Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Honest Trailer Points Out All The Common Flaws

The Honest Trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is pretty spot on. The game has some solidly written characterizations but they’re tossed into one of the most ridiculous and silly campaigns yet for a Call of Duty game.

The Smosh Games trailer points out a bunch of the game’s common flaws, including the fact that Jon Snow from Game of Thrones was barely in the freaking game!

They also point out that the main characters all die near the end of the game’s campaign and mostly in stupid ways. Well, in Gator’s case it was just the typical push-the-hero-out-of-the-way death while some of the others died in more implausible and ridiculous ways. One of the more levelheaded characters died saving the captain while attempting to sabotage a drop pod, and another levelheaded character died saving the captain while trying to escape from a station being eaten by a sun. Starting to see a trend here?

The unnecessary and contrived character deaths was probably the most annoying part about the game, next to the ho-hum repetitive gameplay and mission structures. Compared to Titanfall 2, Infinite Warfare’s campaign gameplay comes across as trite and boring.

But enough about Titanfall 2, most people’s argument for saying it’s the better game is simply to shut up, boot up and actually play it.

Anyway, I totally agree that the only really interesting character out of everyone is Ethan the robot, who was funny and seemed to be more human than the humans!

I also laughed out loud at the line… “A TV that’s always playing Fox News”. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed that.

Halfway through the trailer things switch over to the multiplayer, where they talk about the pros and cons (getting shot in the back which is about as common pizza pedophilia rings in politics and corporate moguls grabbing women by the pussy).

The real highlight of the trailer, however, is how they try to downplay how much people dislike Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It’s highlight quite nicely in the comment section from Kevin Burkhard, who points out that those dislikes on the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare announcement trailer? Well, they have a bit of weight given the game’s massive drop in launch week sales, with Kevin Burkhard writing…

“”nothing puts a franchise in it’s place like a disliked youtube video” and so few people purchasing it that Windows Store had to issue a refund because of it. With more people playing the Modern Warfare remake online than Infinite.


“Yeah this entry bombed Honest Trailers, but nice damage control.”

Ohhh… looks like Smosh Games just got smashed!


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