Farming Simulator 2017 Mods Add Money Tool And Multi-Animal Purchase

Farming Simulator 17 by Focus Home Interactive and Giants Software has some new mods for PC, PS4 and Xbox One folks to discover. These mods consist of another infinite money tool that adds more cash to your bank, buying bulk animals quickly and new universal tools for the Kotte 1.0 pack.

Farming Simulator 17 latest mod by MX11 offers up the ability to obtain over $1,000,000 by pressing the keys STRG + ALT + Honk. I know there are some folks who don’t like certain money cheats, but there seems to be a lot of folks who adore these mods and seek to hop into their modded game with heaps of cash.

You can get this mod by visiting

Although this may sound silly a new mod by Eagle355th lets you buy multiple animals. Though players can already buy animals in different quantities, this new mod just makes the whole animal purchasing process even easier. The mod is said to be updated with an animal pack that will come later down the road.

You can get this mod by heading over to

The last and final mod on this list comes in by modder Farmer_Andy. This mod brings eight different attachments to Farming Simulator 17 and offer up alternative ways to shape your farm the way you want. You can check out an image of the mod and its parts as seen below.


If you want you can get the attachment mod by heading over to

For more information regarding mods for Farming Simulator 2017 and what mods are compatible for consoles (which includes PS4 and Xbox One), you can hit up the game’s official site to get the full rundown on mods. The site is constantly updated with new mods, so it’s best to keep an eye on the site.

As of now the farming game, Farming Simulator 17, is out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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