Final Fantasy XV Ending Explained
(Last Updated On: December 3, 2016)

After waiting a decade to play Final Fantasy XV, a lot of gamers have been pouring hours into the title. The highly anticipated JRPG is rich with story and complex character motivations, and some gamers curious about what all of it means and how it ties into the ending, well this article will help lay out the basics.

Final Fantasy XV starts before the tragic events that take place in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. Just before the signing of the peace treaty between King Regis and Niflheim’s Emperor Iedolas Aldercapt, Regis sends his son Noctis off to marry Lady Lunafreya.

The marriage has been planned years in advance and Noctis and Luna have known each other since childhood. Noctis is joined by his friend Prompto, his guardian Gladiolus and his mentor Ignis. The four make the journey to Altissia for the marriage but are stopped when when they receive news along the way that their capital city Insomnia was attacked by Niflheim forces and that King Regis was killed during the attack.

Kingsglaive (1)

The Niflheim forces used the peace treaty as a ruse in order to invade the Insomnia capital and steal the crystal that powered and protected the kingdom of Lucis.

One of the Kingsglaive elite guards named Nyx was able to ward off the attack on Insomnia after the Empire stole the crystal that protected the city from daemons. However, Nyx and three of the six magical guardians die in the process of bringing down an arch daemon that was wrecking havoc on Insomnia. Nyx also manages to take down the leader of the Kingsglaive, Titus Drautos, who betrayed King Regis.

Noctis meets up with another member of the Kingsglaive, Marshal Cor. He’s instructed by the Marshal to retrieve power from ancient tombs of Lucis in order to get strong enough to bring down the Empire and rid the land of daemons. Along the way they meet the mysterious Chancellor of the Empire named Ardyn, who helps them on multiple occasions.

Final Fantasy XV – Nilfheim

The Empire seeks to capture Noctis and his friends, forcing them to stay on the run whenever they encounter too many Imperial forces. Nevertheless, the boy band still attack their bases and wipe out small numbers of the Imperial troops whenever possible.

While continuing the mission to get stronger and reclaim his throne from the Empire, Noctis learns that he not only has to retrieve the power from the tombs of Lucis’ past kings, but he must also prove himself worthy of the power of the ancient beasts, which sees him having to “tame” a Titan, a Leviathan, the goddess Shiva and Ramuh. Noctis manages to complete the tests for Ramuh and the Titan, but upon venturing to Altissia to deal with the Leviathan, things go sour.

Noctis and Luna work together to tame Leviathan, but in doing so Noctis is knocked unconscious and and Ardyn flies his ship down and proceeds to stab Luna in the stomach.

Final Fantasy XV - Leviathan

Luna ends up dying but she gives Noctis the ring of power before doing so. The ring originally belonged to King Regis, but it was cut from his finger during the fight that broke out in the citadel at the capital during the Niflheim invasion. Previously, Luna’s brother Ravus attempted to take the ring during the attack against King Regis but the spirit guardians rejected Ravus’ request for power and took his arm instead. Before dying, Regis retrieved the ring from Ravus and gave it to Luna for safekeeping so that she could return to it Noct.

Final Fantasy XV - CG

After Luna dies, Noct and the others continue their journey to retrieve the rest of the power from the tombs. But more tragedy strikes as Ignis reveals that he’s completely lost his eyesight after the battle with the Leviathan. As the four boys reconcile their mission the Imperial forces attack the train they’re riding on and Ardyn uses the opportunity to trick Noct with a spell to get him to attack Prompto during the fight with the Empire, causing Prompto to fall off the train.

Ardyn captures Prompto while Noctis, a blind Ignis and Gladiolus reach Shiva and Noctis is given her blessings. However, Ardyn ends up taking away Noctis’ powers, forcing them to travel to Gralea, the capital of the Empire.

Final Fantasy XV - Shiva

Without any weapons, Noctis is forced to wear the ring given to him by Luna to destroy small nearby daemons. He eventually happens upon the body of Ravus, who had taken King Regis’ sword during the attack on Insomnia. Ravus, however, is killed by Ardyn and has his robotic arm severed. Noct recovers Regis’ sword from nearby Ravus’ body and proceeds to rescue Prompto and recover the crystal.

Things don’t go as planned, however, and Noctis is sucked inside the crystal where Bahamut explains that his lineage is supposed to protect the world from daemons. It turns out that Ardyn Izunia’s real name is Ardyn Lucis Caelum and thousands of years before he was supposed to be the proper heir to the throne and protect the world from daemons. However, Ardyn was used by the king to heal the people by exorcising the daemons and storing them in his own soul. Ardyn grew extremely powerful but was ostracized by the Lucis king and cast out.

Ardyn – due to the powers gifted to him – became immortal and was denied a right into the afterlife due to the amount of taint on his soul from the daemons he held within – the same daemons he saved the people from.

Unable to rest in peace and unable to die, Ardyn bid his time well, soothe saying the Emperor of Niflheim and becoming the Chancellor for the Empire. He plotted, meanwhile, to overthrow the Lucis King and take back his kingdom.

Final Fantasy XV - Ardyn Lucis Caelum

Ardyn wanted the world to be rid of the crystal and the Lucis lineage, and in order to do so he needed Noct to join and become one with the crystal, hence his plan to help Noctis along the way and to lure him to the crystal and get the ring to Noct (since the only way to absorb the crystal’s power would be through the ring). Only in joining with the crystal and emerging with its true power would Ardyn be able to destroy the champion of Lucis, the crystal’s power, and the ring for good.

Bahamut explains to Noctis, however, that it’s possible to kill Ardyn, but he has so many daemons trapped within that it would take a great deal of power and a great sacrifice to purge Ardyn’s soul from thousands of years of having daemons tainting his being. Thus, only the chosen champion who merges all the crystal’s power into the ring can defeat Ardyn, but must do so at the expense and sacrifice of his own life and with the help of the past Lucean guardians in the realm beyond.

King Regis knew that Noctis would have to give up his life to save the land, and Luna also knew since she was an oracle, and her job was actually to help aid the chosen one in securing enough power in order to complete the task of ridding the world of daemons. Both Regis and Luna never told Noctis about his true fate, leading him to believe that he was actually being groomed to be king over Lucis and that he was supposed to marry Luna and rule honorably. In reality, he was being groomed to die.

The process of Noctis combining with the crystal takes place over the course of a decade, and Noctis ends up on Angelgard. He manages to return to Galdin Quay and meets up with the rest of the boy band who are now ten years removed from their youth.

Final Fantasy XV - Ending

A decade on and Ardyn’s spread of darkness has taken over Lucis, with eternal night basking the land in a scourge of daemons. Noctis manages to reunite with the boy band and they make one final assault on the capital of Insomnia, where Ardyn has usurped the throne.

Prompto, Gladiolus and Ignis presumably die while fending off the throne room from a horde of demons. In a one-on-one fight Noctis manages to defeat Ardyn with his newfound power from the crystal, but the only way to fully upend the daemon infestation is to purge the soul of Ardyn in the afterlife. Thus Noctis gives up his own life in order to use the power of the Lucean lineage from the realm beyond, and he’s aided by deceased loved ones such as Luna, Regis, Prompto, Gladiolus and Ignis, so that he can purge Ardyn’s soul of daemons and cleanse Lucis of the forever night with which the land was cursed.

After cleansing Ardyn’s soul the credits roll.

A mid-credit scene reveals that Noctis had difficulty expressing his feelings to the rest of the boy band during their final night before attacking the capital of Insomnia. The four of them reconciled that it would be their final night together before they would have to give up their lives for the world.

Final Fantasy XV - Final Fantasy

A post-credit scene shows that in a dream-like sequence (possibly indicating a moment in the afterlife during the ascension) Luna and Noctis are happily married. The two lovingly rule over the land of Lucis. As the game finally ends, this post-credit scene shared between Luna and Noctis is their final fantasy.

TL;DR: Everybody dies trying to save Noctis because he’s the chosen one to restore light to the land and remove a growing daemon invasion from an immortal savior named Ardyn, who became tainted over time. The only way to remove the daemon threat for good requires Noctis to give up his own life and purge all the daemons from Ardyn’s soul in the afterlife. Thus even Noctis dies at the end in order to restore the kingdom of Lucis and remove all the daemons from the land.

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  • I knew by the theme music that this game was going to rip my soul apart, but that campfire scene after the credits. T____T

  • goku

    Wass up guyS here IS my theory, hope for all.












  • Yuuji Kaguya

    i put 50 hour+ on this sht to watch one scene were i can make sure that Noctis get to smash Luna….
    but no!!!
    all i get is basically akame ga kill….

  • Zinfer

    I am still very upset that Noctis died. Not only that, but killing the entire group? It is a sad, sad, beautiful ending yet stings the heart. It makes me so sad. The thing that keeps at me as well, is if you kill the last heir to the throne – How is that saving all they fought for? I cried so hard when they made me select that one picture and the memories we all shared together. OMG I cry still now.

  • Belias22

    FF15 feels like they got too caught up in cashing in on nostalgia and forgot they actually had to write a story that made real sense.
    So much of this story comes out of nowhere and promptly returns from whence it came.
    Prompto randomly being an MT, is bizarre and pointless, particularly since we only get a sense of him not feeling like he belongs in optional content that only happens randomly.
    Then lets not forget the “gather the king weapons” main quest that basically gets forgotten until we needed some UNNECESSARY conflict in the group.
    A group that has fought and almost died together countless times and is facing down the barrel of the end of the world.
    Thanks Square.
    I needed to lead a blinded man around while being berated for running to fast, at the BASIC SPEED OF MOVEMENT MIGHT I ADD.
    Luna died because Square continues to forget that there is in fact magic and potions in this world.
    In this game the CHARACTERS acknowledge the rapid speed of the healing items, going so far as to remind each other at every GOD DAMN OUTPOST THAT THEY NEED MORE.
    The combat system feels like they didn’t actually know what kind of game they wanted to make, damage and defenses are basically purposeless.
    Using my Ultima weapon I just did 3k damage on that lvl 40 monster, but yeah, that lvl 3 monster just took 50 damage, sure that’s ok.
    This is a game with SO MUCH POTENTIAL that slowly suffocates itself on its own nostalgia boner over time.
    I’m ok with a sad ending, but jesus christ, COMMIT to that sad ending.
    Don’t tell me that Noctis and Luna fucked off to another reality and got married and the world’s ok.
    That’s right.
    We don’t KNOW if the world’s ok.
    Yeah, we saw that slideshow at the end where light is coming back, but considering that on my way from Galdin Quay to Hammerhead, a lvl 80 fuck demon formed out of the FUCKING WALL, and there’s literally nothing but DEMONS wandering around, i think its pretty safe to assume that the sun dawns on a world with all of its naturally occurring animals killed and probably 80% of its humans dead too.
    Also, what the hell with the demons?
    Are they a scourge?
    Are they man-made?
    Well its pretty god damn obvious that they’re a naturally occurring phenomon since Ardyn was a healer who ABSORBED THEM INTO HIS GOD DAMNED SOUL, so why the lie that the empire “made” the demons?
    In fact, why any of what the fuck happened in the empire?
    Why did the game tell me I could switch back and forth from Gladio/Ignis to Noctis when in reality if you choose to start or switch to them, you ACTUALLY get stuck playing with them until you reach noctis again and get no option to actually switch back to him, which means that you miss out on a LOT of story information and if you did it from the start, ALL the instructions on how to use the Lucii ring.
    I’m SO MAD.

  • SS White Flour

    You have to remember both Noctis and Lunafreya ascended to a higher realm. So they both died but they are together in their afterlife. It’s sad but not so sad at the same time. They are the light that keeps their world safe.

  • Trần Hoàng Duy

    The game is good overall, graphic is fantastic, story is organized, but the tragedy factor is the one I can not stomach it.

  • Reason

    The ending left much to be desired. There was no point to any of this game in my mind because basically everyone dies. The story was not thought through and there’s were many missed opportunities. For a first timer in the final fantasy world I would say it was not a good experience to have all the time spent with the main characters to lead up on an unhearty death and it really just left a bad taste in my mouth. I was confused for most of the plot and never got too attached to any of the side-characters who died. Like Ravus and Jared. Maybe because of thing so that I missed. Even watching the movie beforehand did not explain most of the plot which felt very rushed and not well thought out. I tried very hard to accept the ending but can’t. If anyone can tell me a good starting game I would gladly like to keep with the franchise and see the backstory of Regis and his crew before I give up entirely.

    • Ehh, this particular world isn’t featured in any other Final Fantasy game.

      Personally? I always thought Final Fantasy 6 was the easiest to get into because you start with a character who has amnesia and they basically, slowly, unfold the world to you and the use of magic, magitek, the crystal, espers and all that other stuff. The characters are a lot more relatable since a bunch of them come from different backgrounds, and each one has their trials and tribulations.

      I don’t know how well you might like FF6 since it’s in sprite form and the combat is turn-based. The music is fantastic, though.

      A lot more people preferred FF7 since it’s in 3D, but it’s a slightly harder game to get into as far as characterizations go since Cloud doesn’t have much personality. Cloud’s companions each have their own stories, though. Again, it boils down to your tastes.

      If you prefer lighthearted tales, a lot of people liked Final Fantasy 10.

      If you prefer romances, Final Fantasy 8 might be your cup of tea.

      In terms of simplicity, Final Fantasy 4 and Final Fantasy 5 have the easier plots to follow, and the dynamic between Kain and Ceil in Final Fantasy 4 was done quite well.

      Each game is its own standalone story though, so it depends on what you’re looking for out of the series. Sorry if this was long winded and didn’t help much.

      • Reason

        This helped a lot thanks. I had no idea where to start but i do know some of cloud from kingdom hearts so i might just try ff7.


    Holy Shit. The end is their Final Fantasy.

    Goosebumps. I’m serious.

  • GerharttheGreat

    I dont think the guys died, I think their showing in the afterlife was a imagine in the mind of ardyn (hence why they were gold instead of blue). They would have easily been able to take on the the two iron giants and also the demons would have disappeared mid battle anyway. Noctis also tells them its their job to rebuild the kingdom when he is gone so it doesnt make sense for them to die.

  • logat890

    horrible horrible shit

  • Weedygirl

    Well I know that I loved those young men for about a week and was devastated when they died. I cried. But after having read this page, I believe the three live on. First, it was stated that Ardyn could not enter the afterlife, so Noctis did not kill him in the afterlife. Maybe a waiting room to work out what to do with his tainted soul. You gotta admit, with Ardyn they perfected creepy. Reminds me of Oblivion’s Reaver. But I agree that they were Aldyn’s hallucination. Why were their souls there for only a moment but not contributing to the battle?

    And secondly, as pointed out above, with the Champion of Lucis, the cities, infrastructures and all leadership gone, who’d want to still be alive anyway?

    Kinda a moot point.

    But thank you to all who contributed to this page. I feel immensely better and have stopped crying. Still the question remains – how can you play a post-game when you are dead?

  • Morgan Takala

    No i still dont beliwve thenother three died. If they died you would have seen tjem at the wedding scene. They would have been happy and clapping (like in the titanic when rose finally dies after all those years and goes to marry jack in the end and all the people who died on the titanic cheer them on). Like that but that doesn’t happen. If jt did then i could see and believe that they died bjt they fought off red giants before and monsters before i personally think that it is the apperisions of the other three (because even though lots of people die off screen in theis game they wouldn’t kill the main three besides noct of screen).

  • Dom Saunders

    Are you seriously still responding to this? This is old. But regardless, Nyx drove 90% of the action in the film, including keeping her safe, so she couldn’t have “acted and moved” in the first place if he wasn’t running around saving her from herself every five seconds. She’s still useless and is still the weakest female protagonist in the entire series. She’s not even a real character, but a plot device. These are the facts. Deal with it.

  • I came here to see if I missed on something… even when I finished VIII it was like “wtf just happened” but in here everything is so linear… the good guy kills the bad guy and the world is free… yey… that’s it? Yes, that’s it…. This felt more like FFX-2 that had so little story that you had to fill everything with sidequests….it is OK to do that if it is a sequel, but as a main game of the franchise it was disappointing.

    Looking forward to XV-2… hopefully they do better.

  • jacob.elder22

    Sorry, little late to the party. I just personally think they worried WAY too much on this game being an open world game and that is where the story had to kind of be condensed which I despised. FF typically have very rich stories and are for the most part, pretty linear. Yeah you could get an Air Ship and cute little choochoos to ride around, but it didn’t have 100+ side quests to do. I wanted to see more backstory on the invasion itself. The players involved, Ardyn, having the summons show up more occasionally, maybe just a LITTLE of Luna and Noctis meeting up and kicking it.

    This game is though truly what the “For fans and first timers alike” says. It has some cool FF elements fans can enjoy. Certainly some challenging bosses and daunting sidequests. I remember when I was like lvl 12 I would fight giant monsters my size just because I could. Zip zapping around the map while in combat was great. It was a decent introduction, but in my honest opinion it was a let down for me on the story side. You didn’t even get a backstory to your other companions besides Prompto. Now I know that is kind of hard to display since Noctis have essentially known this cats since he was a young lad, but still give the PLAYER something to grasp on to.

    At the end of the day this was GTA with swords and giant monsters to me. Cinematics were great, but terrible execution. Kind of like Suicide Squad. Story was so bad they hoped youd just be impressed with the graphics and new combat style. 6.5/10

  • Nathaniel Ratliff

    All i can say is I didn’t like the ending. Where did Aranea and the marshall go, and whose the white bearded imperial that looks like balin standing beside Ravus in the emperors scene. Was he ever named or used? The emperor was that daemon who kept appearing in the fort? They didn’t have much character development and sometimes imperials were after u sometimes leaving you alone. Could have been so much better. Reminds of the cat ppl in xenoblade chronicles disappearing from the story. Felt like they were gonna assist at the end and story wasn’t fixed

  • Ian Light McGowan

    Great story. Love emotional endings. One of my new fav FF’s.

  • Bagfullofair

    They should patch the story…Just not enuff development…
    I want to see more prompto and cindy scenes and stuff…Cid also got not enuff screening time…Also, if they can create some more alternate endings for us to see that’d be greaatt….! I’ll give 10/10 if they do that…

  • Jon K. Wright

    Worst FF ending since the Spirits Within. Everyone dying? Really.

  • Cam Evans

    the ending was fucking shite screw you ass holes at square enix, i hope you never make another final fantasy game >.>

  • Josh Reynolds

    I interpreted the ending another way. I interpreted that after Noctis purged Ardyn it created another timeline in which none of that had to happen and we were just given a glimpse of that timeline. Remember Ardyn only existed in Noctis’ time because he was not bound by time himself.

  • Wired Whale

    Reading this made me think about something. Originally, FFXV was supposed to be linked to Type-0 (then Agito) and FFXIII. However, a lot of the common elements, such as the L’Cie and gods such as Etro, Pulse, and Bhunivelze were removed. Thinking it over, though, what little that remained between Type-0 and FFXIII when all was said and done was the existence of L’Cie and the cyclical nature of life and death.

    So I guess what I’m thinking is that the “afterlife” we see in the ending of this game is really just the next world for them, a world where Ardyn didn’t exist, and the story unfolded as Noctis and Regis thought it was originally going to, right from the get-go. It might explain why one of the game’s opening scenes is ripped from the end of the game a la Flintstones, and one from the beginning is a repeat of the dialogue from the beginning.

    Especially with creatures like Umbra running around that can puppy-kiss you into the past to relive and realign memories, though, we can never be certain, until DLC and a potential continuation come into play.

  • Derprume

    Although I am slightly frustrated that I didn’t really get any feels from Luna’s death (not much pity for Noctis either). I mean it’s hard to grasp that two people love one another even though they haven’t met in twelve years, not to mention it was sort of like childhood crush kind of love which generally fades as you grow older. But at least they get to enjoy the whole falling in love process in their ‘final fantasy’ I guess.

    Pretty sad we don’t get short scenes of Cid, Cindy, Iris, and all of the other NPCs living there daily lives under the sun thanks to the sacrifices of the team.

    Overall I clearly enjoyed what the game had to offer, first day I binged 11 hours, second day 20 hours and with a total of nearly 50 hours. The story felt wobbly and fast paced at times. I am just going to finish up the anime episodes. Whew, it’ll be hard to find motivation to play post-game content.

  • Auriel

    Thank you for laying it out in plain English for me because I totally missed allllll that stuff about Ardyn’s past and what he was really up to. I’m not the type to speed through games and I like t take my time with them and enjoy the side quests and whatnot. But somehow I could NOT follow what was going on and who was bad and why things were happening. I think I got lost during the whole situation with Luna being killed. I missed tidbits of story here and there while I was trying to desperately reunite my lovebirds I guess.

    Overall I wasn’t impressed with this FF very much and I really hate saying that. I looked forward to this game like most longtime fans. Even though Luna’s death was tragic, I felt like I had no time to like her character or even care if she and Noct ever got together in the end. They never developed into the power couple I could root for like how Tidus and Yuna grew on me. Compared to the shock and terror I felt at Aerith’s demise, I was nonchalant about Luna’s sacrifice and more emotional about reuniting my bros to kill some baddies.

    I’m with everyone else about the car situation. I also would have like more opportunities to explore without constantly being interrupted by soldiers, but I guess isn’t as big of a challenge running a second playthrough. Limited list of save slots makes me grind my teeth every time. I don’t care if I can go back to the past, that’s not the point! If I want to keep a particular save point for all eternity, then I will keep it!

    The bad guys were so extra. All these big names and we barely see them throughout the story. And to kill everyone off at the end felt a bit cheap. I’m thinking the remaining bros should’ve at least survived to carry on the great story about Noct and Luna’s sacrifice, the way Cid and company had their adventure with the king when they were young. They gave their lives to save the world but no one knows about it because their all dead? I’m not too happy with how this story panned out. The best thing about this game was the bromance and the regalia.

    • Even though Luna’s death was tragic, I felt like I had no time to like her character or even care if she and Noct ever got together in the end.

      I think this is something a lot of people misinterpret.

      Luna’s death wasn’t to make you feel a sense of tragedy for her, it was to force Noct to grow up and for you — in a way — to feel bad for him.

      Since you follow his journey from start to finish (when he goes to visit Luna to prep for the wedding) you’re mostly viewing it from his perspective. So Noct didn’t really get know Luna much more than us (the audience) did. So her being lost to him was more-so tragic because they never did become the power couple, like you mentioned. He never really got to express any of his feelings for her, nor from her to him. However, Luna at least was more in tune to how everything would play out, and already knew their fates would be tragic… Noct didn’t.

      In a way, for the audience, the tragedy doesn’t strike until Noct is all grown and old… and we realize and understand the sacrifice he has to make. Him coming to terms with his own fate is what’s really tragic, because in hindsight we realize he never got anything good out of life, and the only dear things close to him until the very end were his boy band bros.

      • Auriel

        That makes some sense though I don’t think the developers executed that part well with Luna. I felt more sorry for Noct for suddenly losing his father after brushing him off so coldly, and then finding out that he knew what was going to happen all along. To me losing his parent right after being a brat to him, THAT was more tragic than never getting to be with a girl he hadn’t seen since they were kids. At most I thought it sucked but at the same time I was glad he still had his bros to hold him up (as they had been all his life). Had their been more interactions with them as adults, it might’ve had a greater impact. But knowing she knew their fate all along kinda makes all her cute love letters hallow and their would-be relationship a mere fantasy.

