Famitsu Details Winning Post 8 2017 Features In New Update

If you’ve enjoyed the old game Battle Jockey by Virgin Interactive and Nova Games, then you might like Koei Tecmo’s latest edition of Winning Post 8 2017. The game will be for PS3, PS4, PS Vita and PC and is set to come out in Japan on March 2nd, 2017.

The latest information regarding Winning Post 8 2017 comes in the form of an update post by the publication site Famitsu. The site released some new screenshots showing brief features that will be in Winning Post 8 2017 that include racing horses, trainers and more.

The first screenshot reveals multiple jockeys racing around a track (as seen above), while the other two show statistical menus.



The 2017 edition of the horse jockey game holds over 300 star horses that include Dee Majesty, Coronacion and much more.

Moreover, additional features for Winning Post 8 2017 are listed below that include a bevy amount of content for jockey fans to horse over… you can read the list below.

100 Famous Horses and Ranking – Folks will be able to ride over 100 famous racehorses in Japanese history, which is accompanied by actual footage showing these horses in action. The game features a ranking system that allows riders to switch out their racehorses depending on their progress in the game.

Amulets – Racers will be able to boost their horse’s health against diseases, change the look of offspring, and obtain new characters through the amulet system.

Online Battles and New Races – The Osaka Cup is promoted to Grade I status in Winning Post 8 2017, which is accompanied by the newly organized Pegasus World Cup Grade I in the U.S. In addition to those story mode features folks will be able to go online and battle directly from the main story mode, or battle it out through local play.

Winning Post 8 2017 will be for PS3, PS4, PS Vita and PC and will debut in Japan on March 2nd, 2017.


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