Famitsu Releases 16 Minutes Of The Last Guardian Gameplay
(Last Updated On: November 10, 2016)

Famitsu has gone up with a new video for The Last Guardian. Although the video remains in the same location that we see so much — which was featured in The Last Guardian‘s E3 video — we do however get to see what SIE Japan cooked up in the latest “final preview video” that Famitsu published. The Last Guardian is set to release for PS4 on December 6th in North America and Japan, December 7th in Europe, and December 9th in the UK.

With the latest announcement by SIE Japan Studio and Team Ico working on The Last Guardian, we know that the game is set to come out early December. Although I’m worried that this game will be delayed again, hopefully the devs can pull it together and bring the much awaited game out on its current release window.

If the release date stays consistent, and as promised, we will get to play the game next month, which is exciting to me knowing that the game was supposed to come out back in 2011.

Honestly I’m excited to see more of the game and what other locations lie ahead to be discovered. I’m also curious what other puzzles will be in the game and how complex they will be — seeing how your big friendly giant can substitute for some puzzle pieces and swing you across various places.

The final thing — and something that I’m most concerned about — is I’m wondering if the game will be a glitchfest? I really do hope that you can actually play the game without scenes not loading, falling through the floor, and/or suffering from not being able to grab on to ledges and other things, which can be very frustrating in a platforming puzzle game.

But enough of me talking about the game and on with what Famitsu recently published. You can check out the 16 minute long video thanks to FamitsuTUBE.

As noted above, The Last Guardian will release for PS4 on December 6th in North America and Japan, December 7th in Europe, and December 9th in the United Kingdom.

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