Dark Avenger 3 Brings Super Fast Hack-And-Slash Action To Mobile Devices

Nexon and Doolean Games announced that Dark Avenger 3 (sometimes referred to as Darkness Reborn 3) will make its way to Android devices. The game looks pretty good in the single-player mode to be a mobile title, but the real impressive aspect of it is the gameplay.

During this year’s G-Star 2016 event in Busan, South Korea, Nexon released the official gameplay trailer for Dark Avenger 3, due for release in South Korea on mobile devices. The cinematic gameplay trailer highlights some of the character classes as well as some of the combos and magic attacks that can be used against enemies. You can check out the trailer below courtesy of Acrofan.

Instantaneously I was reminded of games like Vindictus and RaiderZ based on what was showcased in the trailer above. Doolean Games did a fine with the core gameplay.

The biggest drawback is that this is designed for mobile devices, and that will instantly limit the appeal of the game. Basically, most hardcore gamers prefer playing stuff on big rigs or consoles, and most casuals don’t play games like Dark Avenger 3. Chair and Epic had similar problems reaching people with the Infinity Blade series, despite the game looking great on mobile devices.

Part of the plan of luring core gamers in is with the PvP. There’s a video highlighting the game’s three-on-three matches from this year’s G-Star event, which you can check out below from MamaMyEggs.

Attacks are carried out using the touchscreen buttons and the gameplay is a mix of Diablo meets Vindictus.

We’ve seen a number of companies try their hand at newer isometric hack-and-slash titles on mobile devices, so it’s no real surprise that Nexon would hop in on the action, too.

The game is due for release on mobile devices but they don’t exactly say when. As the game moves closer to release there will likely be more info made available. It’s a shame that they’re putting that kind of effort into a mobile game instead of a desktop game.

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