Final Fantasy XV 101 Trailer Highlights Clothing, Cooking And Weapons

Square Enix may not have been doing the best job of giving gamers a clearly identified plot to follow through the marketing of Final Fantasy XV. However, an extended 101 trailer goes through the basics of the story, the characters and the gameplay present in one of the biggest JRPGs released in recent years.

The mega-blockbuster from Square has been a decade in the making, just like The Last Guardian. These two mythical games will finally see the light of day before the year is out.

The trailer is just over eight minutes long, covering a quick breakdown of the role that player’s will take on in Final Fantasy XV – Noctis the heir to the throne of Regis. Noctis is to be wed to Luna but things go south when a rival Empire strikes and Noctis is forced to reclaim his throne. It’s like Dishonored 2 on GNC 5000.

They explain a bit more of the overarching elements of the gameplay and the characters in the trailer. It’s actually quite well done. We learn that Prompto takes random pictures throughout the journey that can be shared online… although, unlike Watch Dogs 2 don’t expect any vaginas to appear on social media.

Gladiolus can retrieve items after each battle, enabling players to earn some goodies after defeating some baddies.

Igniz allows Noctis to mark multiple enemies to warp strike them, and he’s also the cook on the team to make buffs for the team.

Final Fantasy XV - Customization

The combat looks so good in the game. I imagine high-level players will be able to string together some cinematic-quality battle sequences when the game finally launches.

They also talk about the Wait Mode in the game, which allows players to pause combat and assign combat tactics on screen.

They also showcase the game’s customization features, where players can deck out the fake boy band with a range of contemporary clothing items.

Final Fantasy XV

They also talk about some of the other mini-games in the title, such as the battle game and a pinball title, along with the fishing segments.

I know Conan O’Brien ragged on the game, but there are some real highlights in there that give me hope for the future gaming. I love that the combat system is actually hardcore oriented and full of depth and great animations. As mentioned, those with proper skills will be able to put on cinematic-quality battle sequences.

The traveling and world interaction also seems fairly in-depth – so long as there is something to discover and do and it’s not just one massive, empty, blank sandbox then I think gamers may stay entertained with trying to find new things to do and accomplish.

Final Fantasy XV - Customization

It doesn’t look like it’s going to be a great game, but it at least does somethings differently than what we’ve been receiving from the AAA sector, which has mostly been a lot of rehashed SJW stuff. I don’t know if emo J-Pop culture is a step up or not, but it’s different.

You can look for Final Fantasy XV to go live for the PS4 and Xbox One on November 29th.


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