Hyper Void, Space Shooter Enters Steam Greenlight Seeking Votes

If you are into Japanese shoot ’em up games, developer Inframez has a game for you entitled Hyper Void. The arcade shooter is said to bring fast-paced and challenging gameplay to the table, along with tough bosses and hardcore patterns to memorize and conquer. Hyper Void is set to hit Steam in early 2017, and is currently seeking votes on Steam Greenlight.

Hyper Void is game that has players dodging deadly projectiles while shooting and maneuvering around the screen to get to the end of a stage. To further elaborate on the game’s mechanics the official description sits below.

“Hyper Void is a 3rd-person space-shooter 1-player arcade game that uniquely takes place right inside intergalactic wormholes!


Gameplay is fast-paced and challenging, with many skills required to get through the wide variety of enemies and tough bosses. This is not a blind-shooting game; you will need to master your weapons and maneuvering skills to beat the challenge.”

Currently, Hyper Void sports 29 stages. Each stage features a “dynamic psychedelic” look and outer-space environments that you really can’t explore.

Furthermore, something that folks will be able to explore are weapons and power-ups. Like any other classic shoot ’em up game, Hyper Void is said to hold a variety of weapons and specials to master that can wreck havoc if used correctly.

Challenging the weapons and power-ups that will be in the game are different difficulty settings. Holding the typical settings of easy and hard to cycle through and to test a variety of skills, those looking to face off with unbeatable AIs will be able run the most hardest setting Hyper Mode.

Lastly, if you are not into fighting on harder difficulty settings and facing bosses that are tough as nails, there will be other modes and challenges like races, combat, traps and speed tunnels.

Although this trailer is old for Hyper Void, you can check it out seeing how it stands to be the game’s current Greenlight trailer.

If you don’t know, Hyper Void is out now for PS3, PS4 and Xbox One. It will soon be available for PC via Steam once it makes it through Greenlight. You can learn more about the devs and Hyper Void by checking out inframez.com, or you can help support the game on Steam Greenlight.