Gloom: Lovecraftian Side-Scrolling Adventure game Comes To Greenlight

Gloom is an indie game developed by Aleksi “Hawec” Sirviö, with music done by Valtteri Hanhijoki, making this little indie game a two man team, with all of the animation and programming done by a single man.

The story for Gloom follows the main protagonist, who is afflicted with a severe case of amnesia, causing him to lose his memories. You are trapped within a world that the developer calls “The Common Dream”, where you fight other mad dreamers that share the dream world with you. Your quest is to dive as deep as you can into the Common Dream and locate the lost pages of the Necronomicon. If you die, you lose a little bit more of the last shreds of your identity, and reset back to the starting place of the Common Dream, where you will have to start all over.

The developer says that the combat system is both methodical and challenging and was also inspired by the Souls series of games. Gloom will also give you a variety of unique enemies to face off against and an arsenal of weapons ranging from swords, spears and even guns.

The first thing you will probably notice about Gloom is the black silhouette art style that resembles the popular title Limbo. While reading through the developer’s notes about the game, he commented and said this was his first time really getting into serious animation, and since he wasn’t particularly good with artwork he settled with this style to compensate for his lack of skill.

“Since I’m a solo developer and not particularly good at art, I tried my best to find an art style that was as simple as possible while not looking too cheap. I think this silhouette style ended up working really well too.
This is also my first time seriously doing animations, which explains why they tend to come out a little rough.”

However, I personally really like the animations and the art style and I think it was a great choice for this type of gameplay and story. I think for a solo developer, the end result came out really well. Check out the Steam Greenlight trailer for Gloom that I linked below to see the game in action.

If you are interested in supporting Gloom, you can head on over to their Steam Greenlight page to cast your vote. You can also check out their official website for further details and information about the game.


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