Final Fantasy XV Set To Gain New Demo, Guest Party Members Revealed

Two pieces of info comes in today for Final Fantasy XV fans. The first pertains to the latest guest party members that you will be able to pickup on your team, and a new playable demo that goes by the name “Judgement Disc”. Final Fantasy XV is set to drop worldwide for PS4 and Xbox One on November 29th.

The guest party members that will be applicable to your team in Final Fantasy XV will be Cor Leonis and Iris Amicitia. The two will not be permanent but temporary members that you will be able to find in your journeys in FFXV.

This information comes from the newest issue by Weekly Jump. The image showing the two characters, Cor Leonis and Iris Amicitia, can be seen below.


We learn that Cor, referred to as the Immortal General, wields a long sword and is apart of the Imperial Capital Garrison. As for Iris she is Gladiolus’ younger sister and fights with her fist — she is also noted to fight with a Moogle stuffed toy.

The second piece of info revolves around the demo, Judgement Disc, that Square Enix detailed on the site Firstly, the demo will provide gamers the opening of the game and will end in the middle of Episode 1. The demo will provide around an hour to an hour and a half worth of playtime.

After beating the demo, players will be acquainted with bonus footage showing the main story, which is said not to be available to the general public. Unlike some demos, this one will now carry players’ save data from the demo over to the full version.

Square Enix also noted on the site that an update will roll out adding 4K and HDR support that will arrive with the game come November 29th. The devs also want to release another update later on that has been optimized, with yet another update but this time for the PS4 Pro in December, which supposedly aims to implement support for 1080p at 60fps on HDTVs.

Final Fantasy XV’s demo, Judgement Disc, is set to release over in Japan on November 11th. The actual game is set to drop worldwide for PS4 and Xbox One on November 29th.


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