Dead Cells, 2D Action-Platformer Coming To PC In 2017

There are a lot of Castlevania-inspired, action-platformer, Metroidvania, procedurally generated rogue-like indie games out there, and although Motion Twins’ Dead Cells fits into the aforesaid it does bring some cool looking stuff to the table. As of now Dead Cells is set to come out for PC next year.

Before jumping into the features of the game let’s take a look at the basic concept and story of Dead Cells. Folks assume the roll of a sentient flesh thing looking for a host to posses so that it can destroy its creator.

This now brings us to the actual content in the game. At one point procedurally generated stages/maps were something that I could tolerate, kinda like in PSO and so on. But as it became a crutch in most indie games the feature seemed more like a lazy scapegoat to create a game faster to make quick cash, instead of building unique gameplay mechanics around the feature, so we’ll see if this new game uses the produceral design for a cool gameplay experience or if it’s just another quick indie title. Dead Cells does hold your basic indie game features which is confirmed in the official description.

“A roguelike, Castlevania-inspired, action-platformer, Dead Cells allows you to explore a sprawling, ever-changing castle, unlock new gear and gain access to unreachable areas. Fight to the death using the weapons and loot you find during each run, slowly building your strength as you battle across infinite procedurally assembled combinations of meticulously handcrafted levels. Every run is unique: a new castle, new secrets, randomised loot and different characters”

As for the upsides for Dead Cells the game at least sports some smooth and nice looking animations, as well as some neat looking combat. I also like how the dash maneuver can be used in a variety of situations and links well into other moves.

I also like the atmosphere and how the environments look. If you are curious as to how the game looks you can check out three MP4 videos that the devs put up on their official site, which the videos show snippets of the game — seeing how there are no official video trailers for Dead Cells yet.

The first video that was revealed (above) stands as an intro, as for the second and third videos below reveal combat and other maneuvers during conflicts.

Dead Cells isn’t out yet and is currently set to come out sometime during 2017 for PC. If you want to keep track of the game’s progress and what the devs are up to you can head on over to or


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