Colt Express, Turn-Based Western Board Game Now Available

A video game inspired by the board game of Colt Express has recently been released for both PC and mobile devices. Developer Asmodee Digital and Frima Studios announced that the game has officially released for iOS devices, Android smartphones and it’s available on Steam for PC.

The game sees players commanding a train robbers in their attempt to loot and leave the locomotive without being subdued by the train marshal. This sets into motion some intense strategic planning by players partaking in the event, using turn-based tactics to rob passengers, loot the cargo and attempt to get away Scott free.

You can check out the launch trailer for the game below to give you an idea of what the gameplay is like.

The digital board game allows gamers to dabble in both single and multiplayer modes, as each player will take control of up to six bandits, robbing the train and looting what they can before the strong arm of the law comes busting through the door with a fistful of gunpowder-filled firepower.

The single-player story mode features 30 different chapters to complete and various achievements to unlock. The multiplayer mode allows gamers to compete online against other players from around the world or play cooperatively.

There are different skins to unlock, as well as new environments to venture to by playing through the story mode.

With the release on the mobile devices, the developers announced that they’ve added cross-platform compatibility to the PC version of the game. They also fixed some of the major bugs for the games where it would freeze and crash.

You can pick up a digital copy of the game on Steam for $9.99. Alternatively, you can get your hands on the digital board game for mobile devices from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play store.


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