        • To me losing his parent right after being a brat to him, THAT was more tragic than never getting to be with a girl he hadn’t seen since they were kids.

          I suppose you’re right… I guess a lot of it depends on what their relationship was like before Noct mouthed off to him before leaving. Based on the anime episodes and the Kingsglaive movie it felt like Regis loved Noct dearly but always treated him as if he were keeping him at arm’s length. That was my impression anyway. I think in a way, it was more sad for Regis losing Noct than Noct losing his dad just because they didn’t have as strong a bond as Noct had with his bros, but that was just my interpretation.

          But knowing Luna knew their fate all along kinda makes all her cute love letters hallow and their would-be relationship a mere fantasy.

          I think in some regards it was her way of still playing “house” and living out that fantasy even while knowing their fate. I suppose you could call it a false hope — she even conveys that sense of false to Ravus in the one flashback sequence, where she was explaining that she wanted things to be different even though she knew they couldn’t be. She really did want to love Noct, and sending him the letters and attempting to stay in touch was her way of getting a small slice of happiness before biting the dust… or at least, that’s what it seemed like.

  • Roxy Fenn

    I legit. Did not think the rest of Noctis crew died. Just, I didn’t think something even more sad could happen. Now I’m even more depressed than I was before. I THOUGHT THEY WERE ALIVE! Was I supposed to assume their deaths? My heart…why did they do this to me? I was here for bromine, laughs,chocobos, and battling. And in the end I get depression, death, and salty ugly crying tears. Thanks. But I so knew Luna was gonna die the first time you see her. She just looked like she was going too. XD

    • If it’s any consolation, many people think that the rest of the boy band survived against the demons and went on to live happily ever after in a demon-free kingdom.

  • Mr. Feels Train

    The cutscene when Noctis and friends were talking at the camp for the last time, made me cry. I didn’t even care when Luna died because it was kind of suspected to me, but damn, the feels were reals.

    “Darling, Stand by me, ooohhh Stand by me”

  • Shoki Shigure

    I think bros died. Why? Here it is: when Noctis greets them and turns to climb the stairs, many monsters appear behind the bros. Noctis dies and they are no longer able to use magic, then… we meet them again in the afterlife with Regis and Noctis, ready to face Ardyn. And in the end, FOUR EMPTY chairs. That’s a symbolism.

    Instead, I have many doubts on the wedding scene. Afterlife? I think it’s more like a “what if”, but I’m not so sure.

  • Bansantion

    everyone on here a fucking 5 year old child? it was a tragic ending so it sucked? wtf sorry no one lives happily ever after LIKE EVERY OTHER FUCKING GAME OR BOOK OR MOVIE IN THE WORLD IT DIDNT FOLLOW EVERY OTHER GAME AND BE THE SAME SHIT WE SEE ALL THE TIME….. not that tragic endings are new but get the fuck over yourselves it was a good game and the tragic ending made it sad but nice needed change to everyone lives happily ever after the next thing you all gonna bitch about is its not politically correct fucking assholes

  • fIreChuckEr

    Sorry, but the current ending is just garbage. Basically, from my point of view, Ardyn wins. Doesn’t matter much restoring the light the world, and Ardyn clearly said he doesn’t really care, he only wants Noctis to suffer, which is exactly what he got. The Lucis Caelum bloodline is destroyed, the Nox Fleuret bloodline is destroyed, Insomnia is a wasteland along with Galea, Altissia is probably in the same shape. There is no king or any remote heir to the throne, so the rest of the world is more than likely in complete chaos (since you do not get to explore World of Ruin, one can only assume). But hey, the light is restored, thats good, right?!?

  • André C S Tomazini

    Broke storyline. Obvsiosly they spent to much time doing backgrounds, forests and lakes and the f with the srory: Seriosly? 3-4 chapters in a train???

  • Jacob Lane

    I pretty much always have a story where they kill the MC at the end to put a period on it, but I actually really liked the way they handled this one. Nocts character growth from the beginning – Whiny, timid, a bit emo – changed slowly over time, with major changes coming during emotional turmoil, and then by the end he finally grew into an actual adult and did what needed doing. Strictly story, I loved this game.

  • Sijie Jasmine

    Omg. Thank you for such detailed narration of the game. The plot is so tragic that I think it’s gonna take me a while to pick up my sidequests again after completing the game. It’s painful to know that everyone had to be sacrificed in at the end in order to restore light and peace to Eos. The whole lot of fun times at Duscae already made it seem like the last supper than the emotional night at camp. Suddenly it doesn’t feel fun anymore. BUT I STILL LOVE THE GAME. SUCH BITTERSWEETNESS. 😢😢😢 It’s just a game, but the game developers sure know how to screw the players’ emotions lol. Kudos to them!

  • Jack Raiden

    Gladio, Ignis and Prompto didn’t die! Remember after he kills Ardyn’s physical body he begins climbing the stairs and they’re there saying goodbye to him. He then sits on the throne where he is killed by the 13 kings…

  • Noctis

    fuck this game and all the sacrifices!

  • Pewpewkachu

    Pretty sure Ravus’ arm is actually what killed him. It was made the same way MTs are, which means it had a daemon inside it, and that daemon busted out, started to spread through the rest of his body..probably destroyed its vessel in the process (probably how Ravus lost said arm). This is why he pops back up again half-consumed by a daemon.

  • sougingga reza

    Don’t buy Tabata games ever again. Just dont.

  • Jabberwock LD

    Well there is this discussion but my point is this isn’t a fucking book is game we wanna have fun and joy. I have just finished the game and it came more Grimm every chapter it fucking suck to me, I now have this shity affixieting feeling that make me feel like I would rather never played this in a first place. And no I don’t want any trilogy or anyshit, I had enough besides it would be like make any sense

    • I think a lot of people feel that way and it’s completely normal given that it’s such an emotional roller coaster. The best way about it is to find something happy to watch, listen to, talk about, etc., and try to drain all of that pensive, pent up, emotional weight that builds up by the end of FFXV. One thing is for sure, it’s definitely not story you could soon forget.

  • Potato Died Because of Sasha

    Wait, so Noctis was only created to stop Daemons in the world, or what? And if I read this correctly, Ardyn is Noctis’ older brother/family member?

  • i gotta believe

    So I put all of these hours into this game liking all 4 of the main character only for them to die at the end.

    Now I have zero interested in any of the DLC.

    Thank God I was able to return this back to Amazon.

    Avoid this game at all costs.

  • lowkee33

    Just finished it and I loved every minute of it. I look forward to the dlc’s and update.

  • Uzumaki Pride

    I didn’t see any indication where Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus died, so I wanted to know what brought you to that conclusion. What also confused me the most was the ten year gap; it didn’t look like he was in the crystal when he came out, and he seemed to be in some prison of sorts. That part was really confusing. I also didn’t know what that giant summon thing with multiple swords was in the middle of fighting Ifrit; after beating him inside the building and transitioning to the fight outside. Honestly, I didn’t think the storyline was that great at all. FFXV was certainly overhyped, and while I enjoyed the gameplay and graphics, I thought the ending was rather disappointing.

    • I didn’t see any indication where Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus died, so I wanted to know what brought you to that conclusion.

      A horde of high level boss-style daemons spawned right outside the throne room. Now the boy band were good at taking on one or maybe two at a time, but usually with help from Noctis. Left to fend for themselves against a horde of boss daemons did not stack well in their favor.

      What’s more is that shortly after that all of the deceased loved ones of Noct appear to help him defeat Ardyn, and among them are his dad, Luna and the rest of the boy band, Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus.

      • King Gibbon

        They took on a lot when Noctis went for the crystal and lived. My characters were 80+ by the end and I was taking out the enemies that were spawning with no issue but I guess plot outweighs in game stats and players skill… or brute force in my play style (A lot of potions were used on some enemies).

        The part where Noctis ended Ardyn seemed more of a spiritual thing than it stating that they had died. Like they supported Noctis, they were with him in spirit as when Ardyn blinked, they disappeared. No attack from them, just beside Noctis for a brief moment. Not saying your view is wrong, just my take on it. Though the camp scene at the end does back up your idea of the group dying.

  • Alan p Barker

    haha …. finally ive been waiting for a final fantasy to ends this way hahahahahaha….

  • Nikitas Gagas

    So you are saying that Luna and Regis were aware of Ardyn’s history and his ill intention s throughout Kingsglaive and all of FFXV? That’s pretty much what you are saying by assuming that they new Noctis’s fate. I really don’t think that is the case. Noct was not raised to die. He made the choice to sacrifice himself once he found out the truth from Bahamut. That’s why Noctice asked his father to believe in him before Regis landed the killing blow.

    • They didn’t know about Ardyn, but Luna did know about her and Noctis’ fates. She was an oracle and foresaw how things would unfold, she just didn’t have all the details. That’s what she was explaining to her brother and what she was saying in the one cinematic where she lamented not being able to have a fulfilled life with Noct as his bride.

      She also explained this briefly to Nyx when she went to recover the ring… she knew her fate, which is what she was trying to tell him. She was fulfilling her destiny.

      • Nikitas Gagas

        Right. Makes sense. Thanks for reminding me about Luna. But did Regis know? I truly don’t think Noct was “raised” to die like livestock.

        • Regis already had premonitions about it, as hinted at in the “Omen” trailer. Much like Luna, I don’t think Regis knew about all the details involved, but knew about the sacrifice and cleansing the land, which is why Regis was so protective of Noct. Also, notice how Regis raised Noct — not as a ruler but constantly trying to prep him to take on his own personal responsibility. Noct first interpreted it as him being prepped to be king, but Regis always interacted with him as if it were the last time he was going to see him.

  • ScarredBushido

    i didn’t find it sad at all. i really didn’t like many of the characters. i thought gladious was cool but the rest…meh. iris and cindy are cool/cute/sexy/fun AF. i also didn’t like Luna and then when she died i wasn’t shocked because IIRC FF10, oracles had to sacrifice them self’s right? i think Type-0 was fucking sad even though the character’s were all over the place ( there were so many!! ). i can’t compare to 13 but i prefer lighting ( design wise ) over the rest….so…i don’t know. kinda disappointed. driving was a pain in the ass and prompto asking who he should take a picture of ( i don’t give a fuck ). chapter 13 upwards was horrible.

  • what happened.. I mean it’s like a way to end a series… It was so Vague and it was never explained properly either… I feel really really really sad now.. and then you just travel to the past and finish what you never get to do..

  • Ryan Bradley

    We don’t know if his 3 buddies died. We only know they were fighting demons while purge the realm of demons.

  • bbarnavi

    The bros didn’t die.

  • Zmithie

    Seriously, what is even the point of the season pass? For me personally, simply because of the ending of this game… I am so turned off over the thought of purchasing any DLC. Like why? Everyone is dead/doomed whats the point? So disappointing. No game has ever made me feel this way lol.

  • Van

    Liked the mechanics, the boss fights and a lot of the mini-games, but when I realized the character (Noctis) I’ve spent so much time building and getting to know, is just gonna die in the end…I play games to get away from reality, not to have a story teller build me up and then take a dump in my cheerios. After the FF7 remake, I’m done with FF. It’s become too dark for me, if I want tragedy, I’ll turn on the news. Too bad none of the people who write these games never really listen to players, we’re “Degrading their creativity”

  • Christia Brown

    OMG!!!! I am truly pissed off with the ending of this game. Unreal…. All of that seriously culminated to THAT travesty of an end??? I love the FF games and I was expecting something so different… SquareEnix why can you never give us something that has a spectacular and satisfying ending?? *sad face*

  • Rhett Smith

    I didn’t mind the ending I thought that the whole game was about togetherness and brotherhood and in the end they all ended up together dead or not, too many times you see games were the hero sacrifices himself so it was refreshing to see that in the end when you think about it there was no sole hero, everyone scarficed they’re lives together, it made they’re bond even more stronger in my opinion

    • I think that’s a good way of looking at it. And it also lessens the blow if you can imagine they’re all together again in the afterlife.

  • popo123

    The story in FFXV is a good one but the way it is told leaves a lot to be desired. This is most likely because of the developers trying to meet the deadlines and thus had to cut off parts and just stick those story bits into smaller and often missable points in the game. Like for example, Ravus’ role is actually explained in length in the game, but not in cutscenes, but in radio broadcasts and documents.This is probably the parts they will animate and turn into cutscenes in future patches. Hopefully they also add in missions adding story to Verstael and Iedolas as well. We only know the fate of Iedolas but are given nothing as to why that became his fate. I’m also hoping they add a DLC mission with Aranea or as Aranea. She is by far the best female character in the game. You actually get to know her and everything even with just the small bits of story given to her.

  • Shmeed J

    you cant talk to someone ”in” the afterlife, be there at the same time and not be dead. The other 3 die protecting Noctis while he dies on the throne receiving the power from past kings to destroy Ardyn.

  • 彼氏♡旦那 溺愛bot

    i won’t give up til i see the REAL FFXV.

    i just signed this campaign.

    plz share and support it!

  • lawrencecheong

    N00b here who finished his first FF game. I agree with the general consensus that the second half of the game seems rushed and mere story-telling with cutscenes. I spent over a hundred hours on Eos farming EXP and AP, collected bounties, recipes, fishes, kujata, M-snakes and all manner of weapons (Tombs and machinery), fought demons at night to level up more but more to show they did not rule the night, customized Regalia a lot, and reached level ~92. Then my merry band stepped into Altissia and my experience went downhill from there.

    In damned maze-like Altissia we ended up collecting bounties on demons in back alleys? Though that first Lakshmi haunting of a ghost rising out of a portrait arms outstretched was perfect classic horror. Two thumbs up for that one. But what is it with the endless Venitian-like Altissian boat rides? Thank the little mercies that one gets to skip rides after the first time. Personally the biggest clue that the experience would get too linear for my liking was the fight with Level ??? Leviathan. I was like “Hey, my merry band levels are ~92 (Gladio went MIA hence did not level up so that was not my fault hehehe). We can take you on. After you are done insulting puny humans let us work together to stop the night from becoming permanent.”

    Personally, the much-publicized Chapter 13 was surprisingly entertaining. For the first time Noctis became lonesome and weaponless. All my fancy weapons that could materialize out of thin air were gone, but I had near maximum HP and MP. So I refused to be scared of rogue patrolling axemen or swordsmen and just blinked THEM out of existence. Them turning into ash was some nice special effects on PS4 Pro! And how can one forget the huge sigh of relief when Noctis gets the ONE weapon of the Sword of the Father. Demons, beware!

    I get that the ending was sad. But I think we are sad because the journey has ended, and that is a feeling only possible if the player has travelled and “suffered” through all over the open-world. Costlemark Tower was satisfying from the get-go because it would open only at night and I figured that out because I thought “This is Final Fantasy, mate” 😉 Crestholm Channel was nearly as insane. At Level 10 Fishing, I have yet to fish out Liege of the Lake and the Devil. These experiences combined and ended when Noctis stepped onto a dark foreboding Galdin Quay. I took a screenshot of the counter where Coctura was always standing (cooking at times). Then Noctis fought off two Daemonwalls just because he could.

    In conclusion, the second half of the game lacked polish. It left me to wonder if all FF games were like this. Then SE has a lot to learn on properly ending an open-world game, such as Skyrim and GTA V. FFXV open-world is perfect in terms of depth, gear, skills and combat. Look, when one’s level is in the teens the night-time Level 30 Iron Giant always feels like the best reason to avoid the night. But open-world games are precisely attractive because they allow players to decide, and we decided to fight then died then won against a Level 30 Iron Giant when we were at levels ~25. Then Level 42 Iron Giants started to show …

    Ancient Greek gods possessed all human traits, both virtuous and evil, but for one fact that they were all immortals. So did Luna and Noctis really get married in the other realm? A marriage certificate has no purpose in any other realm. And we were not told of romantic love between them; growing up together is more familial love, you think? Iris was more the heroine as a matter of fact. In fact she and the boys went hunting for dozens (sorry also for the many kujata curved hollowhorns collected through appendage and experience drills) of spiralcorns when I was looking for the sturdy-but-not-crooked helixhorns! And for all we know Time did reset (let us not resort to looking for excruciating details such as ring on whose finger in the last camp night) when the last dialogues in credit rolling were the boys pushing Regalia (oh my baby car!). Were they only memories to torture us further or did Time reset?

    • Rhett Smith

      I’m not one of these people who believes that spending 100 hours walking across land to collect mushrooms and kill a few monsters is a fun thing to do so I personally enjoyed the second half more than the first, the second half was where the story really picked up and for me the battles became more than just pressing circle over and over again you had to actually plan how you was going to go in which is what the FF franchise is all about but now that I’ve completed the story I now have the option to go and spend numerous hours collecting mushrooms at my disposal which is something final fantasy games allow you to do which is why I’ve always enjoyed they’re games they cover everyone’s style of play

  • Pablo AS

    Wow… im glad i didnt buy this

  • Anita Kraft

    I have never played the franchise. This is my first FF game, you know one of those new people. I can’t believe I played this entire game to have everyone die. It sucked, I hated it. I may not know a lot about FF, but I am a writer and if someone put out a movie that had this ending no one would go see it again. You don’t kill everyone at the end of a movie. Imagine LOTR if everyone died, no King, Strider died, no hobbits, they all died, everyone dead, never would have been the success as a books let alone the movies. This has to be the worse game story I have ever played. I can only describe it as sadistic.

    In fact, I am not even sure how it ended. They are in the after life? Really?
    No matter what anyone says, it’s bad storytelling and I can’t believe that it took 10 years to write this tripe. One would expect a few people to die in the final battle, THAT is good storytelling. But the King should have lived, Luna should have lived or kill Luna and let a relationship develop with Iris, Prompto would have been a good choice for death, allowing him to be part of the group by giving the ultimate sacrifice to them since the thought he never belonged, that would have been a great ending.

    No writer could take this story with it’s ending to a publisher and have it produced in any way. The way they ended it didn’t SAVE the world. In fact, by killing everyone the world was left leaderless and probably in chaos. No King, no oracle, no heroes, so one can only imagine the vacuum left and the ensuing battles for power. The world is completely destabilized.
    I don’t even care about the plot holes, the lack of development, there’s no point in developing characters when everyone dies. Who’s left to morn? Who’s left to care? Part of the tragedy of death is those left behind, no one was left behind to remember and to morn.

  • Blong Trey Lo

    You gotta do side quest with stories so you’ll feel more and more attached to each character by the ending, cus my stupid friend rushed to the ending in like 15hours and was like that’s it. That’s what they’re trying to do for FFXV, was for u to enjoy every moment of brotherhood time together and the extra story along the main one. Makes side quest so meaningful towards the ending </3

  • Mana

    I was holding off on getting FFXV for the sake of KH 2.8 being a priority purchase…

    I got curious and ended up watching 2+ hours of cinematic cutscenes which included the ending scene. Boy, was that ending complete SHIT. Everything felt extremely rushed after the Leviathan chapter. The 10 year time gap was like a ‘it happened in a blink of an eye’ moment, too quick for me. Not having any insight to what had been going on in the main characters’ lives between that time sucked. Everyone dying in the end for the sacrificial reason to “rid all of the daemons and save the land” left me dumbfounded and greatly disappointed.
    The dream-like scene with Noctis and Luna getting married was cute (although as a woman who loves romance driven stories and all things romantic, I would have loved to see the two of them have more screen time but that clearly never happened and wasn’t ever intended to. Forever sad now) but the fact that EVERYONE IS DEAD didn’t help soothe my puzzled heart.

    I wasn’t expecting this kind of tragic, depressing outcome to be an ending. Quite the opposite actually. Everyone lives and has successfully defeated Ardyn for good, Noct and Luna are married, Noct becomes the new king, the boys are Noct’s imperial guards or what have you, everything is roses and sunshine from there.

    Square Enix was like…”Fuck you and your feelings. We told you from time that FFXV was going to be dark as fuck. If you weren’t prepared by now, that ain’t our problem. You think every RPG story has a happy ending? Bish, you dumb as hell. Not everything in life or even in a damn video game goes your fucking way and you better ACCEPT it. Just as Noctis ACCEPTED his fate. Oh? Did I rub a little salt into your wounds? Struck a nerve maybe? Good. You had best remember this ending. This your final fantasy!” *never makes a FF game again*

    The monologues I come up with…
    Needless to say, I’m glad I didn’t put money into buying this pressed, lackluster story of a game with great visuals, awesome characters (except a few) and unfavourable ending. I can accept it but don’t have to like it. It shat on all of my expectations, hopes and dreams of finding romance within this series. What a buzzkill.

  • Mikhail Arbatov

    For all it’s flaws, I think the game was actually really fun to play (I’m over 100 hours in and not even at the ending) – but did it need a “romantic” ending at all? It ruined the theme of brotherhood and unity, and we don’t even get to see what happens to the bros by that point. I saw it as a slap in the face to not know for sure or not be united with Noctis again, and instead get a contrived romantic “reunion” with one of most un-memorable heroines ever written in a Final Fantasy since Lightning. (When the whole time their love looked more paternal/familial than romantic).

    Whoever wrote her and the storylines for Luna and Crowe in this series needs to be fired.

  • Dan7474

    After the ending i was like : did noctis beat ardyn or ardyn beat noctis?he lost his dad,his love,his friends,even his CAR and then his life.ardyn wanted revenge against lucis and its kings more than being the king himself and he got it.lets see lucis:fucked up, empire : fucked up , lucian royal blood : no more blood of oracle : same as royal blood and this is without saying that the ring and crystal should have given their power without demanding a price since noctis was true king!it felt like they tried so hard for ending to be sad that it felts more depressing than tragic(which really worked btw,after ending i was looking at pictures promto took for like on hourin pure sadness). A real tragic ending would have been if they kept noctis alive, a king who lost everyone he loved and has no happiness in his life except for his memories of better times,yet he has to live for his people and to restore his kingdoms former glory! And the post-credit scene was more like directors apology:we know ur deppresed as hell, here is something that makes u feel atleast a little better! I think ending was good and really emotional but it was more depressing than tragic!

    • Ha, good summary. No matter how you cut the custard it’s really true that Ardyn won no matter what. He either gets to rest in peace after years of turmoil or he fulfills his mission of wiping out the Lucis bloodline and destroying the crystal/ring/chosen one. The crazy part about it is that in the true ending he manages to accomplish ALL of his set goals. That dude is the true winner of the game.

      • Danial Naziri

        Yup he hit two birds with one stone,he took revenge and found his peace at the sime time!

  • WiLdJ0k3r

    My own theory is that Luna had the chance to save herself but
    chose her last moments to use her powers on Ardyn instead. She grabs
    his arm and you see all the glowy stuff. It could have just been me, but
    I thought I could see in his eyes that it started affecting him
    somehow, and then at last second he forced himself to turn it all away.
    The ending was very vague to me, but I think that since Ardyn was once a
    good guy, whatever Luna did to him brought out that good in him one
    last time in the very end and he managed to save them both somehow
    before his soul was completely destroyed, and that’s why you see them
    alive and well sitting in the throne room of a palace that’s still half destroyed. I think if it was intended for them to be in the afterlife, the throne room would have looked impeccable instead.

