Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Ending Explained

With Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 out there for PS4, PC and Xbox One, a lot of people have been wondering about the game’s endings. Well, there are some explanations available to wrap everything up nice and neat.

Picking up after the events of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Supreme Kai of Time continues to recruit fighters to patrol time and correct discrepancies. The player-character is chosen as a new recruit to work with Supreme Kai and Elder Kai, along with Trunks and the player’s character from the first Xenoverse.

Just like in the first game, there are moments in time being altered. This time around the demonic Towa and her minion Mira are set to restore the prestige of the demon realm by stealing energy from various time zones.

To carry out the task of disrupting time zones, Towa has Mira, Turles and Lord Slug to carry out her bidding. Turles and Lord Slug both have their own plans to rule the universe and are given fruit from the Tree of Might grown in the demon realm to maintain the strength necessary to complete their mission.

The player-character and Trunks manage to defeat Turles and Lord Slug on multiple occasions, along with tangling with Mira a couple of times, too. They nearly attempt to get Trunks to mess up the entire historical time line by manipulating him to help save Goku during a period where he was supposed to die, forcing the player-character to step in and stop Trunks from ruining time. This forces Trunks out of action for a while, resulting in the player-character having to fight alone against increasingly difficult foes and just barely getting out of the fights alive.

Nevertheless, after having their plans foiled a number of times, Towa begins to recruit others throughout different time zones to help bring her plans to fruition, this includes moving an army of Metal Coolers into the era where the Cell Games took place, along with recruiting Broly and Buu under her wing briefly. Trunks and the player-character are tasked with fighting off those who are infused with various demon realm time energy as they attempt to thwart Towa and Mira’s plans.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Cooler

Helping Towa and Mira is another Mysterious Saiyan who wears a mask. It turns out that this silent Saiyan is actually Bardock.

The Time Patrollers discover that Towa is actually gathering energy from the changes that the Time Patrollers are correcting, and gathering it up in order to merge the demon realm with the standard realm. The more the player-character and Trunks attempt to fix time, the more they inadvertently help Towa bring her plan to fruition.

More powerful villains are manipulated by Towa, including Golden Frieza, which requires SSGSS Goku to help the player-character bring down Golden Frieza.

The Golden Frieza fight, which also draws Metal Cooler back into the fray, is all part of Towa’s plan. She uses this opportunity to lure Lord Beerus and Whis to the Supreme Kai of Time’s place, which disrupts the time line since Frieza destroys the planet and Beerus isn’t there to restore the planet as per the original time line.

Whis, however, gives the player-character another opportunity to stop Golden Frieza and Cooler by rewinding time. SSGSS Vegeta and Goku continue to aid the player-character to put the time line back in place.

The Time Patrollers manage to fix the time line and decide to hunt down Bardock, who they find out has been stolen from his original time line when he was supposed to have died to Frieza. Bardock is kidnapped through a wormhole and mind-controlled by Towa, becoming the Masked Saiyan.

Towa finally reveals her plan that her main goal is to unite the universes with the demon realm and make all reality a garden of rage and pain.

Trunks and the player-character manage to defeat Bardock and Mira while fighting in a destroyed future Earth setting. Despite being infused with demon energy, Mira is still no match for Trunks and the player-character. Towa creates a one-way wormhole to the demon realm and attempts to put Trunks and the player-character inside, however, a disillusioned Bardock saves the player and Trunks while dragging Mira into the demon portal.

Before Trunks and the player-character can stop Towa once and for all, it turns out that the original player-character from the first Dragon Ball Xenoverse – who was sent to stop Mira earlier in the game – became mind-controlled and placed under Towa’s spell. The mind control over the original hero from Dragon Ball Xenoverse allowed Towa to gather information about the Kai planet and about the Time Patrollers.

The new player-character and Trunks then fight Towa and the old player-character and manage to defeat them. However, Towa flees and says that she’s starting a clean slate and the original player-character from Dragon Ball Xenoverse disappears and the only thing left is a mask.


When Trunks and the player-character gets back, all the scrolls begin to glow and they all have a hard time remembering the original player-character from the first Dragon Ball Xenoverse because Towa erased them from history and in one of the time scrolls, she destroys the grand dragon, Shenron.

The player-character heads back in time and activates a scroll to stop Towa from destroying Shenron. After defeating Towa, the Time Patrol feel as if they’ve saved the universe, however the mask they brought back that the mind-controlled player-character wore allowed Towa to get into the Supreme Kai’s domain, where she steals the Tokitoki egg and revives Mira.

Before Mira can destroy Trunks and the player-character, the DBX1 hero returns and blocks Mira’s attack. The new player-character chases Mira and Towa into the future destroyed time line.

A final battle ensues with Mira, where he reveals that in the demon realm where Bardock took him, he was defeated by Bardock and floated through various dimensions where he fought to acquire a fighting spirit in order to become strong enough to destroy universes. Towa tries to stop Mira but he absorbs her to unlock his full power and begins to overwhelm the player-character, until Super Saiyan Goku arrives and they tag-team Mira and defeat him for good. The game ends with the characters wishing for a grand feast and all the characters eat while the credits roll.

In a secret ending, it’s revealed that Bardock and Mira’s fight in the other realm was so devastating that it caused a time rift and Bardock has disappeared into another dimension.

In another secret ending, instead of leaving Gohan to die at the hands of Android 17 and Android 18, Trunks comes to Gohan’s aid and completely changes history by defeating the Androids in the future. It completely alters the history of the universal time line, and players will have a choice of either fixing Trunk’s mistake or leaving it to distort time for all of eternity.


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