Die Young, UE4 Survival Game Announced For PC, PS4, Xbox One
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2016)

Indiegala’s Die Young is yet another open-world survival game. It puts players in a environment rendered by Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, and features using wits and physical skills to survive against enemies hoping to see you dead.

The title recently received a new teaser trailer featuring a look at the environments and the graphics powering the game. You can check out the short minute long trailer featuring Frederic Andre’s “Where Is She Now”.

The trailer starts off by showcasing the Mediterranean environment, some awesome foliage rendering, great lighting, ambiance, shadow mapping and occlusion, but then the happy-go-lucky setting is drastically upended when a burly man and his dog enter the scene, burst through the door of a shack, and lift up a young girl tied to a chair with a bag over her head. Muffled screams echo out through the small shack as the girl breathes in her last breath with a shocked gasp as an axe – wielded by the burly man in a mask – comes crashing down across her neck.

A severed head rolls into view after the release window is propped up on the screen… the eyes rolling deep into the back of her skull as a pool of freshly splayed blood across the wooden floor pours from a headless body.

The imagery shocking, and the promise of dying young seems to be a core tenet of the game. We’ve seen these kind of procedural, emergent survival games before – The Forest, Slender, The Other 99 and Rust to name but a few – but most rely on their emergent gameplay features to hook gamers. Rarely do they rely on the quality of the storytelling and tension between the characters to carry the immersion.

According to the YouTube description, the game is about escaping… so maybe they’ll be able to tie in some high quality character progression while also offering games tense moments of escape, similar to the game We Happy Few.

You won’t get weapons in the game, so we’ll see how much replay value they can siphon out of a concept relying on finding drinkable water, useful items and survival equipment. They do promise that there’s a story to uncover on the island, so maybe it’ll be a little bit like Outlast then?

Gamers playing on PC will get their first taste of Die Young when it launches into Early Access in early 2017. Die Young is expected to arrive on the PS4 and Xbox One later into next year.

To keep track of development or to learn more about the studio behind the game, feel free to visit the official Indiegala website.

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