Hyper Universe Online Is A Side-Scrolling 4v4 MOBA

If you took Heroes of the Storm, combined it with a dash of DC Universe Online and a smidgen of Warhammer 40K, add a tinge of moe and a little sprinkle of StarCraft, and you get the 4-vs-4 side-scrolling MOBA title from Nexon called Hyper Universe Online. The game has recently entered into open beta over in South Korea.

Nexon’s new title is as inventive as it is derivative. A lot of the characters are clearly inspired by other properties, but the gameplay itself is mirrored after no other game that I can think of off the top of my head. A cinematic trailer was released to give gamers a brief idea of what the cast and some of their abilities are like. You can check it out below, courtesy of Steparu.

There’s a bunch of fake rip-off characters in the game. There’s a guy who’s a mix of Reinhardt from Overwatch fused with the emperor from Warhammer. There’s a Tracer meets Nova clone, complete with a tight butt in extra tight spandex. There’s a Ms. Marvel rip-off, a Sophitia rip-off from Soul Calibur and even a Monkey King clone. You can see each of the characters that are playable in Hyper Universe Online in the video below from >Argonaki.

On the upside, though. The game has some fresh looking gameplay at its core. It’s unlike anything else out there really, but it still plays by the rules of MOBAs. Players will pick a character, battle through levels, wipe out minions, take down towers and PvP opposing players on the rival team.

There are quite a heroes to choose from, with the open beta boasting 32 different playable characters. Each one has their own unique abilities and skill sets to utilize on the battlefield. You can see what the 4-vs-4 battle mode looks like with the gameplay video below from Masia.

The game’s open beta was announced during G-Star this year and Nexon has already taken it into open beta over in South Korea. If you know the language or how to navigate the website you can actually check the free-to-play MOBA out over on the official Nexon website.

So far they didn’t say exactly if the game has any plans on making its way to the West, but if it’s popular enough I don’t see why it couldn’t end up on Steam sometime down the road.


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