to compete at the expo event on November 11th with the opportunity to win $50,000.

Matt Woomer, creative director at Blue Mammoth commented about the world championship showdown, saying in the press release…

“We designed Brawlhalla to support competitive play,”. “But one day you look up and there are tournaments streaming every weekend, videos coming out of high level play, LAN tournaments, FGC tournaments, prize money, clans, and even sponsors. So we asked ourselves and the community, ‘What can we do to support and encourage all that effort?’ The Brawlhalla Championship Series and the Brawlhalla World Championship is a big part of the answer.”

Sponsorships is actually a crazy thing, because a lot of studios and e-sports ready games have a difficult time securing sponsorships and endorsement opportunities, but Brawlhalla has managed to secure a list of sponsors for their FGC tournaments, including the following.

  • Twlight of 3sUP Enterprises
  • Arkosh, and Jellyfish of Absolute
  • Diakou of Eanix
  • noeL, BloodDiamond, and LegitPunisher of Kingdom eSports
  • Ephi, Lanz, and Addymestic of Reason Gaming
  • KylarAlice of Trident eSports
  • Crockie of VexX Gaming

The top players from around the world will be heading to Atlanta to throw down in the game and prove their worth. If you need to see what Brawlhalla looks like in actoin there’s a trailer below.

The game has been around for just a year and it’s already making waves in the FGC, which is a very good sign. A lot of games designed for e-sports don’t always survive and swim the way the publishers might want, just like with Capcom force-feeding Street Fighter V into the e-sports scene before it was ready and it cost them dearly.

In the case of Blue Mammoth Games, they let their indie darling grow and fester the fun in the gaming community with the sort of organic growth that would make hemp farmers blush, and it paid off.

You can learn more about the tournaments and world championships set to take place by visiting the official Brawlhalla website.


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