Fallout Shelter Update 1.9 Brings New Quests And More
(Last Updated On: November 19, 2016)

Taking a look away from the PC and console version of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic game and taking a look over to the mobile version, the developers have published a new post detailing what Fallout Shelter fans can expect in the new Update 1.9 build. Fallout Shelter is currently out for iOS and Android devices.

Seeing how Bethesda has the current Fallout series set in the U.S., notably the state of Boston, the devs have released a new festive update that brings Thanksgiving fun to the dangerous wasteland. This update brings an all new quest, stickers for Apple’s latest mobile operating system’s iMessage and new room themes.

For a better look at what is available in Update 1.9 you can check out a quick overview video by Sir Peachy.

For a written summary of Update 1.9 you can read the lists below.

New Locations for Quests: Adding on to the buildings and derelict Vaults, Overseers can now send Dwellers on dangerous adventures in a new setting (that isn’t all that new in the realm of Fallout), dark caves.

New Quests: If you are bored of what is currently in Fallout Shelter you’ll find some new things to participate in when booting up the mobile game seeing how Update 1.9 is here. The update brings regular, weekly and special event Holiday Quests during Thanksgiving.

Holiday Festivities: The holiday celebrations unlocks limited time Quests, specially themed room visuals, and Thanksgiving outfits available in Lunchboxes. Following up in December, Overseers will also gain special Christmas and New Year’s content with additional limited time quests and rewards.

New iMessage Stickers: Folks will find more content similar to the Halloween stickers, Update 1.9 will bring forth special Thanksgiving themed sticker for iOS users running their device on iOS 10. The new stickers will bring folks the Nuka Wolrd mascots — Bottle and Cappy.

Fallout Shelter is currently out for iOS and Android devices, and can be downloaded for free by going on over to the App Store or Google Play store.

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