Fallout 4 Mods Bring Mercenary Armor And Lowered Weapons

Fallout 4 has two new mods that offer more armor and a weapon lower idle time. The two new mods come in by modders L0rdOfWar and Pauderek and are currently available to download now. Fallout 4 is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The first mod by L0rdOfWar adds even more “immersive” armor to the game. The mercenary outfit is said to make the Gunners leader look more fearsome and comes in three variants (heavy, medium and light). Each set of armor can be upgraded through the Work Bench and can be altered by changing the color(s) on the costumes.

Lower ranks of the Gunners have there own outfits and gear, however you can layer the armor for better customization options.

NPCs can wear the modded armor too, and depending on the location you can buy the modded outfits from Commonwealth vendors. In addition to the modded armor the Rebel old design have been updated with better textures, rigging and proportions.

To get a good look at the mod and how all the armor sets look a video by It’sAGundam sits below.

You can get this mod by visiting NexusMods.


Now there are a significant amount of “Lowered Weapon” mods out there and some of them provide a nice deal of control and options, but the mod by Pauderek adds the right amount of control with a fixed timer to lower any weapon, as well as add manual script editing.

The mod will lower your weapon after five seconds of being idle (or whatever time you desire), this includes the following situations:

  • After shooting with your gun
  • After bashing with your gun
  • After equipping your gun
  • After reloading your gun
  • After sprinting
  • After exiting cover.

When playing with this mod your gun will automatically lower if you are pressed up against a wall or while taking cover. Moreover the mod is good when you are walking in a semi-safe area around civilians but you don’t want to break the immersion by putting your weapon away or always having it ready, which is where the mod comes in to help match your weapon positioning with the scene.

You can get this mod by heading over to NexusMods.

To find more Fallout 4 mods and to see if they are compatible for consoles you can hit up mods.bethesda.net.


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