  • Oh man, this game. I have no words. The ending killed me, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

  • Dom Saunders

    Honestly, no. I genuinely thought FF13 was decent in terms of characterization. You’re talking to me as if by somehow giving the game whatever props it’s due, I lose my fan cred. You’re dismissed and I’m far from butthurt, just annoyed. FFXV is a good game, but FF13 had a better ending since it wasn’t needlessly tragic. And get over the fact that FF13 wasn’t open-world. That pissed me off too at first, but given the context of the story, how could they have been engaging in open-world exploration if they spent half the game being chased like fugitives in a situation that was essentially comparable to the Holocaust. Notice it’s only after they manage to leave Cocoon that you get some semblance of exploration. You can’t ask the developers or the games to risk their narrative integrity just so you can put a pause button on the story to do whatever you want when that makes no sense. The most egregious case of this was in FF4: After Years, where you basically go on sidequests to save your summons while Cecil and co. are fighting off the Big Bad in his castle, and a moon is about to drop on your head. All of these things are implied to happen in one day, but you can rest and spend as much time as you want. Sure, you could explore the world, but it makes no sense for the story. I won’t punish Squeenix for adding some realism to that nonsense for a change.

    I hated Lightning’s characterization, but mostly in the two sequels where she’s basically God-Mode-Sue. In the first game, she was more tolerable since she was still more or less human and could stand to develop, which she did. Plus, her characterization improved vastly in Dissidia 012, and it redeemed her in my eyes.

    And as for FF13’s “terrible story,” I thought for what it was, it was decent. My main issue was with the boring major villains, and how their plots basically ensured the cast had to fulfill their Focus even if they didn’t want to, and hope it’d all turn out for the best. It does slap in the face of logic when Lightning and co. preached about defying fate, yet never really do anything but play along to the wants of the Big Bad. That annoyed me. But at least all of the characters were badass, competent, (yes, even Hope), worked as a team and stayed together, and survived. FFXV didn’t really have that for me. Sorry, but you’ll just have to stay mad. I can’t be butthurt when I have receipts to prove my point. You…do not.

    • RipThememes

      This is NOT the best you can do after 10 YEARS. The storyline was outright fucking TRAGIC and disappointing in most parts. People saying it takes “200 hours to beat” have clearly not played it because it felt shorter than a Kingdom Hearts game. I hope Kingdom Hearts III will actually have a different outcome.

      • Dom Saunders

        I think you responded to the wrong comment, but I think I agree with you?

        • RipThememes

          Oh, yeah, I don’t know how to use these comments sorry man

      • Airboy Obsessed

        Yeah, it took me about 100 hours to beat,. It would have been less if I didn’t do a crap-ton of sidequests to boot…

        • Zero

          I did it in 32hrs with some side quests and dugeons…

  • TallBearNC

    Ff 13 had an open world. It was Gran Pulse. 13-2 was open as you could move about the time line. FF 7-8, X, 13, 13-2 are my favorites. I liked 15 a lot. Graphics = 9/10, story 6/10. I liked the X/XIII stories better.

    I HATED. x-2 and 13-3. They sucked

    • mike654

      13 3 was trash yup but X-2 was amazing and similar to 8. 7 8 10 X-2 are my favourites. 14 is better than the hackjob of FF15. Glad all the moaners died. All thwy ever did was complain!

  • TallBearNC

    Great game. Very good, but BAD end plot. Seriously? ANOTHER main FF dies… AGAIN. this is getting OLD. I wish they’d written it so he lived, got married and the post game was played 10 yrs later. This would make a LOT more sense vs reloading the cleared data at ch15 and “going back in time”. What’s the motivation? (besides trophies)

    Imo square needs to knock off this killing the main characters / noble sacrifice crap. FF X=Tidus “killed” because he was a “dream”… ff 13-2=Sarah killed..and many others… ff 13-3.. no comment. The only recent FF where no main character is killed is ff 13 (even then fang/vanilla sleep until they die in 13-2) and maybe x-2.

    Side note: ignis is blind yet can still fight just fine? Really? They should have healed his eyes. Isn’t that what potions/healing magic is for ?

  • Dom Saunders

    I was counting main games only. I know about Type-0, and it just confirms for me that any game created under Tabata’s regime is going to kill off either a majority of, or the entire cast. Trust me, he’s on my blacklist at this point. I am not a fan of him.

  • Logan Morton

    Wait, why is the boy band presumed dead at the end? That sort of came out of nowhere.

  • Inori

    Yeah the director even said that they made Lunafreya the type of heroine that u really wanted noctis to meet but never get to her. The whole game I didn’t wait till noctis wud reach Luna but then they kill her

  • Me, Keenan

    I really don’t think the bros (besides Noct) died at the end. There’s just no real evidence supporting that…
    Noct walked in and clensed the world in what semmed to be a reasonable amount of time, I have more faith in them than they cant last a handfull of minutes. Also “walk tall” isn’t something you say to people about to get themselves killed

    • Danial Naziri

      If u want to go by dialogues ignis also told noctis take care,and that is the worst thing u can say to someone who is going to kill himself!

  • HumptyLittleEgg

    GOD DAMN IT. THE GAME MADE ME CRY OVER HIS DEATH SO BAD. Like how I felt so bad about the ending in Type 0. How come Lightning gets to live? they were supposed to be in the same Universe but only 1 out of three gets to keep their Main Character??? I’m ranting coz I’m frustrated. But I love the game so baaaadd.

  • Was really looking forward to this. Played it, and the gameplay was great visually. The game had more than a few glitches. Story was smashed together. Very poor creative work. Endless back and forth quests, useless stuff like fishing, seemingly unlimited procurements. The game essentially wants you to run back and forth. Then, before you know it, you are whisked away into a trainwreck ending.

  • OneWingedRose

    Anyone else feel like the story was a separate game to the open world game? Like, obviously one is filled with side quests and the other with dialogue and drama, but it felt to me like the story (when it did move forward) always happened in one chunk.

    Like, everything that happened up until going to meet Titan was pretty well paced, then a bunch of stuff happens there, then you get a breather again before going to Altissa and then like, EVERYTHING happens from there.

    I feel like they should’ve made more open worlds than just the one you can only return to through meddling with time (something I didn’t choose to do because what the actual funk (but had already got to level 77 with the party exhausting all the side quests and hunts I could find)), just kind of made it like Umbra was a feature that was basically : “Enjoying the story? Want a break from it? Here, you can go have fun in the open world, come back when you’re ready.”

    And I get to a certain extent all open world games are like this, but they tend to have their “story” missions and events happen at different parts of the world, making your travels to them and events in them feel more in synch with your open world explorations, this was kind of like having a season of television on one menu option and an open world game on the other, or, more aptly put, two games in one.

    Not saying this is bad by any means, just thought it was weird that after I’d done everything I could in the open world the story all seemed to happen as one gauntlet run rather than something a bit more spread out.

    As for the story itself, I really feel like it was too short, like the Leviathan Trial should’ve been the end of the first act, not the end of the second and beginning of the last, that part was amazing and sad and felt like things were really getting big with the stakes and stuff and then it all just kind of rushed itself to ending soon after.

    So, I’m disappointed we didn’t get to see more of Ardyn’s backstory (maybe as Noct is reflecting in his 10 year nap for example, he could’ve experienced it first hand Assassin’s Creed style and given us an opportunity to empathize more with Ardyn’s plight), I’m disappointed we didn’t get to see more of Nyx’s bff from Kingsglaive (or any for that matter, I couldn’t find him that’s for sure, but I haven’t done everything in the game yet) and that we didn’t learn more about Nyx beyond seeing a (fake?) apparition of him before the final fight.

    I’m disappointed that the ring of the Lucii was bigged up so hugely in Kingsglaive but Noct never got to experience the time slowing down and being assessed by the kings of old like everyone else did, I’m disappointed that the final fight wasn’t as cool as Nyx vs Captain of Kingsglaive or even the Leviathan event really and I’m disappointed that we didn’t see more of how the Empire fell beyond hearing about it in scraps of paper we find in the labs, especially after the Emperor himself was pretty intimidating as a character in Kingsglaive, it would’ve been cool to see how he fell or at least his reaction to his empire crumbling around him due to Ardyn.

    I’m disappointed that in the final respite before the trip to Insomnia, you don’t get to see Cindy and other characters you’ve met in this 10-year timeskip (beyond the kid of course), like, it would’ve been awesome to be able to drive/head to Lestallum one last time before the climax and seeing it as the big refuge we’re told it’s become.

    I’m disappointed in the final fight (already said but here comes a specific), specifically that it felt incredibly on the rails when you summoned the power of the Lucii and Ardyn his dark equivalent, like, that would’ve been SO much cooler if you’d been able to manually fly around the city as you fought.

    I’m also disappointed in how the story was a bit jumbly, like you have to piece together things like Ravus’ fall, the Emperor’s fall and Ardyn’s backstory yourself (for the most part), it’s very tell not show and that kind of sucks for an interactive medium (and a story when they don’t tell it very well like with Ravus (seeing him go from the “I’ll obtain the power of the Lucii and destroy BOTH kingdoms/empires” guy in the movie to one who accepts Noctis as the saviour of the world would’ve been really interesting, beyond reading the few notes he wrote to Lunafreya that you find near his ‘corpse’ I mean).

    So yeah, not a perfect game by any means and a fair few things that made me a little sad that they didn’t do more with, but overall…


    Gameplay was great, music was amazing, there were several moments where I paused and put down the controller just to say to myself WOW THIS THING THAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW IS AMAZING HOLY SHIT (like c’mon, the Aranae fight with airsteps is SO fucking cool), I really care for the main cast which is a good thing for a narrative to achieve and it was just a really good road trip. Also I teared up twice I think (maybe three actually) so the story did some good things too.

    An odd game, disappointing in many ways but still pulled off an adventure I thoroughly enjoyed (except grinding the arena to get the car part in Altissa… because that started off fun but holy shit man, that grind was annoying lol).

    This comment was meant to just be pondering the weirdness of the game’s narrative/gameplay structure, but as I’d LITERALLY JUST COMPLETED IT (saved my “complete” save about 50 seconds before coming here), I guess it’s not really surprising this turned into a “my thoughts on the entire game/review” type comment.

    So, may as well end it with a score… uh, let’s go 8/10? As a story I think it’s a bit lacking and as a game it has some great ideas but executes them a bit poorly here and there, but overall pretty fantastic.

  • point0

    honestly, that looked like an happy ending to me

  • Julie Hall

    I was afraid Luna would turnout to be another tragic Aerith. Why does square-Enix enjoy killing off our beloved characters so much? And what’s the frigging point? If everyone dies trying to protect Noctis, which is the chosen one, then why does the chosen one die at the end? Yes, he saved the world from demons, but who’s going to rule the kingdom now? He had no heirs before he checked out. Clearly, square-Enix didn’t think this one out before they decided to kill everyone off. They should’ve went the extra tragic mile by letting the 2 marry and conceive 9 months before the final showdown, then Luna dies while giving birth, noctis goes off and does his thing and his orphaned son is left to grow up and rule the kingdom. That would quench square-Enix’s bloodthirst, while giving us a more sensible ending. That said, I won’t be purchasing this game. I hate tragedies.

  • high on anime

    It was a pretty well written article on most parts. It was doing a great job at seriously retelling the story for me until I got to the part where you called Noctis’ friends the boy band. From then on, you continued to use the term boy band and I just couldn’t take this article seriously anymore. It’s fine if you want to call them a boy band (literally all reviewers call them that) but to do it when retelling the story totally kills the mood of it.

  • Kaushal Pandya

    Hey Shugo,

    I understand about not having happy endings, but
    this is Final Fantasy XV! We have all been waiting for
    10 years for this game to finally happen, and Square
    Enix could have done a better job in making the
    ending better.

    Did you know that there is a Season Pass to the game
    also? In my opinion, it will be difficult convincing players
    to pay for a Season Pass when they have already
    killed off all the characters in the game.

  • cknight91

    Did anyone else notice Nyx hanging from the ceiling when you encounter Ardyn in the throne room?

    • Yeah I saw that, too. It hit me hard because I really liked Nyx.

  • cknight91

    I have no idea how the Omen trailer ties into the game at all. Can anyone explain this? Like, why was a demon version of Noctis fighting and what looks like killing Luna?

    • I think they put that cinematic together back when it was Final Fantasy: Versus XIII.

      If you notice the Omen trailer centered around Noct having a choice of turning out good or evil. There were also a lot of moments in the game that seemed to hint at player choices driving the outcome of Noct’s character, but I think that was all scrapped. Square likely just released the trailer so as not to waste it, but it portrayed characterization and story elements that where no where close to what appeared in the game (such as the demon version of Umbra).

  • John mbanda

    So prompto ignis and gladlious died too

  • Considering how unappealing the cast in this game is, an “everybody dies” ending is probably the best thing.

  • A New Game+ mode is being added soon.

  • Granger Trindade

    I hope the next game’s plot line is like an alternative reality with an ACTUAL HAPPY ENDING.(I’m new to Final Fantasy so were the previous games like a trilogy. If so FFXV story has only one game.

    • Only Final Fantasy XIII had a trilogy. Final Fantasy X got a half-arsed sequel, though. Most of the others were all standalone games. Some more or less varied than the others. My favorite is still Final Fantasy VI, though. It had the best balance of shock value, player-driven choices, character-driven story and an unforgettable villain.

  • Matthew James

    I’m curious as to who those people were that were chained to the roof in the throne room. I know one was King Regis and another two might have been Luna and Cor. But who was everyone? Thanks

    • The last one looked like Nyx.

    • cknight91

      It was the Nif emperor, Regis, Luna and Nyx from left to right.

  • Exerion

    It is definitly the worst ending from a main Final Fantasy I have ever seen. The goal of our heroes was to retrieve the throne… and Noctis dies by trying to do so… First tabata kills Stella who really had a lot of promises for me, now he kills Luna who clearly spent her life for helping others… And then he kills our heros… The story is just stupid. I know some people do not care about bad ending, but I think this is just too much. Considering I have been waiting 10 years. In the end I get that… And why the hell tabata had to pull the same ending as his previous game ???

  • Raziel2001au

    Not sure how I feel about the game having finished it now. It’s an amazing game, at least up to the point where you have to fight Leviathan, but after that the game just loses its charm.

    It went from an open-world, “you’re on top of the world” kind of game, to something that is not-so-open-world and quite depressing. Now that I’ve finished it, I don’t know if I really want to go back to it again.

    I was also holding hope for a possible XV-2, given that we got like two sequels to XIII even though we didn’t even ask for one sequel. But given the ending, it seems unlikely.

    • cknight91

      I feel the exact same way you do, so you are not alone. I am going to wait until there is DLC to check out. There is something depressing about “going back in time” and continuing to play the game, knowing the fate that waits for these characters in the end. But overall it was a memorable roller-coaster experience for the 45 hours that I played.

    • Croix

      yeah, i hope at least they show the world after sunrise, especially the character that played part in the story like cor, iris, aranea, cid, cindy, etc……

  • heavenlybodyknight

    I read this from someone who claimed to be a worker for Square Enix in Germany. I’ll try and find the source again. But this really spoke to me. Rather than the game ending on such a heartbreaking, yet bittersweet note, it ends rather happily.

    “This Ending is perfect! Noctis kills Ardyn, save the world, turn to the
    afterlife to kill the immortal Ardyn and create a new timeline where
    Ardyn not exist! And then there is the new Roadtrip of the Boys without
    Ardyn and Noctis married Luna. If you understand this, this is a perfect
    ending like Tabata told us in the company.”

    To me, this makes more sense than the afterlife. Because if they all had died, they ALL would have been together and not just Noct and Luna. The boys would have been there, his father, etc… Noct would have reunited with his father too you would think, but it was just the two of them sharing a private, loving and tender moment as King and Queen on the day of their wedding.

    The Timeline being restored, Ardyn never existing, the boys starting their road trip over (like it alluded to in the credits before the campfire end scene), makes perfect sense. I don’t believe Noct and Luna reunited in the afterlife because I don’t believe they stayed in the afterlife. I believe that the world was restored to light thanks to Noct’s sacrifice. I also believe that Noct’s sacrifice is what restored the timeline, and that is why I feel that they are all alive, well and living happily with Noctis as the True King of Light.

    • Croix

      i rly want to believe this

    • bingbong

      Heaven did you ever end up finding the source on that comment? I really want to believe in this to, it gives such a more satisfying feeling then just taking the ending at face value that everybody dies!

  • bubblebeams

    I haven’t played the game yet, but I couldn’t bear it and decided to watch the gameplay and the ending, and, even if the story seems a little rushed and stuff, I liked the ending. It really surprised me and makes me happy but at the same time, makes me fell a little sad because Noctis thought he was going to be an honorable king just to end sacrificing his life to save Lucis. Feels like a mature FFX ending when both the main character and his love interest die from the same cause but are able to find happiness.

  • Larry Guest

    This is just the ending to Persona 3 but everyone dies instead of just the protagonist.

  • Wow i do feel the same as everyone here, i even wanted to flip tables when i saw the ending but the post-credit scene made me stop, a sudden change of heart, it felt like they (SE) were messing with our feelings during that moment, so anyway it was a good experience and i respect the whole team for their hard work on the game…..
    but still…… the end its just a game and we need to move on which is hard for me atm….>_<
    PS: thank you for this, the only thing bugging me is the word *Izunia*, maybe Ardyn's lord or something in his time, thoughts?

    • Skeith9

      My guess is that izunia is the jealous king who cast away ardyn and took the name lucis caelum for himself.

  • Outbackjim

    Ehhhh type zero beat FFXV by a good couple years on that note, the main cast sacrifice has been a staple in the Fabula nova chrysalis saga, even though FFXV is removed from it officially you can still see the parts where FNC were going to influence the story.

  • TylorW

    I just got to the ending after a nine hour binge…..and goddamn did that feels train come out of no-where in the end.

    This is probably THE only JRPG that I know of that has or alluded to killing of all of its main cast. With how much I really liked the characters, I was mad at how tragic things got at the end, and it reeeeeaaaaaally put Ardyn up on my hate list for villains for how much he escalated things. All in all, FFXV is a damn good game, imo, and while I wished it ended on a happier note, I’m not disappointed and was glad that I was along for the ride.

    Also: Was anyone getting Titanic vibes from the final scene? After getting hit by the feels train once, they decided to go full throttle in reverse and hit me again.

    • It’s weird but I couldn’t bring myself to hate Ardyn. I mean, here’s a guy who sacrificed the sanctity of his own soul to save countless people by expunging them of daemons only to be told “Nope, you’re too tainted to ascend to the afterlife” and cast out of your own kingdom and denied the right to the throne of your lineage. So this guy was going to be forced to spend eternity trapped with evil daemons within with no hope of salvation or cure or redemption that he could enact on his own free will.

      He was a living prison, which made it hard to justify hating him.

      Kefka on the other hand… I had no problems at all hating Kefka, and throughout the whole game the only thing I wanted to do was punch him in the face repeatedly.

      • TylorW

        I guess that’s true, and that just makes this whole thing just a really damn big tragedy in a way.

        Also, after thinking over the ending a bit, do you think it’s possible in any way, shape, or form, that Noctis and Luna were revived at the end of the game? Maybe it’s me grasping at very, VERY distant straws, but something felt off about the way Regis was speaking to Noctis and Luna, as if he were acting as if they were alive and he was seeing them off in a way.

        The other thing that may have hinted towards that was the photo you chose before fighting Ardyn. I’m speculating that it was still there in the throne room when he sacrificed himself, and him reappearing along with Luna may have been their way of showing that they were revived.

        In the end, I’m speculating, and I guess I’ll be doing that for quite some time, cuz goddamn did that ending put me to tears, and very few games do that for me. 🙁

        • I think they left it vague like that on purpose so people could piece together bits to create a form of solace due to how heavy the ending is if you take it at face value.

          I mean, everybody dies, Noct and Luna never get any moment of real together time in their normal lives, they never get married, 10 years of Noct’s life is literally lost in time due to powering up just so he can go fight one last battle and die, and his friends live strained, embattled lives during his absence.

          I think giving people the impression that there’s a reset in time and a possibility of a happy ending is a way of adding levity to the interpretation of the ending.

          • TylorW

            I guess if there was indeed a reset, you could possibly explain the ending by saying that everything happened as it did in the first place, just without Ardyn’s involvement in matters. It would explain why you hear the first dialogue with them again at the end, but also why Luna and Noctis are not in their Time-skip selves, as they retook the throne right after they got married in Altissa (though the theory may not hold water since you don’t see the ring at all in the end).

            Again, just speculation, but I guess I’m the kind of guy who has a harder time with endings like this one (ESPECIALLY ones that have you tearing up because you really liked the characters), because I just want to find the answer.

          • Again, just speculation, but I guess I’m the kind of guy who has a harder time with endings like this one (ESPECIALLY ones that have you tearing up because you really liked the characters), because I just want to find the answer.

            Totally understand, man. Ending hit me kind of hard, too. I just didn’t think a boy band roadtrip that started off with the simple goal of getting a pretty boy hitched to a super hotty would result in a dystopian, demon-infested apocalypse where the only saving grace is that the main characters die to save what’s left of the land.

  • Stalkingman

    I think if they wanted something like a good bad ending type of end. They should reenact the ending scene of FF type-0 ending. Show the dead body of Noctis,Ignis,Promto and Gladio where everyone is in the throne dead on their body and someone discover them. And put a grand ending where They’re remember as a heroes of Lucis instead of those imaginary Wedding.

  • Zedrick LaVend

    I wanna say thanks for this article. I was pretty confused at some parts but you managed to fill in all the blanks.

  • Joe

    I did not like the ending. Basically all the main characters die and that’s it. Game over. I would have liked a happier ending. Noctis, his friends and Luna really deserved a better ending after the crap they went through.

  • FiachSidhe

    I hate that the director was so damn concerned with making us cry that he never seemed to bother making any of the end sequence satisfying or enjoyable. The entire second half of the game is rushed, with terrible pacing. I especially hate having Altissia built up as this amazing city then you get there and you do all of three things.

    Everything seems introduced pushed forward and resolved without much word. Gladio leaves comes back has new scars no one cares, Prompto is a demon-man made by the empire! Who cares. Let’s never address that until his requisite dlc.

    You never get to explore the world of ruin or see how everyone has changed. Only hear about it. Iris as a bad as demon hunter, Cindy, Livellum as the last refuge. Too much tell don’t show going on in the later chapters.

    • Olivia esddms

      I live in my own fantasy world where I pretend the timeline was just “reset”, they defeated the invasion (no demons left, so piece of cake), and Noctis lives happily ever after with Luna and his friends and they have kids and it’s all sunshine and rainbows.

      • Croix

        look like we are in the same world pal,, lol

  • Samantha-Jane Kerr

    I’ve just done the leviathan part of the game, and luna has died. I’m devastated. It’s completely put a downer on the entire game for me. So much so I’m wondering if it’s worth continuing.

    For me i was really enjoying the game, I was forgiving on parts but final fantasy has always been enjoyable to me because of the characters relationships and unfortunately cliché so being a woman, the love story within the game.

    I was already getting fed up at the fact that it seemed to take forever to get to luna, I was so excited about Noct and luna meeting and unfortunately after 12 years of not seeing each other, with Noct clearly so in love with this woman, he sees her momentarily and she dies. She clearly loves him too but it seems so sad to me that these two characters who haven’t seen each other for years who have been communicating by notebook and are ready to marry and be together, the relationship just seemed very easy to quickly skip over. Not even a funeral (from what I can tell) for Noct to even say goodbye. While I know this isn’t real life and am probably taking the love of the game too seriously (knowing that it’s probably not the most important part of the story for most people playing) I just feel like a scene of them speaking as adults or somethibg would have helped so much more. Just to provide some closure. It’s made my heart hurt a little as originally when the game was created it was going to be a romeo Juliet type of love story. Then Stella changed to luna and we were told she held an important part to the story which, she clearly does, but she felt just top expendable for me. I had no idea she died and so immediately came online to see if it was a permanent part of the story.

