Conan Exiles’ Early Access Launch Set For January 31st
(Last Updated On: November 22, 2016)

Funcom has released a new trailer showing off Conan Exiles and revealing some of the mechanics that will be in the game at launch. Moreover the game will have an early playable build available for PC on Steam Early Access starting January 31st. Later on the game will release across PC and Xbox One.

Conan Exiles could end up being like any other Minecraft-survival indie game clone, or it could stand apart and be a game that gamers really enjoy. To be honest I’m not all that excited for this game, but that’s just me, if you are excited there is some good news for you in that the devs have a new trailer below.

Conan Exiles will have a playable build early next year starting on January 31st. The early build will grant folks an idea as to how the game will function and play out mechanically, but at the same time will be open for constructive criticism so that the devs can change the game accordingly to player feedback.

Reading through the comments on some of the forums for this game and its Early Access phase and seeing that some folks are confused over if Xbox One players will get to play the game on January 31st, the answer is no. The devs took to their update page to explain that…

“Today we’re also announcing that Conan Exiles is coming to the Xbox One in Spring, 2017, through the Xbox One Game Preview program. We’re really excited to be bringing Conan Exiles to Xbox One.”

In other words Spring doesn’t start until March of 2017, so folks on PC will get an early head start playing the game while players on Xbox One will be able to play the game sometime later on during next year’s Spring.

For more information on the update blog post you can visit, or you can hit up the official site for more details.

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