Devoid Of Shadows, Rogue-Like Vampire RPG Announced For PC

N-Game Studios announced along with ArsLogica that there’s a new dungeon-crawling RPG with rogue-like elements in the works for PC called Devoid of Shadows. Players will take on the role of a vampire who must battle through trap-filled dungeons to become a master vampire.

The game starts where players will be a fugitive who flees from killers into the dangerous, trap-filled labyrinth. You’ll be able to earn abilities, become stronger and fight to grow your own castle… yes, you will have your own castle in Devoid of Shadows.

The game will allow you to establish workshops and utilize the “flexible” character development system to train and grow the character the way you want.

According to the developers, they want to mix in the old-school feeling of progression and role-playing like the classic Legend of Kain series.

The labyrinth in the game will be difficult and designed to give gamers a serious challenge. It’s designed so that you’ll likely die often and die mercilessly, but as a vampire you’ll revive in your coffin.

As you venture through the labyrinth and collect items and recipes, you’ll be able to use those resources to craft new items at your castle workshop, using the forge for weapons, the library for new abilities, an alchemy lab for new potions, and both a warehouse and a carpentry workshop. You’ll need to make your own coffins, upgrade your equipment and even design stakes to take out other vampires.

There are three different classes in the game along with a dozen or so skills to unlock and utilize.

For now Devoid of Shadows is scheduled to only release on PC. It reminds me of the classic Legacy of Kain games, which have sadly gone dormant.

They have plans on releasing Devoid of Shadows in early 2017, so be sure to keep an eye out. You can learn more about the game by visiting the official website.


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