    I’m going to attempt to push through, having played final fantasy for most of my life I don’t want this to deter me however the excitement has gone. It just feels so sad now and I was enjoying the more light hearted side of things. Not even a picture of luna and Noct together to keep. Devastated!

    • It was definitely shocking finding out that Noct and Luna never got a moment together — it even shocked Noct after he finally woke up and had to hear about the news second had from Ignis. I think it was Tabata seriously pulling at the player’s heartstrings in preparation from the downward spiral the game would take in terms of tone. But even then nothing would really prepare players for that final ending.

      • Samantha-Jane Kerr

        I think a moment would have made a huge difference. I did actually have a cry about it all this morning when explaining it all in great detail to my other half. I think I just feel a little betrayed. I feel for Noct.

        Just a funeral scene or something, some way for a little closure. I have so much empathy for Noct that I’m finding it hard. I just feel it was a bad decision not having some show of that relationship in their adult lives. Even just a photograph. I’m certainly coming to terms with it now more so than this morning. Maybe thsee are the emotions SE wanted us to feel whcih is why they’ve done things the way they have. I just find the game has suddenly gone from feeling like there was hope to feeling like you’re on a path of sadness. It’s hard to push on when it feels like there’s almost nothing at the end of it all.

        I wish we could have seen what the original story would have played out as. I don’t know if I could take the next final fantasy being just as sad. It’s too much.

        • Olivia esddms

          I mean, no wonder Noct can be a jerkass sometimes, with a fate like his it’s hard not to be…

    • TheRealVegeta

      lmaoooo, you aint ready

    • Mark Of A True King

      I’m totally with you on that. When trailers for versus XIII first came out, I was really excited for it because of two reasons; one, the main character was really cool with his teleports and multiple floating blades at his arsenal; two, I thought it would be romance driven because of scenes with Stella (Them meeting at the party first but then facing off later on at a different scene seemed very “Romeo and Juliet”-like). When versusXIII became XV and Luna replaced Stella, I thought it would be great because Luna is on your side unlike Stella, so that means the story can develop the romance more, ESPECIALLY since Luna was Noctis’ finance and there were rumors of Luna being in your party as an ally. So I thought hey, being on your side = more time together = more romance. But instead of this happening, she doesn’t even get much development in the story. I mean, we barely see her and there are like no interactions between Noctis and her except exchanging a few messages through a book and some flash backs (don’t get me wrong, I find this romantic, but I wanted them to actually meet and journey together). When he does actually meet her, she dies in the same chapter a few moments later… like wtf. You show the heroine a few times, then kill her off before we can really grow emotionally attached to her. This story is way more bromance than actual romance. I do like the interactions between Noctis and his friends, but I just wish they could’ve squeezed more romance in there with Luna. It’s too bad that the game was really different from how I envisioned it to be. Still a great game though, and you should still finish it. Although I can totally see why you would lose the motivation to.

      • Samantha-Jane Kerr

        You put it into words far better than I did! That is exactly how I feel about it. I’m pushing through and enjoying it but I’m still sad Haha. I really wanted them to meet and journey and do all the things you again aid, I feel it would have been a better game for it but the hats just my personal opinion!

      • CallMeGod

        The relationship between Noctis and Luna feel so force and poorly executive that when Luna dies the moment she show up I was little wtf that was it. How do they expect me to care about her and the relationship between Noctis and Luna when all they show us was them meeting as kids and then force into an arrange marriage. There was not indication that any love blossom between them since we don’t get to experience any interaction between them at all during the game.

  • RedTape

    This games ending kicked me in the fucking balls man, what the hell. if they sell an alternative happy ending dlc im gonna be pretty pissed. definitely the darkest Final Fantasy ive ever played. The after-life scene with everyone was pretty heart warming though.

  • Kaname Fujiwara

    Heroes died every time – that’s why they are heroes.

    • Eric Alexander Smith

      Real Heroes never die

  • joshua duarte

    the main issue i have was how in the promotional material like the movie, king regis told luna that “lock doors will seal your fate no longer” and nyx’s last words were to noxious saying “rule well young king”. it gave a real defy your fate sort of vibe and i thought that would be the case. Yes, the ending was beautiful in every sense and i bawled like a baby knowing luna and noxious are finally together in heaven, but then i feel like all those sacrifices were for nothing. it’s a very Shakespearean ending where “yes their all dead, but their in heaven, and the world is saved”. i guess I’m just not used to these types of endings. i honestly would have been fine with a cliche but emotionally happy ending like ff 8

    • Eric Alexander Smith

      PSSHHH i would of loved a cliche happy ending like NINE 😀

  • FutureFox

    “The story downright sucks.”
    “That being said. Very fun open world and gameplay”

    As far as RPGs go what is the point of playing through a bad story (main/gameplay/plot action)? It sounds like people really just enjoy the sandbox style portion of the game and that’s kind of troubling imo for RPGs. It means some dev (if it hasn’t already) can literally make a RPG game with absolutely zero story and all you do is do endless side quests.

  • Callum May

    In a way, FFXV’s message is the exact opposite to FFXIII. 13 was about defying fate and building their own future, whilst 15 seemed to be about accepting it. Accepting the path that was set out for him and making the ultimate sacrifice.

    • Messiah Millares

      Oh wow, great connection. Just reading it added some salt on my wounds. I just finished the game and I can’t stop thinking about it! :((

  • Michael Collins

    I thought the ending was them resetting time. Because you hear the dialogue from the beginning of the game, then you see Luna and Noct alive and getting married like they were supposed to be. Perhaps without Ardyn the empire would never have invaded. Of course, it doesn’t explicitly say they reset time, but it doesn’t explicitly say it’s a dream either. I would rather they not all be dead, personally, so I’ll go with that…

    In a humorous note, I liked Iris so I picked the picture of her as the picture Noct takes. Then in the end, while Luna is sitting with him Noct gives her the picture of Iris. It was too funny. I can just imagine Luna going WHO IS THIS BITCH??

    • Michael Collins

      and there’s also the thing with Umbra as a messenger from the gods letting you go to the past. I actually anticipated a time reset once Ignis got blinded though, so who knows.

    • heavenlybodyknight

      Exactly this!! That was what I thought as well! The timeline was restored and everything was back to normal, and there was no Ardyn because Noctis took him out completely. He’s gone. Destroyed. The world and timeline was reset, and everything should be as it was. Everyone lived and nobody actually died. I even read it in an article from someone who said they were an employee for SE in Germany.

      • TheRealVegeta

        I fucking hope!

      • Dom Saunders

        But there were no hints the story would have any type of implications on time distortions at all, certainly not to the extent of FF13. I think this was wishful thinking.

    • Raziel2001au

      Hard to say for certain, but it would be nice if you’re right. Not wanting to deflate the theory, but didn’t Umbra’s power allow him to ‘revisit’ his past memories… that’s different to actually resetting time itself.

    • Dan

      I love this theory, and it was my initial thought too. However, notice the throne room during the final scene with Luna. The left side of the palace is blown out during the invasion, and it remains so during this scene. Therefore, the time reset didn’t erase the invasion, and it sort of destroys this theory. Sorry…I really wanted the time reset to be the answer, but I don’t think it’s true.

      • Michael Collins

        The left side of the palace was blown out in the new time line because Lunafreya farted.

        Although, I didn’t notice that…time to rewatch the ending!

        • OneWingedRose

          I don’t think Ignis, Gladio and Prompto died at all (unlike this article suggests), but everything else is pretty spot on, it was probably a form of afterlife or a dream, your cynicism determines the answer, but considering all the afterlife talk in the game, I think it’s easy to say it was them reuniting in death.

          Also explains why he has the photo he takes from Prompto with him, as I’m guessing they were going with the whole “you take what you have on you into the afterlife” thing.

          • Devin Jordon Ellis

            I really wish they weren’t dead… But for the ending to make sense they would have to be. It wouldn’t make sense for them to be with Noctis in the end to banish Ardyn if they weren’t dead. Especially considering every other person there was dead. They sacrificed themselves for the King.

          • OneWingedRose

            Oh snap, that’s a good point, I’d forgotten about their appearance there and originally just chocked it up to power of friendship stuff, fair enough, I’ll agree they’re dead. Would’ve liked to see a bigger reaction from Noctis when Ardyn zapped them then… would’ve liked to see bigger reactions for a lot of things, felt like events happened and characters were WAY too accepting of them in this, but still cool overall.

          • Logan Morton

            They dont have to be dead to show up in the “afterlife” or whatever that realm they were in was. Their images could have been purely symbolic. Reality does not seem to work the same way there. Also, my idea is based off of real world cultures understanding of after-life and in-between realms.
            After all, a big theme in the game is “Stand by me,” as per the song. When noct was in the crystal, his friends were with him there too, in a sense. They gave him strength and helped make him who he was.
            Honestly, noct went straight into the building and did the deed. I can’t see everyone dying in that short period of time. It’s not like the trio needed to stop the daemons from going after noct, since we never saw any daemons inside the building, and how the heck are the iron giants and such going to make it all the way to the top anyway? Plus I’m sure the team had some pheonix downs and potions. It didn’t occur to me for a moment that they had died, but thats just me.

          • Logan Morton

            I think in the realm of the afterlife, people and images are mostly symbolic. The images of nocts friends and family could have really been them, but also could have just represented them.

    • Logan Morton

      LOL funny about Iris. I’m pretty sure the wedding scene at the end takes place in the same throne room, and you can sort of see the big hole still in the side where presumably the crystal was brought in? Maybe it’s there for a different reason though. Anyway, it seems like all of the events had still taken place.

    • CallMeGod

      I think that was the only thing I really enjoy about the game at the end because I pick a picture of just Cindy and it was freaking hilarious.

    • joethetimelord

      While it would be a neat callback to FF1, I doubt this. I think replaying the opening dialogue was meant to show a contrast between such a humble beginning and such a spectacular ending.

      That said, I’m not even close to convinced that Gladio, Ignis, or Prompto died, or that the figures standing next to Noctis were their souls.

    • TheRuin

      i choose a picture of those delicious and nutritious cup of noodles. It was worth it for the laughs.

    • bursky09

      Withought Ardyn the world would have ended. Ardyn was needed to save the world, him not existing would make that the world had been doomed.

  • Matt_Matt

    Thanks for explanation, and I really enjoyed reading all comments.
    I have Two question though:

    1)What did Ardyn mean when he said “guess where Izunya came from?”
    2)how the hell 10 years passed gaining crystal’s power and how did noct end up in that island?! was he doing anything in that time or he just blinked for a sec and it was 10 years passed?!

    • Izunia isn’t actually explained. Could be tucked away in a spoiler somewhere (or future DLC?)

      how the hell 10 years passed gaining crystal’s power and how did noct end up in that island?!

      It apparently takes a long time for the ring to absorb the crystal’s powers, sort of like charging a really big battery that takes years instead of hours. How he ended up on Angelgard with his dad’s boat? No idea. They don’t explain that but it might be explained in the DLC.

      was he doing anything in that time or he just blinked for a sec and it was 10 years passed?!

      I think it felt like a dream for him because he didn’t know that 10 years had passed, but he knew it had been a while. But to directly answer your question, he wasn’t doing anything, mostly just in stasis.

  • Ixcez

    The story to me seemed to focus alot on building a connection to the characters so that players would be emotionally attached which in turn would make the ending affect you more. This for me worked, but it felt rushed and like to much happened at once which made it feel like.

    Hey were having a nice family dinner then after two hours, Mark the cousin flips the table and starts to stab people to death. It’s abrut, it’s sad and it just happens from no where.

    Like for me I played the first area for about 25-30 hours and got invested in the cast, by doing stuff and listening to their banter. Then I get on the boat and the game takes a u-turn and then it was over after around 5 more hours.

    • TheRealVegeta

      Pretty much, the build was kind of slow and didnt deliver as hard as i would have liked. Nevertheless, still good though.

      aeriths death will forever have me fucked up.

      • Ixcez

        True but the Prompto part….Ardyn: You know Prompto’s got skeletons in his closet. Prompto: I am sorry guy’s but I am actually a Daemon put inside a humanoid robot. All the rest “We still love you”

        That part was just so out of the blue and from nowhere and wasn’t even elaborated later on because the game ended just shortly after that. I was like WTF.

        • airshowboat

          I actually really enjoyed that part and I think it was there to show you just how close their bonds were. Prompto expected a problem and they didn’t care one bit. If they were just comrades trying to save the world, it would have created a problem.. but because they are bros who really care about one another, they didn’t care for even a second. They cared more about Prompto’s safety than his background.

        • Roto13

          It’s probably what his DLC is going to be about.

        • ThisDude

          My interpretation was more along the lines of Prompto being one of the clones used to create the daemons that are used to create MTs. But something happened and he was able to actually grow up as an almost normal person.

      • Dom Saunders

        Well, at least you can take solace in the fact she continues to live on as a spirit who fully retains her consciousness and can interact with the others whenever she chooses or needs to.

    • Auriel

      I too lingered in the first area for a few “real” days playing side quests and whatnot thinking I’d get a head start on leveling up before moving to the next area then suddenly dad is dead and we’re speeding through content and it’s over. For all that happened, it was over too soon and not in a good way.

  • Miles

    Am I the only person who sees huge story similarities to FFX here?

    -Guy (Jecht) tries to stop a fiend but gets corrupted, loses control and becomes the enemy (Sin)
    -Protagonist has no idea until the end but learns from a spiritual revelation through a divine force that he is meant to sacrifice himself in order to defeat the corrupted good-turned-enemy guy

    I guess there’s going to be an awkard powerpuff girls sequel to this game in Which Novartis comes back to life?

    • Stalkingman

      The difference is everyone survive except the Protagonist. But this one all member is dead

  • Hanan Hj Mumin

    One question. Where did Luna’s body go? On the radio they said that they couldn’t find her body.

    • Naomi

      I read somewhere that the Astral energy (that bluish stuff disintegrating the surroundings as Luna says farewell to Noctis) consumed her.

  • Reinaldo Nomo Lopez

    Two questions. I still dont understand what is prompto, is he some sort of human experiment? And what was Gladiolus doing when he got separated from he party? (My guess is that that’s gonna be the Gladiolus episode on de DLC, or maybe I just didnt pay attention at some part of the game where it was explained)

    • Prompto originally was born outside of Lucis in the land of the enemy, but ended up in Lucis. It was a nationalists complex where he felt that his origin may have tainted his friendship, but the boy band shrug it off.

      Gladiolus went off to hunt some demons and ended up getting a scar when he finally meets back up with Noct when they have to clear out the power plant. But I think you’re right and that his particular part of the story will likely be explored in the DLC.

      • Reinaldo Nomo Lopez


  • 林お姫様 ♡

    I feeel so depressed after the game because everyone dies. I was expecting so many things about the marriage, Noctis is going to be the new king. But NOOOOoooooo~!! The ending is just a dream that he got married with Luna. The game, I bonded with everyone of the members and enjoyed the trip I didn’t expect it was the last trip to enjoy his life with his friends and meeting his beloved one last time. It hurts so much thinking noct to die on his fate. The last Royal standing to save the world and his Kingdom. What will happen to Insomia after this? I want to know what happened to the people and everyone. Did they bury noct and his friends? It now became part of their History books. It’s just sad okay, just sad. But I have to say the game is good, I like the game but when you get to the point of everythiiing -_- It’s just sad and depressing.

  • Steven Newton

    I have to say this game really took a dump in my heart, the ending is just monumentally sad in comparison to the fun light-hearted road trip the beginning of the game was. It’s just the prince hanging out with his friends on a journey to go get his babe and get hitched, a sort of weekend-at-vegas approach that is really fun and rather memorable for just how pleasant it was.

    Then you get to the end and basically everyone is either dead or a dead-man-walking, especially Noctis who at this point has everyone he’s loved buried and is taking the metaphorical gallow’s walk. Not only that but he does so knowingly, he knows he is about to die and he can’t do shit about it unless he wants to doom the entire world to a nightmarish eternity of demons and unending night. Further he’s dragging his friends along with him and they all know it, there isn’t any confusion or chances of a way out, nope, it’s a suicide mission and the best they’ll get is in the afterlife.

    Talk about shitty, doesn’t help that his beloved and father have basically been leading him to his eventual death either, dude thought he was going to be king and instead he’s a sacrificial pig trotting to the slaughter.

    At least he gets a nap at the end.

    • dude thought he was going to be king and instead he’s a sacrificial pig trotting to the slaughter.

      Dang, when you put it like that… just makes me sad all over again.

      • C G Saturation

        So, um… what’s the general consensus on FF15? Is it good as an RPG game? Are people liking the story?

        There are a lot of things about the game, characters, setting, etc that I really don’t like, so I won’t be playing it, but what I find is interesting is that, although Western mainstream and user reviews seem to be enjoying FF15 immensely, I’m hearing that a lot of JP people seem to really don’t like it in general.

        I heard that Japanese Amazon customer reviews are apparently being flooded with negative reviews. The only two user reviews on 4Gamer are also very negative.

        Complaints included not being able to freely drive during the day time, travel in general being a huge pain up the ass, that Squenix didn’t learn anything from FF14’s mistakes, that the story sucks and requires watching the movie and stuff. I forget what else, but they sounded really upset.

        • It’s a tough game to gauge. I mean, the driving being a pain is definitely something most people complain about. It’s not like GTA or Mafia 2 where it requires skill to drive. It could almost be considered one long loading screen (and oh boy are those actual loading screens long).

          I don’t know if I would say that it’s short — I don’t think I’ve seen many complaints from Western gamers saying as much. But I would say that towards the end of the game the story seems rushed, if that makes sense.

          I would also say the scope of the story is a lot smaller than previous FF games. Ultimately it’s just a boy band trip to a place where Noctis can get married, except his bride-to-be dies. And then there’s a lot of sulking and then one of them gets captured, they go to the place where he gets captured and Noct disappears for a decade and then comes back to die while defeating the main bad guy. So yeah, I suppose you could say that the scope of the story is short, but it plays out over the course of 20 – 30 hours.

          I think this game has more of a mixed bag of reactions and results. It’s gripping in some parts, absolutely depressing in others, and it can get tedious/boring as well. The limited open world adventuring (a lot of invisible walls) limits the appeal of exploration, and the combat is kind of a love it or hate it design.

          It’s definitely better than FFXIII in my opinion (I couldn’t understand what was going on in that game and really just didn’t care, plus the gameplay was lousy). But it’s just really divisive.

          I can see why some people would love FFXV and I can definitely understand why some people hate it.

          • C G Saturation

            Thanks for the detailed rundown. That does sound short in comparison to previous FF games I played. Invisible walls? Wow.

            Does it generally feel like Squenix had too large of a scope and ended up watering it down to keep within their remaining budget? Because I sorta got that impression early on.

            I didn’t try FF13, only tried Lightning Returns briefly and didn’t think much of it, so I’m not sure how that’d compare. I heard FF13 is linear as nuts.

          • Ron T Owens

            A correction on the driving its more of a on rails kind of thing, even when you are manual driving you can’t really control it other then stopping and swerving a bit. The real mechanic of free roam is the chocobos which is the best of any game, except the racing is lame.

            Doing all the side quests and main quests is 60+ hours. I dont think they went short on this game there is a lot to it.

            I think this is a fun game, but I miss the classic combat system of other FFs and I certainly hope they don’t go this route in ff7 remake.

          • SuperSaiyanNarutox9

            😐 I think out of those 60hrs i spent…20hrs was like traveling around on foot or car or loading screen all added together. Even though its said to have over 200+ sidequests, but more than half is pointless and just a time sink.

          • Ben Perry

            FF7 Remake is headed up by Tetsuya Nomura, so expect battle to be much more reminiscent of Kingdom Hearts

          • TallBearNC

            I played 70 hrs to get to ch8. I got to level 65 at the end of 15. I beat it 3 hrs ago. I still have 80-100 hrs of more hunting, side quests, and other stuff

          • Dom Saunders

            Yeah, I hated it. Honestly, I hate it more that FF13. At least that game had a bittersweet ending that wasn’t outright tragic, and it made everything the cast went through worth it. It was a polarizing title to be sure, but I liked the characters, I cared about them, and I wanted to see them survive and win. Bonus points for all the female protagonists sans Serah (although she redeems herself in the sequel) not being completely useless and having actual personality traits beyond “Hero-sama, lend me your peen” the way Luna basically behaved. Here, FFXV wants to go full-Shakespearean in the way it kills just about everyone off. It’s not even a tragedy anyone can really learn from, it’s just all senseless.

            Ardyn is basically a muted Kefka who goes on a world-ending rampage and here we have Noctis, like you said, groomed from birth to die, who has to stop him. I could accept that death, but every other character death was egregious. There was no need for the other three characters to die facing off a horde and that just felt tacked on for nothing, Luna took like five minutes to die after her stab wound, during which time she could have healed herself before giving Noctis the power he needed to stop Leviathan, but no, rather than save herself, she spouts monologues during and right after her death in true Shakespearean fashion. And people wonder why no one likes her.

            And of the villainous cast, most of them are killed offscreen despite all the crap they’ve caused in both the game and the movie. That’s like how fans felt cheated out of a Jihl Nabaat fight from FF13, but multiplied by a factor of five. It’s insulting, almost, because it cheats our investment in the plot by not giving us that payoff.

            Gameplay-wise, the game is solid and as an RPG, it’s fine. But story-wise, it’s absolutely terrible because it’s extremely dark for no reason. It doesn’t “earn” its tragedy. Very few of the characters practice any type of sense, Luna is useless, and the main villain I can’t even bring myself to love to hate as I have with other antagonists in earlier entries. He’s just annoying. Again, absolutely terrible. Looking back at Yuna’s optimistic speech against needless self-sacrifice and Pyrrhic victories as a whole, it couldn’t have been more appropriate than for this game.

          • Jack

            Mostly also mad about the Villains. I wanted more villains, with deeper roles, and great battles. I wanted Glauca. After Kingsglaive, I wanted him as a character and as a boss. Ravus even… I was so disappointed. I am pleased with the game and like it overall. I just wish it had better writing for the villains. Also Iris felt more like a main heroine than Luna, in a sense

          • Logan Morton

            You don’t find selflessness uplifting? I loved the game. It was spiritual allegory.

          • Dom Saunders

            I’m not spiritual, so no, that doesn’t work on me. Plus, plenty of FF protagonists have been selfless in the past, to the point of being self-sacrificing. But that’s not something to be promoted as an absolute virtue. Yuna from FFX was a primary example of that. She learned the hard way that making sacrifices for the greater good is no good at all, no matter what the result, and made sure to not do a repeat of that come X-2. To the point that when one of the secondary heroes suggested sacrificing himself to stop the Big Bad’s plan, she called him out on his crap immediately. We don’t get that in XV. Instead, it reaffirms every trope that FFX defied: that it’s okay to do your duty, even if you were essentially being raised to die, and sacrificing yourself now for a possible better future is great, even if you’re not alive to see it. FFX called that perspective out for the bullcrap it was, and FFXV does anything but that.

          • CWolf

            To say that self-sacrifice for the greater good is pointless is to imply the community is worthless. Hyper-individualism, narcissism, nor solipsism are virtues. Apathy does not inspire.

