Dungeon Rats Launches With Positive Player Reviews

Dungeon Rats is based on The Age Of Decadence, which was developers Iron Tower Studio’s previous adventure RPG that was released late last year.

dungeon-rats-reviewsThe Age Of Decadence was a turn-based adventure game that had gameplay elements similar to the Elder Scrolls series, where players could sneak, steal, talk, negotiate and threaten people to progress through the game. The Age Of Decadence was praised for its detailed character customization, diverse world and massive amount of choices and options that you could make to add both freedom and replayability to the game because of all the variety it had to offer.

The only thing that players wanted more out of The Age Of Decadence, was a party based combat system. The developers at Iron Tower Studio heard that request and made a new spin-off game based on the feedback.

Dungeon Rats’ story starts off with you being a new prisoner. In order to survive this lawless prison, it sounds like you have to fight off rival gangs and scoundrels that are looking out for themselves. You will be able to recruit other prisoners to fight by your side to rise up and survive. If you prefer a more lone wolf playstyle, you can still choose to do so and play without recruiting other party members. The developers released a gameplay trailer video, so check out the video that I linked down below.

Dungeon Rats also offers the same detail level of customization from its predecessor, as well as its strategic turn-based combat system. The developers say that there are eight different weapon types for you to choose from, ranging from standard swords to bows, spears and throwing weapons. The combat is very tactical, and if you use proper strategy and flanking tactics you will actually receive a combat bonus to help shift the odds in your favor.

Furthermore, you will be able to craft new items and weapons to aid you in combat, or use Alchemy to create potions, poisons and liquid fire. Last but not least, based on the choices you make in the game you will be able to experience up to four different endings.

Dungeon Rats is currently available to purchase from the Steam store for the low price of $8.99 USD, and so far the fanbase is enjoying the new turn-based dungeon crawler for its hardcore RPG elements that provides a challenging gameplay experience with multiple difficulty settings.

For further information about the developers and all of their games, you can also visit the official Iron tower Stuio website to learn more.


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