Check Out 8 Minutes Of The Last Guardian’s Gameplay

To be honest I’m pretty excited for the release of The Last Guardian; the game is set to release early next month for PS4. In addition to the release of the game the devs decided to promote it before its debut with a new eight minute long gameplay video showing the boy and Trico’s relationship develop over the course of different events.

The Last Guardian is almost here to actually play, folks. And to bolster the game’s appeal before it debuts the devs released a new gameplay video showing the relationship between the boy and Trico.

I should note that the video holds some spoilers, but at the same time no puzzles or key plot points are seriously spoiled compared to some other videos — so in other words it’s safe to watch if you don’t mind seeing more of the game.

The near nine minute long video (which roughly translates into eight minutes and 58 seconds) provides a glimpse at the stone-like soldiers trying to stop the boy and Trico, which I’m not sure but I think they might be able to heavily wound Trico with their spears, which is interesting.

If you are curious and want to see the new video showing the aforesaid and then some you can check out the newly posted video below, thanks to PlayStation Japan‘s YouTube channel.

If the release date stays the same for TLG and comes out on point I’ll be pretty stoked to see the game that was delayed (close to seven years) finally release. I do, however, have my concerns that the game could potentially be glitchy seeing that was a concern of SCE Worldwide Studios President Yoshida Shuhei who noted on the that…

“We have encountered more bugs than anticipated while in the final stages of development.”

Hopefully the devs can pull the game together and please fans with some solid gameplay, mechanics and storytelling.

The Last Guardian is set to release for PS4 in Japan and North America on December 6th, in Europe on December 7th, and in the UK on December 9th.


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