          • Logan Morton

            Obviously sacrifice can be both good and bad. Sacrifice itself is not a virtue, but virtues can lead to sacrifice. Just because one FF says its bad and one says its good, it does not mean one of them is wrong. FFXV does not call out Sacrifice as BS because it isn’t in this case. Again, this FF has been allegory to me on a certain level. I believe the story is influenced by several mythologies that allude to current world events, a dark age where people fall prey to their darker tendancies, and wise rulers who through self mastery, dedicate themselves to uplifting the populace and saving the world by bringing the light back. To a certain extent, it’s about sacrificing ego, and for that reason it makes sense that some won’t see it that way or won’t like it, and thats fine obviously.
            Noct was not so much being raised to die, he was merely shown that he had the capacity to do something worthwhile, and developed the inner strength to do it. He had to choose to grow up and accept his responsibility, as we all must CHOOSE to do, or not, and sometimes that’s really hard because the task is really hard or ugly or otherwise ego deflating. From the perspective of one who has not yet risen to the occasion, it seems depressing and terrible. They were able to do what ordinarily would be seen as impossible because they had a bigger vision. This ending won’t be for everyone. It’s both happy and sad, but for some it will just seem sad or pointless. FF has always had difficult or mature subjescts, and thought I think a lot of people won’t like this ending, I’m glad that they took a chance and did it this way. To me the story, including the ending, was powerful and inspiring.

          • Dom Saunders

            It’s only powerful and inspiring if you get off of senseless tragedy. There was no point to it, no lesson to take away from it all, and it’s esoteric at best. Even if Noct and co. finally win, despite dying, Iris is the only one left alive in her family, Insomnia is still in ruins, most living people in the world have likely lost family and friends in the egregious ten-year time skip that took place while Noct. and co. were split up and out of commission, and it’s going to take a long time for everyone else remaining to recover. An ending hasn’t had that many dark implications for its future since FF7, since until the Compilation came out, it was only implied Meteor didn’t destroy the world, but that said nothing for the people living at the time it fell.

            And as for real-world allegories, I expected this game would take inspiration from current world events to tell a deeper story, but instead they gave us a borderline generic evil Empire to take out. The only semblance of a connection to real world issues the game had was with its reference to immigration troubles that occurred after people lost their homes and countries to the Empire and then later the Star Scourge. That was it. 10 years of development…and that was all they got. Okay. Excuse me while I roll my eyes. And even if I were okay with just that, for something to have been worked on for so long, they could have done more. Yet the implication of even that issue was subtle at best.

            And yes, Noctis was raised to die. Regis said before he intended to be the last King, because he knew Noctis had a different fate entirely. Luna, knew to an extent as well that both she and Noctis were likely to die during their own trials, and it almost seemed to me Luna took it on so stoically in the first place so as to be an example to Noctis to let him know how he should approach his own sacrifice when the time came. But it’s awful and tiring to constantly seeing these pseduo-Jesus sacrificial “give-up-my-life-for-the-world” plots. If the developers wanted to make a Sasuke-Jesus allegory out of Noct, they did a great job, but I’m over it. It’s why to me, X and X-2 combined had the greater story because their protagonists learn the hard way that that whole viewpoint is flawed, late, and tired as hell, and they do the most to do anything other than that.

          • Logan Morton

            Ok, well, you’re wrong about several things, but thats alright, since you are free to contextualize the game however you want obviously and It’s only going to effect you and your enjoyment of it.

          • Dom Saunders

            I’m not contextualizing it however I want, nor am I wrong on anything. In the end, the game worked overtime into selling us a plot with one of the darkest endings in the entire franchise that it didn’t even earn, there’s no positive message to pull from any of it, and it makes the entire experience at the end feel cheap and pointless. I haven’t felt this soured since FFXIII-2 with Serah and Caius breaking the 4th wall about how everything the player tried or will try is meaningless. Sure, at least they win, but it’s still garbage the way they had to do it. You like the ending, good for you, but I have just as much good reason to hate it as you do for liking it, so you’ll just have to marinate on that and deal.

          • Logan Morton

            A lot of the “reasons” you have for hating the game are your interpretation and beliefs about it. Maybe you don’t understand what contextualize means. If one person is able to like it and another person is able to dislike it, the only difference is context. Context creates meaning, not just the game. I don’t care that you don’t like it, just anoyed that you seem to be unable to separate your interpretations from your observations.

          • Dom Saunders

            So you’re annoyed because I acknowledged that most of the actions taken in the game don’t follow a certain logic that I have already explained has been already established well within other games, hence why there’s no reason for this one not to follow suit? My overall observation is that everything about the plot was forced or unnecessary. What do my beliefs have to do with this?

            Don’t insult my intelligence just because I don’t agree with you on this. You’re getting in your feelings because what you’re basically saying is that I’m being unfair to the characters and plot by not considering their actions within context, even when I broke everything down and criticized it as I should have. It’s not my fault you’re annoyed because that went over your head.

          • CallMeGod

            The ending could be sad or happy, but that doesn’t excuse how poorly it was execute that it just made me go wtf that was it. I waited 10 years for this sorry ass of a story just like how Type-0 didn’t make any fucking sense at all. Yeah, FF15 and Type-0 had a sad ending, but it was just crap and crap is just crap. The only time I enjoy FF15 was the beginning half of the game and the interactions between the group but afterward everything just fell to shithole with many things left unexplain and rush.

          • Dom Saunders

            Girl, bye. No one said a damn thing about apathy. And you clearly didn’t play FFX if you took my example from Yuna of all people to make a claim that I am arguing for that. I am not. I am saying that self-sacrifice should not be taken as an all-out virtue because either way, someone loses something. You die, your family loses you, your friends lose you, but hey, at least you managed to save someone, right? That’s BS. And like I said with Yuna, she experienced this first hand with the sacrifice of all her aeons and Tidus, so when it came time to sacrifice again, she said no, because the pain it caused her was too much and she was tired of being told that that was the only option. So she created another one. If anything, I’m arguing for hope and not giving up, not apathy. Learn to read, honey and play FFX and get your life. Don’t be preaching to me about stuff I clearly understand better than you.

          • CWolf

            Played FFX in high school. You understand self-sacrifice better than me? That made me laugh. I did tour in Iraq and Afghanistan, honey. You know nothing, Dom Saunders.

          • Dom Saunders

            So you were a soldier. Big whoop. That’s not what I was talking about. I was talking about the themes discussed in either games so please sit your preachy “I’m a soldier so I am a better human than everyone else” ass down. Good for you for doing that, but I honestly don’t care. You don’t know me either, so don’t make assumptions on how you think I am because I will clock you, veteran or not makes no difference to me. You are just like everyone else so humble yourself.

          • CWolf

            Listen “honey”, when your argument resort to threats of violence you are loosing. You argue that self-sacrifice is not a worthy idea. Can you defend that position without personal attacks? Don’t make assumption? I assumed nothing at the start, I am watching you make an ass out of yourself. My first post was neutral, you either took this as hostile (you are defensive ) or you attacked because you could (you are a bully). You have shown yourself to be an ass who can’t defend an argument without resorting to name calling and threats of violence. Humble yourself.
            “I am a better human than everyone else…” I think that I am a better CITIZEN than most, but the discussion wasn’t the relationship between the government and the individual, it was self-sacrifice and FFX’s superior themes. Who is making assumptions? I have a better awareness of the nature of self-sacrifice, and some of my experiences IRL would strengthen YOUR argument.

          • Dom Saunders

            Who was threatening violence? I never threatened you with anything. Because I said I’d “clock” you? That meant “putting you in your place” with my words, not by throwing hands on you. I don’t care about you. That’s all I said. How did you interpret that into violence? Now you’re steering the convo away from the original topic, which was about a damn video game, to talk about your personal feelings. This isn’t about me or you so dial it back, and yes, humble yourself, because no one gives a damn about how you feel you’re better than other people.

            The point I made is, your experience doesn’t make your argument superior when we’re talking about a video game, and it’s unfair to try to take things out from the context of a video game and bring them into the real world. I could cite plenty of RL stuff from my own life to prove I understand self-sacrifice, even as a civilian (because again, your veteran > civilian dichotomy is garbage), but again, this isn’t about us. Either get back on topic or get blocked for being an asshole. Your choice, sweety.

          • CWolf

            “I will clock you.” That is a threat, a toothless one, . “I will put you in your place” is better.
            “it’s unfair to try to take things out from the context of a video game and bring them into the real world.” No it is relevant. If you can apply the philosophy or something you learned from the game it is the only place it does matter. You used ad hominems attacking me in your first response, I have the right to defend myself and you open yourself up as a fair target. Here I’ll help you out as if you weren’t an asshat in your first response:

            No one said a damn thing about apathy. If you had played FFX you would know FFXV is what FFX would have been if (Spoilers): Yuna had accepted Yunalesca’s offer without question and accepted on faith that her sacrifice was for the best. She didn’t and that is why FFX still holds up.

            I say FFXV presents a no-win situation (the real world is full of them), and self-sacrifice its redeeming theme. It sucks, but it has merit.

          • Dom Saunders

            I get that it’s a no-win situation and it’s not like I don’t accept it. But that doesn’t mean I can’t say it still was overdone given everything in its full context. In most FFs, we don’t have a blanket list of every major character sacrificing themselves, and here, we do. Comparing that to other main titles, yes, this was rather extreme and thus distasteful. Did the other three really needed to be eliminated by Ardyn in the final battle just so Noctis could have his moment? Sure, it happened that way, but that wasn’t needed. Did Luna need to be sitting duck while she got stabbed and later drowned? Sure, it happened that way, but that was unnecessary too. Especially off-putting since we were told for years that she would be a capable character after Stella got scrapped and we were told she explicitly wouldn’t need saving. Yet she’s the first named character to go.

          • CWolf

            Your argument isn’t weak and ad hominems are a distraction tactic to protect a weak argument, so it comes off as petty and mean spirited.

            At this point I’d agree with you. The whole fate and destiny angle of the whole thing takes away Noctis’s agency, (and everyone else’s for that matter); it takes away choice and so robs the self-sacrifices from any nobility. FFXV’s story is a bait-and-switch that gives us fatalistic determinism instead of empowerment.

          • Glen Beecroft

            This argument is pathetic you all need to get a grip and stop trying to force people to agree with you. Quality of storytelling, endings etc is always a mere matter of opinion, always has been always will be. Just accept that not everyone will agree with you and move on with your lives .

          • CommentatorGuru

            Dom Saunders, you don’t even know the difference between “dying” in battle vs being stabbed in cgi in final fantasy, you st*pid f*ck.

          • Dom Saunders

            Yeah, I do. I already explained how several games in the series justify the difference between cases where a Phoenix Down is applicable and when one isn’t. Plus, it occurred with in-game graphics, not CGI, so how am I stupid if you were the one not paying attention?

            Oh, I thought so. Get this block because I’m not here for your rudeness.

          • CommentatorGuru

            oh, im rude? how about you essentially saying that the whole staff and work of the ff team in terms of luna is garbage? pretentious bastard. you could’ve just suggested, but no you had to say she was garbage. who’s effin rude?

            did you let square verify your explanation on phoenix down? did you invent it? obviously not! why the heck are you acting as if you know it better than everybody else?

            and cgi, hmmm you really are no final fantasy fan, you didnt even know that final fantasy’s direction since ff7 is to streamline cgi and integrate it in game, thus you get scenes that directly translate from non playable to … anyway what’s the fuckin’ point? you still assumed that luna couldve healed herself whereas clearly that scene was meant to be cgi … i wont bother explaining because a non-final fantasy fan won’t get it anyway.

            sure you’re right, it happened during in game graphics. only makes you a nerd, not an ff fan.

          • bbarnavi

            “And like I said with Yuna, she experienced this first hand with the sacrifice of all her aeons and Tidus, so when it came time to sacrifice again, she said no, because the pain it caused her was too much and she was tired of being told that that was the only option.”

            “I don’t like your plan. It sucks.”

            I wish that something of this magnitude could’ve been given in FFXV. But nope. Cliche errywhere.

          • Ben Perry

            Major difference in those two stories.

            FFX was a matter of ‘Sin will go away for a while and we can get a Calm’. Then Sin comes back again in a few years and we sacrifice another. Yuna’s sacrifice would not solve the problem, just put a band aid on it.

            FFXV, Noctis sacrificing himself purges the daemons for good. They are gone forever. The problem is solved by his sacrifice.

            If you personally don’t agree with that sacrifice being honorable, that’s a personal thing, not a quality of storytelling issue.

          • Dom Saunders

            And that wouldn’t have happened to begin with if any of the protagonists, particularly Luna, were competent at any point. The oracle’s mere existence was meant to keep out the Star Scourge, and Luna gets herself stabbed and drowned for her effort, without even trying to save herself. Noctis and co. wouldn’t have had to sacrifice themselves if she kept herself alive and was actually useful in a fight, or at least self-defense. All those barriers she was creating in the Omen trailer, and she couldn’t muster up ONE to take on a dagger? Never mind that what ultimately killed her happened because she couldn’t control Leviathan, and even if I wanted to give her the BOTD that Astrals work differently compared to other summoned monsters throughout the series, it does make her look weaker compared to other summoners who’ve been capable of controlling multiple summons at once. And it’s not like she needed to die in order to bestow Plot-Induced Bonus Powers on Noctis. She could have done that right then and there when he came into the scene. It’s not just a storytelling thing, it’s a holistic issue. It only got to the point of self-sacrifice because everyone else failed at the one job they had: keep those two alive.

          • Ben Perry

            Never once in the story did I gather that the Oracles job was to destroy the dark. The oracles job was to form covenants with the Astrals so they would lend their power to the King of Light so that the King of Light could destroy the dark.

            Luna got stabbed by Ardyn, who is a centuries old daemon soul. I’m just guessing that MAYBE he had some voodoo on that dagger. I am aware that is hypothetical on my part, but 9/10 when someone dies in RPG stories, no one attempt to use a ‘revive’ item on them, because the story doesn’t necessarily follow the rules that must be in place for us to have a playable game. And for all we know Ignis did try everything he could think of when he got there and it was too late.

            And Noctis did stay alive because of Ignis, Prompto, and Gladio, got to the crystal with the ring given to him by Luna with 4 Astral covenants provided by Luna, absorbed the crystals power making a covenant with Bahamut, gestated for 10 years, and killed Ardyn who’s soul was housing the dark. Noctis fulfilled his job because everyone explicitly succeeded at theirs.

          • Dom Saunders

            Yes, sure, in a SENSE they succeeded at their jobs, but at the entire cost of their own lives. Yes, sure, Ardyn was a centuries-old daemon soul, but that doesn’t mean you should just take a loss in face of those odds. Primary example, Ardyn is loosely inspired by Kefka of FF6, and he too managed to achieve his goals and split up the party after creating the events that led to that game’s time skip. But Celes didn’t let the dude stab her when she had to face him. No, she stabbed HIS ass after seeing that he was trying to align the Warring Triad statues together to become a god. Sure, she failed, but I give her credit for at least TRYING to fight against a guy who literally became a god of magic in that instant. Luna rolled around and moaned and didn’t even have the decency to have a weapon in hand until AFTER he shanked her.

            And yes, I am aware of the gameplay/story segregation issues that are particularly rife with FF games, but even some of those games have instances to explain why those items wouldn’t work when the character actually has the sense to use them at the seemingly appropriate time. Hell, one case of this done right was when Golbez in FF4’s sequel nearly dies taking an instant-kill attack from Dark Cecil. If Rosa is in the party, she immediately goes in to heal him and save his life, because she’s a healer and that’s what healers do. Luna had healing powers and there was no hint at all that Ardyn’s dagger was anything more than just that. It wasn’t even a dagger +1 on some DND-shit.

            And I wouldn’t really give Luna that much credit for getting the ring to Noctis. That was moreso Nyx than anything, if you saw Kingsglaive. He was the primary active agent in that entire scenario and died to make sure Luna was safe so that she could deliver it to him. But she didn’t do much of anything and honestly, made his job much harder because she tried too hard to play the selfless princess role, which even Nyx called her out on after she stupidly jumps out of a flying vehicle in order to jump to the castle. She would have died then and there had Nyx not been quick enough to use his powers to save her. And let’s not even get into the fact that Ravus is the main one telling his sister to make sure Noctis has the ring when he literally spent the entire film trying to get it, only to lose his arm for his troubles. That is equally contradicting and confusing but we won’t get much further into that nonsense.

            Anyway, if we’re going to give credit where it’s due, give credit to him for saving Luna, Luna for at the MOST giving Noctis the power to stop Leviathan (which she could have done without being stabbed first, thus sparking the Star Scourge in the first place), and the boy band for being good enough bodyguards to make sure the pig got to the slaughterhouse- I mean, to make sure that Noctis was in the right place to stop Ardyn and meet his fate. So yeah…kudos to all of them for that, I guess?


          • Ben Perry

            Nyx didn’t form covenants with Shiva, Titan, Ramuh, and Leviathan. That part was equally, if not more, important than getting Noctis the ring. Luna did that, that was her job. Her job was done.

            Sure, she maybe could’ve done something to stand up to Ardyn after she just emptied her gas tank with the Leviathan covenant, but she was still caught off guard by a dagger to the stomach while she was obviously drained. Sorry Luna wasn’t Lightning I guess.

            Luna being alive will not have STOPPED the Star Scourge and the Daemons. She was the band aid. Noctis with the covenants, and the ring, and the crystal was the cure. Noctis got the covenants thanks to Luna, the ring thanks to Nyx if you really want to go that route, and the crystal thanks to his brothers. Then Noctis executed all of those things, killed Ardyn, destroyed his spirit, ended the Star Scourge, and removed Daemons from their world forever. So yeah, kudos to them.

            Again, just because you don’t agree with the story or the message, doesn’t mean it was badly executed. Granted, I will openly admit there are parts of the story that are not executed well, but the overall arch is solid, makes sense, and pays off concisely.

          • Dom Saunders

            Please, I would have wanted Luna to be anything BUT Lightning. I already said I didn’t like her characterization in the latter two games because she was too overpowered. Luna is the anti-Lightning taken to the extreme, to the point she is literally incompetent at most anything she tries. And you can’t cite the excuse that she “emptied her gas tank,” keeping her from practicing basic common sense, when we have a precedent for other heroines going through the same thing, but they end up getting their second wind when the situation calls for it and manage to pull off even better feats than anything Luna could do.

            And even if her being alive was the band aid to stopping the Star Scourge, all the more reason for everyone to put their all into defending her. They still could have killed Ardyn like they were supposed to since he was obviously the main threat either way, and that would have fixed it. Her death only sparked it and made things worse, so again, I stand by my point that she literally only had one job, and the best she did was help Noctis that ONE time.

            You’re right, I don’t agree with the story or its message, but yes, compared to other stories FF has pulled off in the past with similar stakes, yes this WAS badly executed. I’ll give it to them for going a different route, at the very least, for the sake of those who like crappy, needlessly tragic endings like you seem to do, but lately, it just seems like the games are going for dark themes just for the sake of it and I don’t like that trend. Especially since most of this all feels tacked on, it betrays the characters who have to go through that, and it insults fans like me who have seen FF protagonists go through worst shit and still manage to reasonably come out on top without everything having to end in a hand-wringing sacrifice. It’s played out.

          • Ben Perry

            Are you completely missing out on Luna making covenants with FOUR Astrals? She did her job. She didn’t have to die, sure, but it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility that she could be fallible. And FF is noncanon bro. You cannot compare one FF to another outside of their chocobos. By that logic Yuna is one of the worst summoners ever. Cloud and Squall could summon and drop mad physical damage, so Yuna sucks.

            Again man, you don’t like the story and you are deliberately finding fault in it. I have honestly had a fun time talking it over, made me appreciate it more actually but at this point I’m gonna clock out, agree to disagree on that front.

            On the flip side, seeing as we don’t agree on the execution and quality of the main story arch of FF15, I would be genuinely interested in hearing some examples of games with stories you did think were well put together.

          • Dom Saunders

            I’m not missing out her covenants with the Astrals, but none of that meant she had to die for it. That’s not an excuse. Plus, the directors have confirmed within several of their main titles that the games share a multiverse, so even if I were to give her that Astrals work differently compared to, say, aeons or Eidolons, that still doesn’t mean that the feats associated with characters at similar power levels aren’t compatible simply because they’re from different games. Any way you slice it, she is still the most underwhelming FF heroine to have ever existed in the series, to the point even Iris (Aranea as well, for obvious reasons) outshines her both in personality and overall usefulness.

            Yes, we’ll agree to disagree. You think Luna is fine, I think she’s garbage. As for stories I thought were well put together, I’d say FF6 and FFX. Both games had kickass heroines who practiced common sense and could defend themselves both in gameplay and in cutscene, interesting villains I actually loved to hate and didn’t just annoy me, worlds in which I was absolutely invested in, and were overall much more positive experiences. I can’t even think of anything good of this game in contrast because so much of what it fails to do pisses me off so much. But those two games? They actually told a good story the right way and the endings properly complimented them.

          • ThisDude

            No, you’re just missing the fact that, whether or not Luna was alive, or useful, Noctis’ death was REQUIRED. He needed to destroy Ardyns soul in the afterlife. And it seems in this particular FF universe, one must be dead to be able to do that. And don’t just attempt to head cannon something to refute that.

            You hate Luna, that’s great. But that literally holds zero weight on the ending. MAYBE the squad doesn’t die (if they even really did). That’s pretty much it. Noctis needed to be dead along with Adryn in order to destroy his tainted soul. Bahamut tells us this and it’s loosely hinted throughout the game, up until we actually meet him.

            Hell, Ardyn expected to take Noctis after he physically dies. Pretty much inviting Noctis to throw hands in the afterlife right after Noctis kills him.

            So I wouldn’t exactly call this particular segment bad writing. The ending just doesn’t suit your particular taste, presumably because you can’t handle a well written tragedy.

            Or maybe the linear half of the game bugged you. I actually found it to be a well executed method at invoking that sense of an inevitable end. And to attempt to force an acceptance of said end. They wanted us to feel what Noctis was feeling. And it worked for me.

          • Dom Saunders

            I already said several times I could accept Noctis’ death at the very least, but that the others were not needed. You don’t need to repeat to me what I already know.

          • ThisDude

            Then I don’t understand what there is for you to actually argue, then. You simply dislike the writing based on your own, very subjective taste.

            Maybe Luna could have survived, had she not proverbially bitch slapped a god for attempting to eat her. The Six are very clearly much more powerful in Eos than any other FF universe. I’d say being gassed from that is a solid reason for not being able to heal oneself or stop a an immortal, darkness filled man from stabbing you. She also chose to save Noct. So maybe that was all she had? That’s my own take, which others seem to share.

            Yeah, maybe she was written to make some silly decisions. But specifically, the Leviathan sequence makes perfect sense to me.

            One could make an argument such as yours for almost any narrative involving death. Using head canon to poke holes. But it happened. “Could have” and “should have” don’t really carry much weight in this instance.

          • CallMeGod

            I’m sorry to say but FF15 is a poorly written tragedy of a mess that didn’t make any sense with many plot holes and poorly flesh out characters. The last 4 chapters were a joke because it was rush and many stuffs were not explain. That’s why they are having those free dlc story cutscenes to explain what happen. Gameplay felt fresh and was overall good, but story was just crap and almost everyone agree with it.

