Farming Simulator 17 Mods Offer Norgecrest Valley Map And More Tractors

The latest mods to hit Farming Simulator 17 consist of new maps and new tractors. Some of the mods can be found in Farming Simulator 2015 and stand to be reconfigured mods for the newer 2017 version. Farming Simulator 17 is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

The first mod on the list is by modders Oxtar, Bigdaddy012678 and HoT online Team. The mod adds a Converted U.S. Flatbed trailer to Farming Simulator 17 that can automatically load in-game square and round bales. The mod can also load pallet items like seed, pig fertilizer and much more.

Folks who enjoy playing the game online and seek to get the Converted Flatbed trailer mod will be able to use it in the single-player and multiplayer modes and in dedicated servers.


You can get this mod over on

Modders Sotillo, Smety, MB3D Moddeling, Lukas Dental, Rolnki7245, and JDFan bring you the Claas Xerion 5000. The mod offers up washable parts, additional weight, Cabsuspension, dual wheels, wiper animations, proper steering, wheel options, full lighting, full tractor registration, darker dynamic smoke, speedometer, tachometer, proper dust effects, and tire tracks.

The archive contains two different versions of the tractor Claas Xerion 5000 for Farming Simulator 17. You can get the mod in the header image by heading over to

The third mod was uploaded by John Der33. If you are looking for a new map to explore the new mod Norge Crest Valley 17 offers a lot of things like better textures, animals drinking from different bodies of water, additional plants and fruits to harvest, and a lot of rearranged assets to make the overall map much better.


You get this mod over on

The last mod on the list, British Farm Style map, comes in by modder MikeGaintsNI, Henly20, RhFS-UK Modteam, and John Der33. The mod offers a village with a pub, a vehicle shop, different shops that sell eggs and crops, and a variety of animals and fields to take care.


You can get this mod by heading over to


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