Brutal Doom 64 Is Now Available For Download

If you’ve been itching to get back into the hardcore, old-school era of Doom but you aren’t interested in vanilla Brutal Doom or whipping out your old N64 to play Doom 64, Sgt. Mark IV – modder extraordinaire – has released Brutal Doom 64 for PC gamers, utilizing assets from the old-school N64 title but with a brutal, gory, bloody new twist.

The total conversion mod went live recently for GZDoom and Zandronum, as reported by Blues. The mod features all the levels, textures, sprites and enemies from Doom 64 and it’s explained that it was actually the true Doom 3, given that it canonically links to Doom 2016 (also known as Doom 4 amongst fans). The interesting part about it is that Brutal Doom 64 is playable as a mod in Doom II.

You can see what the game is like with the trailer below, which gives gamers a taste of what to expect when the TC mod is booted up.

That revamped theme song kicking and seeing all that devastation brought back some fond memories. I was never that big into the console ports of Doom because they ran like trash, but Sgt. Mark IV appears to have done right by this N64 classic by porting it with tender love and carnage.

They basically took everything that worked for Doom 64 and then Brutal Doomed it.

A ton of fans were super excited about being able to play Brutal Doom 64 because it gives plenty of gamers an opportunity to play one of the classics that they missed back during the fifth generation of gaming.

In addition to the single player campaign mode featuring 32 original levels, there is also the re-addition of enemies that the developers removed from the original game on the 64, and there’s also cooperative modes, survival modes and multiplayer PvP.

You can check out the HD, remastered theme song for the game from Andrew Hulshult below or download Brutal Doom 64 from the ModDB download page.


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