          • ThisDude

            I think it’s hilarious when people on the internet claim to speak for “almost everybody”.

            It’s fine that the narrative wasn’t to your liking. But that’s it, it’s your own, opinionated taste. You most certainly don’t speak for “almost everybody”.

            And people generally whine about the story progression after Altissia. Which, as I stated, appears to be on rails in an attempt to provoke a similar sense of an impending end and maybe invoke a sense of acceptance. To put us in Nocts shoes, so to speak.

            Yes, this went over many people’s heads. But plenty of people caught on and enjoyed too, friend.

          • Akuin

            I hate the ending. I hate it with a passion. I was fine with Luna and Noct dying. That was fine, that would have made a perfectly acceptable Romeo and Juliet Tragedy. I was not okay with the loss of Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto, and no It’s not because I can’t handle tragedy. If I couldn’t handle tragedy I’d already be dead since I’ve lost several loved ones to murder. It’s because there was no meaning at all in their deaths. It was off screen and thus treated as insignificant, They survived the same thing earlier in the game right before Noct got sucked into the crystal, so they should have survived that fight on that alone, more so since they had 10 -years- of exprience fighting daemons at that point. How is it they survived 10 years in a lightless world over run with daemons, so essentially in situations JUST LIKE THAT for 10 years and DIED only when Noctis came back. It was stupid, illogical and done only to rack up the body count.

          • beefman

            yeah but nobody actually knows for certain if gladio, ignis, and prompto survived. They might still be alive…

          • Ctnavarr

            I agree with Akuin. Also, Ignis, Prompto and Gladio survived fighting with a larger number of deamons after killing Ravus, and they died with just 2 giants.

          • David

            I think they didn´t die, the scene in the afterlife when they appear is an Ardyn’s alucination, even he makes an expression of confusion and he see them no more, it was just a way to represent all the support of his father and friends, the only “real” thing was the Lunafreya support, because she did something to Ardyn before dying. In spite of this, I think Square Enix should include a final scene with at least those 3.

          • Xander91

            You shouldn’t judge based on other characters or events in previous games. It’s lretty clear astrals are gods in FF XV while in the others were spirits summoned to help. Difference is astral being gods asked to help noctis may have required a sacrifice. it’s been said that Luna would lose her life making covenants and that’s why ravus wanted to stop he. Basically dagger or not it seems she would have died. Another thing luna was drained for having summoned and briefly fought leviathan i thought she didn’t heal herselg because she wouldn’t have had the strength to both heal herself and help noctis fight. On another note when she takes ardynn arm you can see faint light of her ability and in the ending sequence in the afterlife ardyn was fighting noctis and at some point the same arm glowed and luna stopped him. That may be with the last of her strength she made some spell to help noct fight ardynn in the future since she was an oracle and could sort lf predict events to come. I liked the char or Luna all in all. I certainly agree the story is fine at best but judging a character based on other games is just plain wrong.

          • Dom Saunders

            I understood all your points, and I get them. It’s just that all that forced Luna less into an active role and made her more of a Keystone-type character. She was there for one purpose and then after that was met, she dies. It feels cheap and it bothered me in particular because I had a lot riding on her character’s portrayal, especially since we lost a good concept with her predecessor. To she her used in this way instead, as some weak waif, really undermined her to me when she could have been more than that. I get that she was drained from Leviathan and she tried to banish Ardyn, to her credit, but she managed to attempt both things prior to her death, only to fail at one (the banishing) and succeed with the other (Noctis’ empowerment). I find it hard to believe she honestly felt she could banish him in her weakened state, but felt the need to do so anyway. Why even bother if you’re already bleeding out, and if the act itself requires more strength than you know you can muster at that moment? She should have protected herself better and focused on both herself AND Noctis. Instead, she had to go do something we all knew had a zero percent chance of success and help him after she got slapped silly for her efforts.

            I wanted to like Luna. Really, I do. But most of her decisions and actions are either illogical (especially when considering her portrayal in Kingsglaive) or baffling. But beyond her otherwise good and endearing personality, she does nothing for me as a character.

          • But most of her decisions and actions are either illogical (especially when considering her portrayal in Kingsglaive) or baffling. But beyond her otherwise good and endearing personality, she does nothing for me as a character.

            Gotta disagree here. She was extremely consistent in both portrayals. She was willing to sacrifice herself at every turn to get to the ring for safe keeping in Kingsglaive and did not fear dying (remember when she jumped off the transport because she trusted she would either die or complete her mission?)

            That cinematic near the end between Ravus and Luna lays it all of out: Ravus felt she was always reckless in throwing away her life, she was an oracle and knew her life was to be given for the sake of empowering the king of Lucis. She knew this all along so she wasn’t afraid and knew that was what her purpose was.

            Unlike other characters who battle against fate or attempt to defy the odds, Luna carried a rare strength where she accepted her fate and was willing to do all she could to see it through and help the young man that she loved. I thought it was endearing and very mature, given that, for her, she felt her life was worth giving for a much greater cause.

            She was the polar opposite of many other characters who fight tirelessly against their own fate. Heck, even Noct was defiant against what he thought was a processional fate for him to become king (although his fate was much worse than that).

          • Dom Saunders

            That would have all made sense if she absolutely had to die. It seems that at most, the Astral covenants would have killed her, since she appears weak through most of her appearances, implying they have that effect on her. But I can’t say for sure since she didn’t succeed with Leviathan and it took her and Noctis just to take it down. Noctis, meanwhile, definitely had to die, so I’d get that for him, but for her, a little sense of self-preservation wouldn’t have hurt. Even Noctis is shown to be hella capable to protect himself even in spite of what he eventually has to do. She, meanwhile, is portrayed as a little waif. Sure, her bravery in the face of her likely death is commendable and I wouldn’t take that away from her. But the way she goes about it, particularly in the movie, is just so needlessly extra. Hell, Nyx wouldn’t have felt the need to call her out on her act if he didn’t honestly believe she was just putting up a brave front to save face, and that was the clincher for me. She lives for the trope, but doesn’t even fully live up to its name. When her purpose is met, no matter at what cost to her, she checks out of the story entirely and that’s it. Not even a badass moment from the grave like Aerith (who does this TWICE). It wasn’t exactly helping myself become more endeared to her at all. I couldn’t feel even pity for her, just shock. I’m sitting here like…”10 years…and this is who we lost Stella for? Okay. I’m over it.”

          • CallMeGod

            Guys just stop this shit about Luna she was just like Crowe in Kingsglaive who show up for a few moment and die instantly that I didn’t give a fuck at all because there wasnt any freaking reason to be emotional attach to her character or the relationship between Noctis and her.

          • Faybyan Putra

            Well, keep ur opinion bruh, i think, this series had best stories so far better than other one, the char maybe seems bad for u but it is much kore realistic that luna had a strong heart not like cry baby n kicking all over places

          • CommentatorGuru

            ff6 is garbage but entertaining.

          • Garbage? Are you crazy?

          • CommentatorGuru

            Nope, just honest. Again, ff6 story is garbage, but it is entertaining. Because the decisions made by each character defies logic, it becomes entertaining.

          • Kyle T (ExteriorKnight)

            From what I understand Lady Luna Freya isn’t a traditional healer. She can heal people who are being turned into a daemon. not actual wounds or anything like that. It is also mentioned that her healing abilities would kill her at one point so she knew she was going to die anyways. Her weakness was tied to her healing ability which is why she appeared frail at some points. I am definitely going to go through the game a second time once they fix the chapter 13 issues and i might be able to pick up more details along the way. I find that not enough of the characters got any decent character development though which is sad in my opinion.

          • Shawn Gordon

            Luna appeared less competent on purpose. Recall the scene with Ravus and she begged him to give Noct is the ring? Ravus said he couldn’t and it was her job to do. She wasn’t incompetent, she was unwilling because like Noct, wanted a “normal life.” This, I think was a granted request at the very end where you see them married. It wasn’t real, but it was a version of reality they wanted and therefore in afterlife could briefly “feel.” Also, note in that scene they were not presented as royalty in any way other than attire and setting. They slept, together, peacefully.

            When we die, we often like to imagine a reunion with those we love. Though not heavily detailed, it was shown Luna and Noct loved each other. I do wish it didn’t feel forced in presentation or presented so late, but I think it allowed for an objective oriented story: grow up and take responsibility. Gladiolus did a lot in talking to make this point, especially after Luna died.

          • Rokusasu

            so you didnt catch the fact that literally on the train leaving Altissia, Ignis said the nights are getting increasingly longer?

          • WiLdJ0k3r

            My own theory is that Luna had the chance to save herself but chose her last moments to use her powers on Ardyn instead. She grabs his arm and you see all the glowy stuff. It could have just been me, but I thought I could see in his eyes that it started affecting him somehow, and then at last second he forced himself to turn it all away. The ending was very vague to me, but I think that since Ardyn was once a good guy, whatever Luna did to him brought out that good in him one last time in the very end and it was his own soul that was sacrificed instead to save everyone, and that’s why you see them alive
            and well sitting in the throne room of a palace that’s still half
            destroyed. I think if it was intended for them to be in the afterlife,
            the throne room would have looked impeccable instead.

            All this being said though, I would agree that the story wasn’t very well told, and it causes too much to be left to interpretation.

          • Shawn Gordon

            I think the story was split. You have to see and understand the movie while you play the game to make deeper connections. And, I think it was just a different way of using deep lore in a game. Most still use gobs of papers or books to collect and then read (Skyrim, fallout, Witcher, etc). For many players, especially ones new to FF this would be daunting.

          • CommentatorGuru

            maybe ardyn should’ve just chopped her head off, or rammed that knife thru her throat? would that satisfy you?

          • Shawn Gordon

            The staff of the Oracle got its power BECAUSE Luna died. She knew she had to also sacrifice herself so that Noct had additional power to purge the daemons.

            This is why she made no effort to heal herself, aside from the fact she actually did, briefly to sustain long enough to give Noct the staff. The sequences where Luna wishes to see Noct again, tells him she’s dead in the dream, etc., evidence this aspect more than I think you drew.

            Also, the whole reason Noct had to die was because Ardyn was prophesized to darken the skies with the stored up, formerly purged daemons.

            You’re not actually supposed to hate Ardyn. I think you’re supposed to feel sort of sorry for him. Like Noct was a reluctant hero, Ardyn was an unwilling villain. Yes, he intentionally did what he did, but became as he was from the abuse of others and the bitterness inside when he was denied what he felt was right….

            Sort of a Cain and Able deal there.

          • Dom Saunders

            I don’t see why I can’t both hate Ardyn and feel sorry for him though. But as it is, I can’t do neither. I can’t hate him, not even for killing Luna, because I already didn’t think much of her to begin with, and he’s annoying because he’s on one hand cryptic and prancing about, the next he’s being an overly competent villain. It’s like they tried to mix Kefka and Caius together, and this is the result we got. And did it say anywhere that the staff of the Oracle specifically drains her life force? Because firstly, she wields a trident, and she didn’t immediately collapse after using it to summon Noctis’ power boost in the first place. If she had to die to do that, she’d have die immediately.

          • Dragonblix

            The staff of the Oracle is a royal weapon which drains life to be used

          • Foxhound

            Luna may have sacrificed herself for Noctis to fulfill his duty. If she stayed alive he may not have been so hellbent on stopping Ardyn…he may not have grown up. Besides she knew Noc would have to die anyway…maybe to see him in the afterlife…and help him…like she ended up doing anyway.

          • Dom Saunders

            I would have hoped he wouldn’t have needed his fiancee to die to grow a pair and do what needed to be done. Ardyn was annoying and much of a threat enough without her death to cement that for him. He was a primary actor in Insomnia’s invasion, after all, and oversaw Regis’ death. That should have been enough for him.

          • David Rodriguez

            She was slowly dying if you paid attention before she got stabbed

          • Reno Bun

            Bro, please remember that Luna was dying from her phrase that she told her brother “my flesh is failing me..”. She knew she was dying anyway. The fact that she couldn’t defend herself from a mere little dagger was because Leviathan struck her so bad, there was even wound visible on her body. I dont think people who can heal others can heal themselves as seen in many movies and stories. Not including games. Lol.

            Leviathan is an Astral. A God. He can’t be controlled, only be summoned. Wether he wants to help you or destroy you depends on how you convinced him your abilities and belief. I really think the story did make sense, just the way ot was told was not touching enough. It was good for me though. Love ffxv stories.

            The only two ff series stories that i hate is ffxii cause it’s too easy to guess and ffxiii cause the ending is so random.

          • Orlando Covarrubias Tovar

            While I agree with your post, I like “self-sacrifice”, all that you wrote it’s true, quite true. But I gotta say that Yuna’s and Noctis’ story are self-sacrificing in very different ways. While Yuna knew she would die, Noctis did not. His father and Luna knew. They knew the world was coming to an end and that the only way for it to be saved was by sacrificing the prince. Noctis realized this until Bahamut’s revelation and embraced their wishes, so he did not sacrifice himself for the greater good, he did it for his beloved, his father and lastly but not less important for his “brothers”. What do you think about this?

          • Dom Saunders

            As I’ve said before, I was fine if Noctis alone had to sacrifice himself. If that’s what needed to happen to succeed, so be it. He accepted it and went through with it, making that his sole redeeming factor. He too is one of my least favorite characters mainly for his character design. He was much better post-time skip when he actually didn’t look like an anime character, but like an actual human being. Anyways, I was fine with it with Tidus and I accepted it with Type-O. I certainly don’t “like” self-sacrifices, but I can accept when they make sense and no other choice is to be made (I made it through FF2, after all), which is why I liked X-2 all the more because Yuna essentially said “Fuck that.” But the others weren’t placed in that same category, making their deaths feel more like cheap player punches for no reason, and I draw the line there.

          • Cody

            I don’t think you have to be spiritual, just able to appreciate the idea of self-sacrifice for the greater good. Some people can, some cannot. There have been plenty of non-religious people to put the needs of others before their own happiness. In the case of Yuna, her willingness to sacrifice herself was definitely a virtue, it was only her gullibility that was the flaw. Remember that Titus’s self-sacrifice was also pushed as a virtue, although he was not one of the religious characters.

          • Pgh Phoenix

            Uh, no.. Yuna would’ve sacrificed herself in a second if the outcome would’ve led to the peace that the ending of FFXV seemingly gives. The problem in FFX was that the sacrifice was meaningless. Yuna would die. Her guardian becomes trapped as Sin to kill countless people in the future and the human race gets a few years off before global panic starts again. Hell, doesn’t Tidus go into the final battle knowingly sacrificing himself? These are two completely different stories that you can’t even compare. XV never offers another solution. There’s only one way to make things better and that’s by Noctis sacrificing himself. It’s gritty and you may not like it, but that was their only choice. It’s supposed to be a tragic yet happy ending. FFX and most other FF games haven’t gone that route, at least for their respective main stories. I appreciate the darker tone, as there are plenty of other games where people live just because the writers are afraid of what people will think for killing them off. That’s how you end up with shit like X-2. That said, the story in XV was clearly meant to be more fleshed out. After I think chapter 8, the story pushes you forward way too fast and you’re left clicking on computers and newspapers to tie the story together. The movie goes a long way to helping understand the beginning of the game and hopefully dlc helps as well. I still have no idea what Gladio went off to do when he left my party and who gave him the new scars. Stuff like that is where I really fault the game. Not because I don’t agree with how the writers want to tell their story.

          • Dom Saunders

            X-2 wasn’t shit, and the game can end with Yuna getting Tidus back or not. Assuming X-3 (or whatever they tried to pass as such via the shitty “Will” story) isn’t canon, you can have her complete the game either way. She either learns to move on without him, or she convinces the Fayth to stop fucking with her happiness and let Tidus come back because goodness knows she’s earned it. Remember, he’s a dream summoned by the Fayth, so they could choose to bring him back or not. It was at their discretion, and they hinted as much even in the original game. To add, his return was hinted at in that game’s spoiler, so it’s not like X-2 was developed because they suddenly decided they were too afraid to let his “death” stick.

            If you’re going to come at me for getting upset and disagreeing with how I wanted the writers to tell the story in FFXV, the same applies to you for FFX. Now, all that aside, my other criticism of the game at this point is Tabata’s blase response to how players should take the ending (i.e. “it’s whatever you want it to be”) really pisses me off. 10 years of development and you can’t even give us a clear cut ending? If you’re going to give us a shitty, dark ending, at least stand by it. Don’t suddenly back-pedal and make it into a “Create Your Own Interpretation” scenario just because you got called out on it. They shouldn’t need DLC and promises of future updates to the game to rectify what should have been in the game from day one. This is ridiculous.

          • Akuin

            Tragic yet happy, would have seen Gladio, Prompto, and Ignis walking into Hammerhead to meet up with Talcott, Iris, and Cindy. Or shown some level of personal happiness. Instead you get light coming over landscape. That’s not happy that’s and the day came and life went on. There was literally nothing in the end that made you feel like it was all worth it. You didn’t see any of the characters really in how they percieved the return of the sun. You don’t see them grieve even a little, or see them moved on and know that because of their sacrifice these people got their happy ending. It was just look at the pretty landscape. yay. To have a happy ending there has to be an emotional payout at the end to make it happy. The game FAILED to give that emotional payout. In Lufia 2 they marry off, give a baby to and then kill off the protagonists, but in the end they show how their sacrifice allowed people to move on, it showed their kid would be ok. THAT is a tragedy with a happy ending because it gives you the emotional pay off. As it stands you could reasonably say that the 4 were forgotten and no one realized their sacrifice. For all we know Iris Cidy and Talcott were all killed during the final battle so then no one realized or cared that the 4 sacrificed themselves for everyone else.

          • TallBearNC

            The 3 aren’t killed by a horde. They go IN to the throne room with noctic. ARDYN kills the 3 of them and tells Noct that this is a 1 on 1 fight.

            that pissed me off. Senseless.

            Another self sacrificing ff. It’s getting old. I loved ff13. Just loved it. I like 13-2. Pissed serah died as that wasn’t needed. And the world goes to hell. 13-3 was an abomination. The TIMED stuff was bs (I waited for the pc version and used a trainer to stop time so I could beat the game in 4 game days)

            I liked FFXV. Great graphics. Great rpg. Crap story.

            I loved the car. Pre and post game. The flying car rocked, but the landing is lame. You crash and need to reload a lot. And you still must land on a road.

          • Chucky Weeks

            I hate to be that guy, but your wrong actually… before noctis goes to the throne room after his fight with, they go outside the palace as daemons are being spawned and get ready to fight.

          • TallBearNC

            Then do. THEN they go INSIDE. Remember noctic wants a photo b4 you go into the throne room?? Then they follow you anyway. I have the video on my phone since that part is blocked from recordings. I can post it if you like. ARDYN flat out KILLS them. Then you go outside and kill ARDYN.

          • robirrard

            no man you got it wrong. rewatch your video. they live then they fight off the demons while Noct goes in to sit on the throne.

          • MysteryBounty

            TallBear you are an idiot, after you beat Around they all meet up with you in front of the building and Microsoft says goodbye to them on the stairs as they prepare to fight off the daemons while he sits on the throne. Moron.

          • Cody

            Man, the auto-correct on whatever you’re using is fierce.

          • Well.. About Lightning Returns one can actually beat the game in a couple of days. Three the most.

            About FFXV you’re right. The guys have been killed by Ardyn. And the game is good. I disagree about the story. It’s depressing, but it’s powerful. It’s sad but far from crap. I finished it today and I still feel sorry.

          • Orlando Covarrubias Tovar

            I’m a little confused, after Ardyn “Kills” them, Noctis beats Ardyn 1 on 1. Then, as he is going to proceed to sit on the throne, all three guys are alive and Noctis says onto them that “It’s all in your hands now” (Which I understood as Noctis is going to die, no more king, they are the protectors now).

            Did you miss something? Did I miss something?

          • popo123

            No they are not killed by Ardyn. Y’all are confusing the events in the game. After Noctis kills Ardyn in the real world, the three goes back to Noctis to say their final farewell and then Noctis goes back inside to summon the past kings and die.

          • popo123

            No. Ardyn did not kill the three. That scene you are talking about happens BEFORE the horde appears and Noctis proceeds to the throne to summon the past kings.

          • Ruben Sanchez

            “I loved ff13. Just loved it.”

            Yeah, your comment just lost all credibility there. You’re entitled to your opinion, but you can’t trash XV’s story, and praise that terrible game at the same time. If halfway simulators are your thing, who am I to judge?

            I keep reading complaints that they died for no reason. Did people not see the sun come out at the end? Everyone expects the usual happy ending that FF usually comes with. I’m glad that they changed it up this time, while still giving the heroes victory, despite their lost lives. The game comes advertised as a love story in the making, then pulls a 180 and does something different. I give SE props on that.

            It’s not without its flaws. The Empire self crumbling gave no payoff on that end. Their king becoming some random monster instead of a fearsome, unique boss. Lot of missed opportunity there. I feel that aspects of the Brotherhood anime could’ve been implemented in to the game to lengthen its overall playtime. Could have also pulled an FFXIII, and had Nyx’ storyline play parallel to Noct’s.

            All in all, I’m glad it did well. It’s a step in the right direction for JRPGs. I hope SE learns from the feedback and makes a really great game.

          • Akuin

            The sun came out at the end because NOCTIS did his job. The other three did die for no reason, especially since by all rights proven by the game up to that point, they should have survived. They survived an unending horde of Daemons before Noctis merged with the crystal, they survived going out into endless night to protect people for 10 years, but for some reason Noctis returning turned them incompetant in survival? That spits on them.

          • Joseix101

            Arden didn’t kill them. He just knocked them out. They survive dlc is about them

          • CommentatorGuru

            Clearly you don’t read the tips part when the loading screen pops up in FF15. You can “revive” yourself in battle if your HP reaches zero because you don’t really die in battle. You’re just deemed incapable of battle. To make you suitable again for battle, you use Phoenix down. When someone stabs you in your organs, your HP doesn’t only go to zero, you actually incur a mortal wound and die. They’re different from doing battle. Pay attention to these little details before b*tching about. Makes you appear stupid.

          • Dom Saunders

            Her wound wasn’t even what killed her though so even if you take everything you said into context, she still could have helped herself. She still took several minutes to collapse after her wound, and we see her falling into the depths of Leviathan’s waters in her death scene, showing that it was the summoning that ultimately killed her. Ardyn just weakened her. Pay attention to these little details before bitching about. Makes you appear stupid, CommentatorGuru.

          • CommentatorGuru

            You are essentially saying that without the stab she would’ve died still. Last time I checked, you’re no scriptwriter. You don’t know that. You are guessing. Whereas the obvious is staring at you, that stab is what caused her to die. She cannot heal herself because she was stabbed. Let me make it clear, her HP wasnt just drained down to 0, she was STABBED. Thus, she died. As she was dying, note (AS SHE WAS DYING), she used her remaining strength to do what she can. My God. Lol. You seriously missed this? More attention to details amateur gamer.

          • Rokusasu

            dang man i think you are missing the point XD She was dying already, Ardyn essentially killed her first before the staving off Starscourge did. That was her role in the game…. to prevent the plague from taking place, but doing so was sapping her life force anyway, very similar to Regis using the power of the Crystal. It was also her task to convince the Astral gods to help Noctis. Not quite sure if you just hate her for the sake of hating her, or you just dont understand the concept of killing a character for the sake of a story….. (man oh man, if only Noctis used those pheonix downs i had stashed in my inventory during that scripted CGI ending….. LOOOOOOOL) You were probably just as much as a butt hurt when Zack Fair died XD XD XD. Tip of advice… don’t watch Game of Thrones, not sure if you can handle all the deaths without questioning each and every one of them.

