EmergeNYC Heads To Early Access, Features New York Rescue Squads

FlipSwitch Games recently announced that EmergeNYC (pronounced “Emergency”) has landed on Early Access on Steam. Usually a lot of these games in Early Access are typical survival titles with zombies, shooter games, or rogue-like RPGs, but this time around it’s a simulation based on rescue squads in New York City.

The game features 10 different emergency vehicles at the moment, including firetrucks, police cars and emergency response trucks, but they plan on adding in more throughout the Early Access run. You can play the game either in single-player mode or in the online multiplayer mode with up to 32 players. You can think of EmergenNYC as a dedicated simulated version of GTA’s LCPD or LSPD mods.

There’s an in-depth video walkthrough covering the tech demo’s vehicles, controls and mechanics courtesy of YouTuber KickDownGTA that you can check out below, featuring 21 full minutes of gameplay so you can get an idea of what FlipSwitch is trying to achieve.

Players can either control emergency squads or single out a vehicle and take direct control of the unit. Each of the vehicles are fully modeled with first and third-person views, along with featuring realistic physics. All of the lights, sirens and sounds are also themed after the real life units in order to capture the vehicles with full-on authenticity.

There’s a lot of potential here with this game if it’s done right and the look and themes seem to depict a game with a real goal of being a true-to-life emergency response sim.

Unlike other Early Access games EmergeNYC is priced at $49.99 for access to the tech demo, which is updated weekly. The reason it’s priced so high is because the devs are focused on people supporting the project who can help offer useful feedback. As the game nears release, the price will be brought down. They have plans on retailing the game at final release for less than $30.

The developers have plans on keeping EmergeNYC in Early Access for around a year, or until they feel the game is complete. You can learn more about the pre-alpha, which is gaining some positive reviews, by visiting the Steam store page.


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