Farming Simulator 17 Mods Offer Westbridge Hills Map

More Farming Simulator 2017 mods are here and this time one of them coverts the map Westbridge Hills to version Other mods offer the Bednar Wagon 27 and UAL – scripts for FS17. Focus Home Interactive and Giants Software’s farming game is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Featured in the header image is the mod Westbridge Hills Map that — when downloaded — offers cows, pigs and other animals. Fields and icon positions are also corrected, as well as Silo storage capacity no longer sitting at 100,000 L but now 10,000,000 L.

The new mod features your standard crops and goods in the silo houses. However the mod has problems with lamp lights not working right so that’s something to keep into consideration if you’re thinking about getting the mod.


The mod by Holecsko can be downloaded over on

The second mod on the list is by modder DZModdingcz and was uploaded by John Der33. The mod doesn’t do anything special besides adding a Bednar 27 000 v. 1.1 wagon to the game.


If you are in need of some more wagons or tractor attachments you can get this mod by heading over to

The final mod on the list is by HoT online Team and offers UAL – scripts for Farming Simulator 17. The mod features the following content:

  • Keys: Farming Simulator 17 standard assignment (X,Y,B,Z)
  • Auto-attach items like bales and pallets
  • Unloading sides are now available to select
  • Washable equipment
  • More tire and dust effects added
  • More tensionbelts to choose from
  • Turning signals, brake lights, reversing lights added.

If you want you can get this mod by hitting up

For more information on mods regarding Xbox One and PS4 content you can visit Farming Simulator’s official site to lean more. For even more mods to look through for Farming Simulator 17 you can check out


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