          • Boss White

            So I hear some people saying they hate this version of FF mainly due to the ending and I just finished it. Although the ending is said and yes Shakespearean…it’s all those in high places carrying for the fate of the world. And in truth, in every war there are casualties and this is no different. And the point was even more clear in this: if they didn’t do what they did NO ONE would’ve had a happy ending including those who sacrificed there lives. Say what u will but I believe this was there story of FF and I enjoyed it and I’m now prepared for them to finish FFVII and excited for it. There are things I have issues with but let’s not hate the story due to our being based upon a war story, some endings are happy and some are disastrous and honestly for what it was this ending did have a good one. At least we see Noct and Luna together at the end no matter how. Good job Square Enix, keep then coming! 😄😄😄

          • Ivan Lee

            Luna was very close to death already whether Ardyn stabbed her or not, when she met with Ravus she mentioned that her flesh was failing her, the astral energy took a toll on her body similar to king regis’s case with the crystal power. As to why Ardyn would stab a dying person.. I’m not too sure maybe it was to provoke noctis to go after him so he could lure him to the crystal, because I don’t think noctis knew Luna was dying.

          • Yea you’re right, he didn’t know. And we can deduce that based on his actions / action options.

          • Ruben Sanchez

            Except that the ending for FFXIII was totally shit on by its sequels. You can’t make that comparison and not mention the second and third games. The characters were bland, and not at all likable like Noct and crew.

            “It’s not even a tragedy anyone can really learn from, it’s just all senseless.”

            The sun rose at the end. They accomplished their goal, stuck with their king until the end, and rid the world of daemons. Makes sense to me.

            “Luna is useless”

            Except she isn’t. She keeps the Starscourge at bay. She helps Noct forge covenants with the astrals to strengthen him. She keeps the Ring of Lucis out of Arden’s hands. I think you just strongly dislike her character. But to dismiss her importance to the plot as useless is silly.

            “And of the villainous cast, most of them are killed offscreen despite all the crap they’ve caused in both the game and the movie. That’s like how fans felt cheated out of a Jihl Nabaat fight from FF13, but multiplied by a factor of five. It’s insulting, almost, because it cheats our investment in the plot by not giving us that payoff”

            I agree for the most part. Lot of missed opportunity for a proper, epic showdown with the Emperer. You have to remember Ardyn’s role in getting the Emperer to attack Insomnia. Niff pretty much got used and screwed by Ardyn by toying with daemons. Which is why Ravus and Aranea bolted.

          • Dom Saunders

            I already said FF13’s ending was shit on by the sequels, and I didn’t like it. Secondly, we’ll have to chalk up character likability to personal differences, because I personally liked Lightning and co. up until the sequels, and I was particularly bothered how shafted Serah got by the end of the sequel. I wasn’t bothered so much with Noctis and co. because Noctis looks like Sasuke (who I hate), and the other guys are basically just there checking off boy-band tropes. Gladio is needlessly playing the tough guy act, even when Noct is going through grief, Prompto is Vaan 2.0 and Ignis is somewhat decent, but his voice acting is odd. In fact, that applies to all the characters, especially Luna.

            And as for her, her death exacerbated the Starscourge, so I’m not giving her credit for “keeping it at bay.” We wouldn’t have had a game in the first place if she actually succeeded. Nyx deserves more credit for Luna having the ring in the first place, since he actually fought and died to make sure she was safe to do so, and her one action scene is undermined by the fact she doesn’t even have the decency to die fighting, considering it took her a whopping five more minutes after Ardyn stabbed her to die, and that’s not even ultimately what kills her. Yes, I extremely dislike her, because she was completely underwhelming as a character and as an active agent in the story. She’s a glorified plot device with a face, not an actual character who drives most of the action of the plot. She does her duty, fails at the MAIN one she was charged with (hence the Starscourge) and her relevance from the plot drops immediately after that. Even Aerith had more influence and agency in FF7’s plot after she died. She wasn’t “useless” in the sense that she did do some things, but compared to literally every over FF heroine before her, she fails to match up to anything they’ve done. 10 years, and THAT was the best they come up with in place of a genuine action girl in Stella. I’m not amused.

          • Jon

            Luna should have been fleshed out much more. I can’t think of one character in FFX13 that didn’t drive me bonkers though. I thought I would like Snow, but they were all so whiny it ruined the game for me. Fang was passable.

          • mike654

            AALLLL the main Final fantasy 15 character s od is MOAN. Do we HAVE to walk? I’m hot. It’s hot. I’m hungry. Sleeeepy. Arr we theeere yet? Grrr. Tiiired. I wanna sleeep. Booring. My ass fell asleeeep. It’s coold. Etc.jesus Christ. They even asked if we there yet on entering a dungeon!!!

          • Alex Levesque

            well, an hour is a day for them and so forth…you cant blame people for wanting a break after 24 hours…

          • Cody

            Give it time. FF15 has yet to have its own sequels.

          • Jj Lim

            i dont think there will be anything else for the sequel seeing how Noctis and Luna died and the world being saved. Unless some random asshole arise to power, gets some op dark magic power, maybe a new hero and probably heroin comes into the story and the same thing again. These r what the I thnk the sequels might be

            1: Some asshole arise to power and becomes evil and a new hero and heroin (maybe since FF is known to have romance) comes to stop him and maybe somehow gets the assistant from the Lucis family treehouse since the entire Lucis bloodline technically went extinct when Noctis killed himself. They killed the bad guy and happily ever after. Now why I thnk that if thr were to be a sequel I thnk that FF would make a happy ending since they got more negative reviews than Cod Infinite Warfare already and thats something.

            2:Asshole arise to power and some guy finds the body of Noctis and reborn him into the world and maybe Luna (hopefully) and then the same thing happens again.

            Now im new to the Final Fantasy so i might have written something wrong here but after reading tons of stories similar to this I thnk this is what might happen :/

          • Cody

            If it doesnt it will be breaking recent production patterns for Square. I mean there’s already two spinoff games an anime and a movie plus five dlc. I don’t think a sequel is farfetched at that point. Not that it need necessarily star any of the characters from the first game. Ff has been getting more and more about worldbuilding.

          • Jabberwock LD

            I won’t of something happen Eos is screw there are no more lucius which means they would be doom

          • starscream

            I liked the characters of 13 and enjoyed the ending to the trilogy..

            Prompto was annoying to me and finding out he was an MT did nothing for me emotionally. Glads was the cool typical manly man and Ignis was alright too.. The battle mechanics were cool.. But this game didn’t do it for me.. When i’m not even sad that the game is over and my journey is over.. Something fucked up big along the way!

          • BlackFox4

            Couldn’t agree more. People won’t shut up about the “noble sacrifice” themes in FFX, but that game utterly SUCKED. Tidus bawled like a baby when he thought Yuna would die, but then he barely even looked back when HE ended up leaving. THAT was a “useless” sacrifice. Everything about XV was utterly perfect. It might not be THE best game in the series, but it’s definitely (at least in MY opinion) the best since IX.

          • Kaiten Lensia

            Yes to the Kefka reference. Even the name of the first mission of Chapter 14 being “World of Ruin” with the objective of, “Reunite with your friends” was a huge nod to FF6.

          • Cody

            Not actually a Shakespearean tragedy at all actually. Death doesn’t make a tragedy Shakespearean, death due to personal flaws does. It’s also not pointless since it was literally to save the world. Useful Self-sacrifice is pretty far from senseless Shakespearean tragedy. With that being said, I have my own gripes with the game’s narrative, mostly dealing with their way of explaining key details and passing over what should be some pretty dramatic reactions to different things. Prompto not reacting to getting almost killed and thrown off a train by Notics in particular threw me for a loop.

          • Llama King

            Well cant argue with what youve said, it seems that since around the time of FF10 square enix stopped giving happy endings at the end of their FF games. I can appreciate that it makes the game more appealing from a story point of view and if you like more realistic but it does kind of make you feel a little cheated when all the main characters die. A lot of other games are going down the same sort of root these days.

          • Jon

            It wasn’t the best Final Fantasy ever, but no game deserves to be compared to Final Fantasy 13. Let alone be told it’s worse than FF13. I thought the story was fantastic, albeit told fairly poorly.

            The ending was similar to Final Fantasy 10. In the fact that there was no way to defeat Sin/Ardyn except with the main character playing a sacrificial role. No one else could play that role. When you take a step back and look at the whole story it is actually one of the best stories in any Final Fantasy game so far. Ardyn just needed to be fleshed out much, much more.

            I love the fact that Final Fantasy went back to it’s darker roots. Most developers are afraid to destroy a world when they spend so much time and energy building it. It’s a throwback to FF6/FF3* that hasn’t been accomplished since graphics became such a high priority. A world in ruin was my favorite surprise in a game in recent memory. They finally went back to the open world concept. Altissa was gorgeous. The Colosseum was a lot of fun as well.

            I would’ve like there to be a better, original minigame, like Blitzball or the Chocobo races. I would’ve like the Regalia to be able to drive more freely. I would’ve like Noctis to not say “Tch” 1,000 times. I would’ve liked some of the plot holes to be fixed. However, these are small complaints on the best Final Fantasy we have seen since FFX. I was ready to give up on the series but now I’m anxiously awaiting the next installment.

            Overall I would say
            Music 9/10 (Really upset “To Zanarkand” wasn’t on FFX disc)
            Gameplay 8/10 (Prefer turn based combat, boss battles could’ve been more difficult)
            Story 10/10
            Story Implementation 4/10
            Graphics 10/10

          • Brad Martin

            I think a lot of people, original poster included, fail to grasp the ending. For the world of EOS there is an afterlife, one which you see briefly when anyone puts on the ring of the Lucii. While yes, Noctis was going to die, so was Lunafreya, as she was essentially doing the same thing as Ardyn before he fell, absorbing the star scourge to help the world. The idea is that Noct, his father and Luna are all together in the afterlife. Also there is nothing saying that the other three died, just that they were taken out of the equation by Ardyn.

          • Igor Ainbinder

            So, what you’re saying is… You wanted the plot to go exactly as you would expect it to? And because, unlike every Hollywood movie ever, this game doesn’t follow a simple to predict series of events and battles… That you don’t like it???

            Yes, some of the evil. Characters. Died off set… But in case you didn’t notice… They were all pawns in the main boss’s plan… If it wasnt for ardyn… The empire might have not even moved forward to kill King Regis… I feel like this game is artsy… Yes in a shakespearian way… But also in its own unique way…

            I feel. Like the. Maim. Focus was the gods and ardyn… The reason we don’t engage in the other villains as much…
            Is because that would just be redundant…

            Cant believe you. Liked FF13 more… Literally the only game. In the series I find unplayable and boring as fuck… The gameplay was constricting and terrible… Even if xv had a worse story… It would still. Be better than 13… Cuz it is a pleasure to play

          • Dom Saunders

            No, I wanted the plot to go as a plot would. You don’t build up villains for over a decade only to have most of them unceremoniously killed off-screen and not by you. I don’t give a shit about Ardyn because it’s not like his plans or goals were even original to the series in the first place, and his plans barely made more sense than Sephiroth’s, whose intentions in his own game were infamously about as clear as mud, so I don’t see why you’re giving the former any praise. Even if you wanted to focus on the guards and Ardyn, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t place fight scenes with the other villains who drove the plot. If Squeenix can get enemies with no place in the plot to serve sudden important roles, most infamously Necron of FF9, there’s no reason for them to do similarly for characters that actually matter. Anything less is bad writing.

          • I stopped reading when you said you hated it more than FF13. lol

          • Dom Saunders

            And it’s my problem that you have the attention span of a gnat? Or that you cared to respond to to a comment that was nearly a year old?

          • Zero reason for you to fly off the handle. I made a light- hearted comment, spazz.

          • Lala4Life

            oh, wow. no wonder i’m hearing some depressing musics . great. i knew i should have fking picked for honor instead of this crap. great. now i have wasted 30 hours and 250$(MYR (its pretty huge.)) for this crappy ending… for me, its like a 6 months regret. god damn i’m gonnna have to tie my belly and save for 2 months to get another damned CD if only i watched the ending reviews….. and why didnt i check the late gameplays first….now its all 2 late.and this shit dont have mp…. well, just gonna play the free god damn games now…. The tomorrow children. lol. xD
            and now i know why the hell the plays are long.
            no insta teleport lol wth game.
            instantly bought it because Wooaaa a final fantasy game open world,so good graphics and dem same gameplay which i didnt check.Gotta buy dis shit.
            damn.hyz. anyways can you recommend me some good multiplayer ps4 games? i’m planning to buy for honor,the division,horizon zero and the latest naruto franchise (oooh i used franchise xD)yes i’m a kid stfu lol a spoiled ass bitch one(god i hate myself). 16 years old… heh. probably have adhd.
            hey. know any survival games with the concept of the tomorrow children?
            like building a town and co-op with other people.
            regretting for borning in this world so much now.

        • TallBearNC

          You can freely drive post game as the car flies. A new regalia type F

        • Glen Beecroft

          Who gives a rats ass what the Japanese think, us westerners have enjoyed so who on this side of the world really cares.

        • It is mixed, has some good parts, Good main Cast aranea is great…The rest the cast is pretty sucky. Story is rushed and not well thought out at parts.

        • I’ve been playing video games since 1990, I’ve played a lot of them….. it may be just a recent experience bias but FF15 is by far the best solo campaign I have ever played for story. And it left me wanting more but at the same time terribly distraught by the ending. I’ve never had a game story impact more so much for as long after playing it.

          Those who rant because it doesn’t have a typical Hollywood happy ending… as Glad would say… Man up.
          It’s a beautiful story and this is how it’s meant to end.
          Tragic. … we even got hints of it along the way from the politician and from the movie in how that ended. Theme recycled but a LOT more deep for the game.

          TL;DR The feels were strong with this game.

          • Lichdar

            I disagree a bit. I loved FF6 and other games, and I think FF15 had an amazing first half. The second half felt disjointed and rushed, though. I had a hard time figuring out what was going on or answering simple questions why “Who is Adryn, actually?”

        • Kropolis

          I for one found it to be lackluster. The driving from point to point bored me. The combat was more frustrating than Lightning Returns, the open world aspect didn’t feel well-known thought-out, and the story barely held my attention. I waited a decade and I’m sorely let-down.

        • Morgan Takala

          I found it to be one of my favorite games that i have played in a long time. I love the attention to small details and the fun interactive thibs to do throughout the game.

        • Igor Ainbinder

          Lol, wow… “There are a lot of things about the game design, characters, setting, etc that I really don’t like, so I won’t be playing it”

          Talk about closed minded…

          There will ALWAYS be bad reviews… Of even the best video games… All those reasons for not wanting to even try playing the game are ridiculous.

          I also like this comment “Squenix didn’t learn anything from FF14’s mistakes”

          FF14 is an MMORPG… It is a completely different type of game…

          Personally… I loved everything about the game… Travel was sweet in my opinion… The car ballin’ and it is the first game since ff7 that lets you upgrade to an airship eventually that you can just pilot around all over the place…

          In my opinion… This is the best rpg since ff7… Playing it… I am constantly amazed at how awesome this game is…

          The graphics are better than pretty much any other game that’s out or coming out in the near future… The fighting system is unreal…. When you run around the free world there is hardly any loading… The loading screens take a while when they appear… But once you’re loaded… You don’t need to load again unless you Fast travel somewhere or die.

          Chocobo racing, awesome weapons… Cid, biggs, wedge, the intense summons… And how immersion this game is… Is insane…

          I played it on my 55″ 4k HDR Sony Bravia… So that probably helps…

          I.just finished the game… And was blown away… Am really glad there is a new game +option

        • Bovey Wiand

          Clearly you haven’t played a realm reborn or any of the expansions to a point where your opinions mean anything beyond text on this screen wasting space.

          You do gain the ability to freely drive at night closer to when u can actually take on the encounters that appear. How can u complain about traveling being a pain? Its a big world.. this is what ppl wanted. A world map. If ppl want linear boring ass easy travel and gameplay go play ffxiii and stfu

      • TallBearNC

        Ya that ending pissed me off

      • BlackFox4

        Ugh! It’s so frustrating that the same people who can’t seem to shut up singing FFX’s praises are the same ones condemning FFXV’s ending…even though they BOTH share “self-sacrifice so that the world can survive” and “pressing onward despite knowing of your impending doom” themes. FFX sucked. Its plot had more holes than a block of Swiss cheese (for instance, the final aeon was supposedly the ONLY thing that could defeat Sin, and even though an extremely powerful machina failed miserably earlier in the game, your party finds its “weak spot” in an airship). But yet FFX still seems to get a pass over the utterly HEART-shattering and GRIPPINGLY emotional roller coaster that FFXV was. Loved EVERY second of XV and, in all honesty, it’s the best one since IX

    • dang that’s actually more sad to hear it like that…;/
      btw i think the upcoming dlc of each character may explain the gap of those 10 years in more details while Noct was sleeping…judging from what the future Talcott said, they work individually these days or something like that….

      • Nathan Josephs

        I dont think it will there was a point in the plot for each character to have there dlc storyline…gladiolus leaving for no reason ignis eye battle off screen prompto captured….etc if we do see anything of that 10 year period itill be short towards the end of there dlcs.

        • That-Grey-Jedi-Dude

          I’m personally hoping the DLC for FFXV will contain more super bosses. I want to go up against the Ultima Weapon shown in the Insomnia Falls cutscene

    • I have a feeling FFXV-2 is going to have a better ending ala FFX.

    • DL

      I’m not convinced Noctis’s bros are actually dead. The FF series is full of moments where people both alive and dead send their energy to the hero(es). I think their will just reached him in the beyond.

      • joethetimelord

        I’m not convinced either. There’s also the possibility that Ardyn hallucinated the rest of the group, as they only appeared next to Noctis for a couple of seconds before Ardyn brushed them away.

        The brevity of their presence implied to me that Noctis took his memories of his friends and father with him, and were ultimately extensions of his own soul. The photograph (depending on which one you picked) was also meant to symbolize this.

        I also feel that Noctis and Luna were literally haunting the Lucian throne, watching over, possibly even subtly guiding, Lucis’ future. That throne definitely looked like a memorial.

    • Hoxton Hoxworth

      “dude thought he was going to be king and instead he’s a sacrificial pig trotting to the slaughter.”

      I really like this quote. Mind if I steal it? Also, loved that ending, pretty bold move. I belive Final Fantasy 8 was supposed to be like this, Squall dead, the final fight being the realisation that life and memory would sooner or later slip through his fingers no matter how hard he grasped. And then, after this first sad and cold ending, a second scene plays, showing his final fantasy. A fantasy where he is happy along his loved one, where everyone is alive and well. :v

    • starscream

      I can’t find myself to be too upset right now.. Yea it sucked.. But I think I have felt worse/sadder at other FF games I’ve played, ending. There is something about this game that just didn’t pull me in. The battle mechanics are cool though.

    • Jj Lim

      wow when u put it like that it sounds sad as fuck

    • Statistic

      Sad part is he died a virgin lol. But the story does have an afterlife so they get some sort of consolation prize I guess.

    • Liam

      Yeah the ending really made me sad too — so much so that I would rather forget it as much as possible. I lost my only brother a year ago. I really did not need this. It was not cathartic in any way, shape or form: Instead, it was just dark—even gothic.

      The director said he wanted people to cry; well, I did. Now I just want to get my copy if this game the hell out of my house.

      Why tell such a bleak tale? This was beyond tragedy. It was just plain sad. Like being at a damn funeral. Catharsis is a very important part of a story—like when Tidus couldn’t stay with Yuna in Spira—that’s catharsis.

      This ending was like a funeral. Just awful stuff.

      Different director next time please square, and tighten up the seriously sloppy narrative.

    • David W

      Well it does explain the beginning cause i think everyone new but Noctis. So they go off giving Noctis so much leeway and let him have fun with his friends which explains that photo album and the pictures they like to take.

  • Lim Fun Siong

    Thank you for the wonderful explanation. Sorry, I am still confused by some aspects of the story.

    Could you explain what daemons are?

    If Ardyn is so powerful, why doesn’t he simply kill King Regis and rule by himself?

    During the times when Ardyn is banished, how does Lucis contain the daemon problem?

    Thank you.

    • Could you explain what daemons are?

      Basically demons, just by another name. Demonic entities from a netherrealm that terrorize humanity. Monsters, basically. In FFXV they only seem to have strength during the night time.

      If Ardyn is so powerful, why doesn’t he simply kill King Regis and rule by himself?

      Actually… he’s not that powerful. While he has the ability to bring forward the daemons and even reincarnate people as a daemon, he’s not one to truly embrace the daemons because he was once the savior who purged the land of daemons. He became full of spite and bitterness due to the way the previous rulers of Lucis cast him out.

      While he has some magical abilities, the light of the crystal limits his abilities. He couldn’t touch the crystal for the risk of being destroyed or losing his power, and he couldn’t battle King Regis because Regis (at the time) had the ring and the crystal in his possession. Thus, technically Regis could have purged Ardyn but he was unaware of Ardyn’s daemonic power. You could technically say that Ardyn was like a summoner class, where-as King Regis had the power of a mage, paladin and warrior. Ardyn was severely out-classed, hence why he wanted the much weaker and inexperienced Noctis to take Regis place, so that he could destroy the crystal, Noctis and the ring.

      During the times when Ardyn is banished, how does Lucis contain the daemon problem?

      Great question. They don’t actually contain the problem. Ardyn slowly gains power as the crystal grows weaker, and thus he allows the daemons to come out at night in the lands outside of Insomnia (if you remember, Ignis constantly reminds Noct that they shouldn’t venture out at night lest they get attacked by daemons).

      King Regis used the crystal to power up a forcefield over Insomnia to keep the daemons out.

      • John Barber

        Daemons were explained in one of the loading screens as being a mutant virus or something that infects the host and slowly completely transforms said host into the daemon. It can infect animals as well as humans. How they achieve some sort of magical power in and of itself isn’t explained however, nor does the rising up from the ‘depths’ when they appear.

        • That’s true… they mixed in some elements of science fiction with the supernatural. The daemons were a result of the Starscourge, so we can likely assume that while the virus elements were a mutagen, the teleporting, magical abilities and susceptibility to “light” were more on the supernatural side of things.

          • John Barber

            Hmm, I dimly remember them (Square Enix?)explaining that magic was a byproduct of someone’s death/near death experience. Noct nearly died as a youth when his entourage was hit by a daemon, and at some point Luna did too, although I’m not sure if that ‘survived’ (if you’ll pardon the pun) the cutting room floor.

            Since they basically died in order to become daemons, I’m guessing that transformation period is therefore what gives them that magical ability.

