Highrisers: 2D Survival RPG Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Indie developers Solar Powered Games recently launched a kickstarter campaign for their new horror survival RPG, Highrisers.

The story reminds me of a 2D version of Left 4 Dead, as it follows four survivors that have met up by chance and have become stranded in the high rise building. Now, the strange looking “Dreamers” attempt to invade the building and kill you. The group must scavenge, fight and work together to survive and escape the building. It appears that the game works similar to a tower defense game where you have a time limit to set up your fortress during the day and when time runs out and night falls, you have to fight off waves of monsters to survive until daylight.

The game seems to be mixed with an adventure game as well as you search the tower for items and make your way to the more deadly lower levels of the building. The developers released a Kickstarter trailer to show off a bit of the gameplay and introduce the team of characters. Check out the video I linked below.

The monsters in Highrisers look interesting because they aren’t your standard zombies. They look like a mix of zombies and some strange gooey ooze creatures combined together.

Although the game features four hero characters, the game is sadly only a single player experience. The gameplay for Highrisers will focus on you managing the team to find supplies, look around the building, set up barricades, look for weapons and any other useful items to help you fend off the invading monsters. The overall goal though is to fix up your flying helicarrier that has crashed on the rooftop so that you can get out of the building alive and take all of your supplies with you.

The cool part about this is that the dev team shows that you can customize the helicarrier in a variety of ways based on the supplies you find. You can either take the short cheap route and get what you need to fly away while leaving all your gear behind, or search for more advanced and rare items to build an advanced heavy duty helicarrier that can carry more weight so that you don’t have to leave anything behind. The second video shows how the helicarrier upgrade system works and what you will need to get your bird off the ground.

If you are interested in seeing Highrisers succeed with their funding goals and would like to help, you can head on over to their Kickstarter page to support them and learn more about the project.

The development team is currently shooting for a goal of $53,000, and they have already achieved more than $18,000. If you would also like to see this game come to Steam, you can check out their Steam Greenlight page as well to cast your vote to help them out.

Last but not least, make sure to check out the official Highrisers website for additional details about the game.


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