Farming Simulator 2017 Sells 1 Million Copies; Half The Sales Were From PC

Giants Software and Focus Home Interactive’s Farming Simulator 2017 has managed to move more than a million copies across the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The real shocker is that the home consoles weren’t the ones boasting the biggest piece of the market sales volume… it was PC.

According to Blues, Giants and Focus Home sent out word celebrating the milestone of moving a million copies. They explained in the press release…

“PC remains the premier platform with half the sales – the majority of PC players bought their copy in-store, placing Farming Simulator 17 at the top of the store PC charts in many territories including France and Germany.”

They explain that they’ve moved more than 220,000 copies on Steam alone. So if half of the sales came from PC, and 220,000 copies were from Steam, that would mean that they moved more than 280,000 copies at retailers, which is very impressive for a PC game.

They don’t mention the figures of the Xbox One and PS4, since Sony and Microsoft prohibit the developers from mentioning exact unit figures. However, we at least know that based on the PC sales, the Xbox One and PS4 share a split between 500,000 units. We just don’t know what the ratio is between the two consoles.

This is definitely good news for the Farming Simulator franchise, especially coming off the previously released game from two years ago, which they’ve estimated to have moved more than 3 million copies. Originally the franchise was mocked in most gaming circles a several years ago after a viral video was released making fun of the series, but the sales for Farming Simulator have just been spiking ever since, and now it’s a series that commands the kind of sales that some AAA studios could easily get jealous of.

Essentially, this just goes to show that there’s practically a market for every type of game out there for every kind of gamer. Like that old saying goes: if you make it… they will come.

(Main image courtesy of SmcGgamer)


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