          • Eric Alexander Smith

            Luna got her powers from her bloodline, and so did noct, all kings of the lucis line are supposed to posses the armoery ability and be the only ones on the planet capable of using magic

  • I think the fact that it seems to be an all-for-one / one-for-all get up has disappointed me. The ending certainly has. And that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it. It merely wasn’t something I was expecting from the new addition to the Final Fantasy XV. However, seeing the post-cred scene changed my views, if only a minor change. It truly was a well constructed game. The twists and turns from one place to another, growing with Noctis, Gladiolus, Prompto, Ignis, Lunafreya, Ravus(?). He’ll, Aranea changing her ways had me pulled in just that little bit more. And whilst I can comprehend the ending, it still is a huge blow to the heart when you realise that it was one of those game where you die at the end. It just doesn’t sit well with me. Ibe loved Noctis since he was first introduced and then the cancelled Final Fantasy Xiii Versus which was initially a sequel to Xiii before LR became a thing and thus Xiii became a whole series of its own. The concept designs for Noctis etc. I really clicked with him. But, all good things come to an end. Especially my precious King and Queen of Lucis. Still, I remain disappointed with the fact that everyone basically died at the end.. like 28 hours of gameplay for that? Tch. I’ll be swayed in time. Once I go back in time and y’know, get platinum trophies. Thanks for putting my mind to rest. I legit must have bawled my eyes out following that ending.

    • I legit must have bawled my eyes out following that ending.

      A lot of people are right there with you, dude.

      It was definitely shocking. When Bahamut explained to Noct what had to be done, I thought for sure some sort of deus ex machina would kick into play and restore his life at the end, or he would be resurrected somehow and both he and Luna could be together forever. But nope.

      I think what made it so heart wrenching was that players and Noctis found out at the same time that his journey was ultimately doomed. And this revelation only came near the very end of the game! That was the big shock… that after all of that he was never going to have a happy ending. It was a hard pill to swallow for sure.

      • I mean don’t get me wrong. Everything was well placed. But with a game like that it shouldn’t end with a “blink and you miss it” moment. It should end like an open world game. Where you can go back post-game. But doing that post game makes no sense anymore because yknow, Noctis is dead, Lunafreya is dead, Gladio, Prompto and Ignis areally dead. Ravus and Aranea are probably dead too. Like, the whole plot twist of Ravus becoming a living half-daemon was pretty predictable. That part wasn’t well paced at all. For being 10 years in the making. They better give us a sequel to 15. Where it’s kind of alternative universe esque. Why is it that FF always kills the protagonists at the end. I mean Tidus and Yuna? Lightning and Serah??? Noctis and Yuna?!?!? Like can u not please. I would like to keep my heart thank you.

        • To be fair, Lightning got to appear across three games, though.

          • Four games actually. Dissidia and World of Final Fantasy albeit in chiba form. But that’s what the purpose of Versus Xiii. It was supposed to be a sequel with Lightning and Noctis but for a game that had so much promise and potential, I feel they really let XV go.

          • Outbackjim

            You’re just talking out of your ass at this point. Neither dissidia or WoFF are canon to any main title series, and versus XIII was never a direct sequel to XIII, every game within the fabula nova chrysalis, bar the obvious sequels, were individual games with no influence on each other. The only thing they had in common were the backstory and how bhuniveles,or however you spell it, set the world in motion and etro’s door is the key to salvation. Lightning would never meet noctis nor would she meet the type-0 cast

          • I don’t think you fucking understand this conversation. We then followed up to talk about how Lightning had made an APPEARANCE across four to five games. So therein, you’d better shut your fucking disrespectful face before I shut it for you. VERSUS XIII was INTENDED to be a direct sequel to XIII prior to its cancellation and Lightning Returns’ debut you illiterate fuck. And for the record it’s Bhunivelze. Everyone fucking knows that, you moron. Jesus fucking Christ it’s like trying to form an constructive conversation with a brick wall. Not to mention no one asked for your God damn shit-talking.

          • Outbackjim

            Nope, was never intended as a direct sequel which is why Nomura was allowed to make it as dark as he wanted to because it wouldn’t fit the mainline FF series. There was no intention, each director of the FNC was given a baseline in terms of the lore that crafted the world and from there the development team for all three games FFXIII, Type-0, and the versus XIII, were able to interpret the lore in different ways which is why in XIII l’cie were deemed disgusting and demonic, while in type-0 they are revered as saviors. It’s pretty much multiverse theory in that all games stem from a prime world but have different outcomes. And lmao the rage on being called out on your shit is hilarious.

          • The rage at being called out on my shit? I tell you what yeah. Why don’t you take that fucking rope and hang yourself with it. Jesus fucking Christ. If you knew when to shut the fuck up we wouldn’t be having this discussion. But no. The cancer of the fandoms decides to show up and make his prescence known. Here’s a thing for ya. I honestly hope you’re developing cancer. I mean considering you ARE the cancer. It’s rather fitting, don’t you think? Antagonise me more and I’ll make every single fucking day of your life a living hell. I ain’t got jackshit to lose. I’d happily go down for murdering your sorry fucking arse. See this is where antagonising someone you don’t know gets you. Next time learn to shut the fuck up and beg like the fucking mongoloid you are.

          • Outbackjim

            Wow wishing cancer on someone, lmao, I guess I haven’t triggered you enough yet, you should at least be on the threatening to kill my entire family/wishing aids on everyone I have ever known and loved stage by now, but I’ll take what I can get for the time being. Can’t wait to see how you make my life hell keyboard warrior-san

          • One target. One shot. One kill. Triggering could be something as little as pictures of slit wrists or gore. You’re not really trying hard enough. Doubt you could trigger me though. You’re welcome to try. Nah. I don’t believe in targeting those not involved. My rules are as above.

          • Steve-O

            Dude… You need to get on some medication or something. Nobody gives a shit about your opinion, especially with that garbage attitude you’re shitting out here. You speak of shit talk while spewing diarrhea out of your mouth in a public forum liberally no reason.

            Take a chill pill man, try some Xanax. Wishing that everyone who disagrees with you gets cancer on the internet does not make you tough, cool, or correct. So keep it to yourself man, you’re embarrassing yourself.

          • You need to stay the fuck outta shit that doesn’t fucking concern you. You don’t get to fucking tell me I need to be on fucking medication. Nah son. You don’t get to fucking tell me that. And no one gives a fucking shit about you. I’m pretty sure if you fucking topped yourself, your fucking family wouldn’t give a fucking shit. Don’t fucking “dude” me. I fucking called one person the cancer of the fandoms. I doubt that’s fucking wishing everyone who fucking disagrees with me gets fucking cancer. So you need to shut your fucking face. Who the fuck gives a fucking shit about being cool or tough or fucking correct, ae?! Why don’t you just fucking stay the fuck. Out of things that don’t fucking concern you, you fucking cancerous tumor of society. So next time you want to say something. Shut the fuck up. Got it? Because whilst you don’t care about my fucking opinion, no one fucking cares about your fucking existence. Ae?! If I knew where you lived I’d have fucking torn your fucking throat out and fed your fucling tongue to my dog. Fucking good for nothing cunt.

          • Kostas Stamelos

            MA DUDE !

            29 words containing fuck as a verb and as an intensifier noun. This is gold!

          • Fuck off back to your own country you foreign cunt.

          • Kostas Stamelos

            Classic yet highly unoriginal comment.

            Who said I invaded your country my little sad puppy? Triggered much?

            Utterly disappointed with your roid rage although I really enjoyed the numerous fuck-related words you provided us with. No offence to be taken ! This post is strictly centered on entertainment value. Be safe !

            On another note I do agree with you on the ending. This was so MEish. All the DLC’s in the world and this won’t flatter the ending and post credit aftershock. Overall good game though.

          • I wouldn’t have had a problem with the end had there been enough substantial plot to prevent the biased and possibly overrated e/g result. The entire game is basically a dead-man-walking situation with no overall reason for it to be. Had it had an ending like Xiii with the whole crystallisation scenario. Or the ending LR had wherein the world was born anew and thus reincarnation as it were. But to point blank kill off the main entourage purely to erase another being at point blank range where it was not necessary? Eh. I don’t know why it was point blank written off when it could have been so much more had Regis erased Ardyn to begin with. I thought the endgame boss would have been whatshisface leading the entourage involving Ravus, Ardyn, Aranea. Even Loqi would have been a good endgame boss. Neh. Just seems like a waste of 70 quid for the deluxe edition

          • Kostas Stamelos

            This. It is common nowadays for all platform major titles to kill off the entire cast or the protagonist for the sake of emotional and overly attached to the cast endings. Totally uninteresting to wipe out the entire cast.
            Really curious to how they’ll handle the DLC part.

          • It’s just a waste of the feelings we put in. I can only wonder if the game had been released when it was initially planned to be, would the end game result have been different or would it have remained the same? But the dream sequence should have been automatically accounted as the world being born anew. With King Noctis and Queen Lunafreya. It seems like they changed a lot between the start and the end, but that’s not enough of the substantial plot I mentioned prior. To exist for the purpose of not existing just doesn’t sit right with me. To live a life of lackluster performance purely because you are a dead man walking. It’s a waste of the previous time they put into the resulting game. That game set bars for everything in its series. And it raised bar after bar after bar until you realise exactly WHERE the game is taking you andexactly WHAT the end result is going to be. You want to keep playing but after the same time you want to stop. You want it so desperately that you contemplate binning it off to save yourself the pain and the emptiness and the hollowness that folows the ending. But you’re stopped by the will to accomplish. To succeed. I’m not saying to bin off final fantasy because of this.. unspeakable act. But, everyone is reaching out to one another because of this ending. Everyone’s supporting each other and guiding one another back to the light that was so precariously dimmed. In all honesty. I hate this ending. I hated Xiii-2’s ending. Loathed it even. But it’s the same thing. Really. Dead-man-walking. You attach yourself to the character because you understand him. Because you respect and wish the best for it. Only for it to be swiped from you right before the finish line. Ah, sorry. This was longer than I thought. My bad.

          • Kostas Stamelos

            I can deeply sympathise with the whole ffxv ending predicament. I had the same heartache shall we say when I saw the credits roll and the post credits cutscene of ME3. Similarly with FFX up until they tried to “fix” it in X:2 to milk even more money. Game has enriched dialogues, interesting characters, you get invested, the die, excitement dries out.

            I was sure that one of the original party was about to die at some point of the game to add the expected shock value but to realize that the whole party ends up dying kills any replay value for me.

            However it was a revitalizing game in the ff franchise. I really hoped it wouldn’t do a “Phantom Pain” and I’m at least glad it didn’t. Hopefully they will capitilize with the dlcs. In all honesty I don’t really know if I loved it. It was what I was expecting which is great but the ending was quite blunt.

            I also agree that it most certainly raises the bar for the next titles.

          • papershards

            just curious but what did you not like about the
            phantom pain ending. I thought it was pretty good. not trying to argue but was just curious

          • Kostas Stamelos

            While I quite enjoyed the game and the in-game mechanics as well as the plot transition between chapters and in correlation with other MGS titles I felt it was rushed as a game and the ending was quite blunt.

            Yes we knew that this was not big boss near the end of the game and that eventually Venom died on MG1 in the hands of Solid Snake but this was the last MGS cannon title. It was a poor decision to be blutantly left out like that. I don’t blame Kojima as he had limited power over his project, I solely blame Konami on this as they were really late on the deadline and they had to cut budget funds and other project ideas and presumably we received an unfinished game.

            Don’t get me wrong now. Unfinished on the part of what they originally had in mind. Both Kojima and Konami. This is what bad relationships within a corporation and lack of cooperation and supervision leads to. Unfinished projects. That’s my take. That’s what I got from the game. It was an overall great experience but it was not MGS. Vastly expanded universe, greatly improved gameplay, vibe and atmosphere far away from previous MGS titles.

          • papershards

            Totally agree, i’m really hoping that death stranding is going to have what we love best about kojima’s story telling. Now that he has his own studio it should be really good.

        • Ixcez

          Did you actually play FF X when you write that Tidus and Yuna dies. Yuna never dies but she was planned to be sacrificed for the cycle of sin. While Tidus was already “dead” he was a memory of a person brought to life and kept alive by the power of millions of souls, who when released could no longer “power” Tidus so he fades away.

          In the sequel however as to reward Yuna, Tidus is brought back to life as a living person so they can be together.

        • Eirik Olsen

          Lightning and Serah and everyone else all get to live happily in the end, just in case you didn’t know. Lightning Returns ends the trilogy with a proper happy ending. I was relieved by that.

          • What I was referring to, was, whilst they didn’t die. Things weren’t the same regarding them. For example post-Xiii Lightning was erased from existence, and thus to everyone she knew, she was forgotten. And thus, may as well have been dead. Xiii-2; she crystallised and Serah died. Pre-Lightning Returns it was more or less that they died, Serah definitely. But I’ve played Xiii and Lightning Returns prior to XV. So I’m aware of the scenarios and whatnot. And with regards to the Final Fantasy X/X-2 person, I’m aware of the fact that particular endings are in place for that game, certain decisions lead to certain endings. Bad endings for X-2 were Shuyin/Tidus Lenne/Yuna being shot to death I believe. A repeat of the past if it were. Neh

        • Ron T Owens

          They do this by letting you go back in time to before lunafreya dies, its practically the same thing.

        • Noctis and Luna*
          i’m not sure about the sequel but maybe we’ll learn more in the DLC stories which may change our hearts a bit…. and we’ll probably get Noctis as a playable character in the Dissidia games…….

        • Dom Saunders

          Aranea didn’t die. Ravus’s body was found toward the end of the game though.

          • I’m aware of that. Well. You fight Ravus’s reanimated body near the end of the game.

        • Dom Saunders

          At least Yuna and Lightning are able to eventually save their loved ones. Noctis never even got a chance.

  • Kaushal Pandya

    Thank you so much for writing this and putting it together.
    I greatly appreciate it, and it helped me understand fully with
    what is going on. I am just sad that all the main characters
    that you loved and spent time with all die at the end of the game!!!

    I sure wish the game and story had turned out differently
    than killing all the main characters off like this!!! It took
    10 years to make this game, and Square Enix still couldn’t
    find a way to keep all the characters alive!!! WTF?!?!?!
    These were not my expectations for Final Fantasy XV
    in my opinion!!!

    • These were not my expectations for Final Fantasy XV
      in my opinion!!!

      Right there with you. But you know… I’m okay with it. It’s a heartbreaking story for sure.

      The weight and drama and dread depicted in the final chapters betray the game’s glowing, boy band adventure promotional content. It seemed like it was going to be on the line of Final Fantasy XII or Final Fantasy X, but it was very different.

      One reason I think they may have taken this route, though, is because if FFXV failed it would likely be the end of the series for a long while. They have to sell millions, and millions and millions of copies to make bank on FFXV after 10 years of development, so I guess in Tabata’s eyes it was best to go all out with an ending that no one would ever forget if it really was going to be the Final Fantasy game for many years to come.

      • Kaushal Pandya

        Hey Billy,

        Thank you so much for reading and replying to my comment
        regarding the game. I really appreciate it, and I am glad
        you also feel the same way.

        I truly felt hurt after seeing them all die, and Final Fantasy
        games do this to their players where the characters in the
        game almost always die at the end. It is truly depressing!!!

        On top of that, I have been waiting for this game to come out
        for the past 10 years, and I had high expectations with the
        story. Since I recently lost my job, I had to hold off on buying
        the game…but after I saw the videos and read the post
        online, I have decided not to buy the game because it will
        only make me feel more depressed that I already am.
        Thank you again for reading, Billy. I appreciate it!

        • Sorry to hear about the employment predicament. I would say not to give up hope on the game, though. It’s a really great experience, and while the story may be depressing, there’s so still a ton to do and explore.

          I think it’s one of those bittersweet experiences… a little like The Last of Us. The open-world, plethora of quests and combat opportunities make it worthwhile if you’re willing to go through the pain to enjoy the pleasures that FFXV has to offer.

          • Kaushal Pandya

            Hey Billy,

            I appreciate it. You’re right about the exploration of
            Final Fantasy XV’s world and its gameplay. There is
            a lot to do in that world. I hope you enjoy playing the
            game. Thank you again and have a great week!

        • Dom Saunders

          The only games that killed off main protagonists was FF4, FF5, FF6 (with Shadow choosing to remain behind at the end), FF7 (although Aerith is basically a glorified guest character, but players at the time didn’t know that), and FFX. Counting this game, a main character would have died in about half of all the major titles, and in at least one instance, the dead character is potentially recoverable. Even still, they don’t typically kill more than one character. FFXV is the first to kill the entire party outright. The stories were always meant to be bittersweet, but here, they just wanted to go full-dark for the sake of it, and I hate that.

          • Kaushal Pandya

            Hey Dom,

            Thank you for agreeing with me. I appreciate it and
            feel the same way as well. It is terrible that Square
            Enix killed off everyone at the end of the game.
            In 10 years, you would think they would have worked
            on a better story and outcome, and in the end after
            10 years, they left their players and people, who like
            or have any interest Final Fantasy, empty handed
            after such a depressing ending like this!

    • Fuyuppe Endou

      I totally agree…10 years and square enix still killed everyone off WTF ..what kind of fantasy is this

      10 years and this is the best ending they could come up with
      …It’s a slap in the face. Personally I prefer happy endings but I ve also watch ones where the sad ending has such an impact was so memorable it had me brawling my eyes out. This one just left me feeling so empty.

      Thank you for explaining the ending.

      • Kaushal Pandya

        Hey Fuyuppe,

        Thank you for agreeing with me. I really appreciate it!
        It is depressing that Square Enix made a Final Fantasy XV
        game like this where they kill off everyone that you had
        feelings and cared for. In 10 years, they still couldn’t come
        up with a better story than this!!! I also share your feelings
        of emptiness. Take care of yourself.

        • TheRealVegeta

          lmaooooo, that shit really got me too

          • Kaushal Pandya

            Thank you for feeling the same way like I did.
            I didn’t expect this to happen in the game. It is
            disappointing that after waiting for 10 years for this
            game to come out, the ending for it came to be like
            this. I had higher expectations from Square Enix!

  • TypicalFan

    Hmm. I beg to differ for the post-credit scene. Although, Tabata is notoriously known for his hardcore take on the mc(s) like Type-0’s ending (pretty brutal and dark, imo), I still think the post-credit scene could have meant something else. From the reddit discussions and insights I have read so far, I think the throne room was actually rebuild in order to posthumously anoint the new king (Noct) and queen (Luna). However, the cutscene where Luna and Noct appeared seemed to be a portrayal of them ascending and become one with the starts in the afterlife or reincarnation into spirits/astrals. This can be strongly supported by the cover of a female being AND male being on the Final Fantasy XV cover (also square-enix didn’t allow recording of gameplay in the new addition of the male being on Final Fantasy XV cover for the purpose of massive spoiler). More or so, this might be far-sketch, but every time a spirit or a supernatural being appeared, there are crystal shards floating around. Anyway, there is so much more uncertainties that I wanted to confirm and discuss: Why didn’t Ardyn take the ring from Luna? Why did Ardyn helped Noctis and eventually lead to Ardyn’s demise? From what I have read so far from reddit, the story as a whole is rich, yet there are so many plot-holes and un-logical paths the story progressed into. So many things happened off screen and sidelined like the Niff. Empire Maybe this might be due to the time-constrain the devs. was pressured into? I don’t know. But these are my 2-cents.

    • It’s totally possible that the fantasy sequence at the end is Noct and Luna dreaming of reuniting while in the afterlife — being together in a way that their real lives didn’t allow for.

      Why didn’t Ardyn take the ring from Luna? Why did Ardyn helped Noctis and eventually lead to Ardyn’s demise?

      It’s a “blink and you missed it moment” in the plot. Ardyn didn’t want anyone else to come behind Noct. He wanted to be rid of the crystal and the ring for good. In order to do so he had to destroy all three as one entity, so he had to get Noct to connect with the crystal, but only after Noct put the ring on. This is why Ardyn insidiously helped Noct acquire the power from the tombs.

      So Ardyn had to get the ring to Noct first (and the only way of doing so without the Empire catching on was through Luna, which is what he did), but he also wanted to destroy them. Hence why he stabbed Luna during the ceremony in Altissia.

      He couldn’t destroy Noct until Noct embraced becoming the chosen, this way Ardyn would be rid of Noct, the ring and crystal for good. Once Noct joined with the crystal all its power was then transferred into the ring. However, when Noct embraced all that power he then had the ability to destroy Ardyn in the corporeal realm. Ardyn was willing to take the risk since Noct would then have to die and utilize even more power to purge him in the afterlife.

      I don’t know if I explained that part properly in the article, though.

      • TypicalFan

        Ah I see. It’s kinda funny because Ardyn planned this through for quite a while (I mean, 2000 years?) and end up playing a HUGE gamble at the end by fighting Noctis knowing it was 50/50 on winning. Thanks for the clarifications, though.

        • I think Ardyn — in some part — wanted to be free of the demon curse. He wasn’t actually a bad guy but he was forced to become one through the previous rulers of Lucis by purging (and absorbing) the daemons in the land.

          I think for Ardyn the 50/50 gamble was fine because he would win either way: the chosen would either purge him of the daemons so he could ascend, or he would destroy the chosen, the ring and the crystal and rule the land as a daemon emperor (even though he didn’t really like the daemons).

          • f thecatrock

            or maybe you could say, whether Ardyn lose or win, the king and his lineage still die in the end (see his quote before the battle with him).

            Thus from the start of the game you are already lost, lol.

          • Yep, this is true.

  • Naomi

    I thought the post creds scene was Luna and Noctis reuniting in the afterlife (hence regis being there to congratulate them)? It’s even more depressing to think that it’s just a dream sequence 🙁

    • FiachSidhe

      I don’t think it’s a dream sequence I think they are in heaven or some kind of afterlife. He even has the photo with him.

  • kirbyfan64sos

    I think this is a bit wrong… The game doesn’t really say for sure whether or not the friends died. Although Ardyn “sees” them in the afterlife, when he looks back, it was actually just a hallucination. Seems weird, but makes sense if you think about it in the context of Kingdom Heart’s “My friends are my power!” magic moment.

    • It could be hallucination, but Regis, the Six and Luna are all there — the ones who died earlier — to give Noctis his power. If it were just the people who were mentors or friends to him being there as a hallucination, then Cid, Cor and Cidney should have been there as well.

      Also, since Noctis died at the throne and wasn’t coming back, it was unlikely the other three survived all those high-level demons on their own, which would make sense why they appeared in the final segment to help Noct purge Ardyn.

      • John Barber

        True, but they had already survived all those daemons that arrived when Noct was being sucked into the crystal and where the three saw first hand Ardyn’s immortality

      • heavenlybodyknight

        That doesn’t make any sense. The survived daemon attacks on their own for 10 years and weren’t even teamed up together anymore like they used to be. I doubt some daemons could take them out just like that.

        • They definitely survived the attacks for a decade, but consider that they likely fought off small waves to get from one destination to the next. They could definitely handle the smaller ones with no problem, and maybe one large one at a time.

          As Noct was leaving them to head back to the throne room, the entire courtyard had filled up with high level demons, the same kind that gave Noct a difficult time fighting one-on-one, and he was much stronger than the other three. With a blind Ignis, and Prompto only relying on his guns, that would basically leave Gladiolus to play defense against all those high-levels while Prompto tries to shoot and kill the other daemons.

          If they had a tough time with the daemons when Noct was with them, it’s a little difficult to see them surviving all of those high-levels without him.

        • Bran

          Noctis forgot to hand them the Phoenix downs.

  • C G Saturation

    Sounds a lot like reality.

    • I don’t know… in the game at least Lucis’ establishment wanted to do right by the kingdom/people. In real life the establishment is just trying to screw everyone over.

      • C G Saturation

        I was thinking more along the lines of, people often think they’re gonna be a hero and stuff, when they’re really being groomed to die. That’s probably just me being a pessimist, though.

  • Irene De Lucas Egea

    Thank you for sharing this