ICEY Lands On Steam With Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews

Gamers have absolutely fallen in love with the 2D side-scrolling hack-and-slash action game from developer Shanghai FantaBlade Network Technology. The title was published by XD Network and is a meta commentary about narrative control in a futuristic society where the lead character will defy the rules and set a destiny all her own.

ICEY is being described by gamers as a mix of Oni and Devil May Cry. It’s a fast-paced, no-holds-barred action hack-and-slash title with a huge focus on hardcore, fast-reflex gameplay. You have to crush your enemies, dominate them the way Goldberg dominated Brock Lesnar, and make them kneel before you in a visceral scattering of mutilated pixels.

There’s a 30 second trailer to give you a small taste of what the game is like, and how you’ll wield a blade and cut through the baddies like the Podesta brothers slice through “pizza”.

The mix of meta commentary with unparalleled fast-action combat has made ICEY an instant hit. The reviews for the game from the average gamer has been overwhelmingly positive.

Egi explained in his review why ICEY stands above the rest of the herd out there, writing…

“Now, action games, due to their nature, suffer in certain aspects. That being story and character development.


“And this is why I must commend the developer with the ***** he required of me. See, they took those details that do not excel on an action game, and put them inside of a meta game inside the game! Think that’s confusing? Try playing it and figuring it out! The little clues here and there sure do a good job in goading the player on trying to find everything and understand what’s going on backstage. “

English may not be his first language or top priority but his love for well-told stories and high-impact side-scrollers is definitely front and center for him.


Brain Dead loved the challenge and the gameplay and even offered to help fund a dub for the game, writing…

“Just play it, its definatly worth at least trying. Its a great challenge and a lot of fun to play. Would definatly reccomed And would love to fund the devs to make a dub of this. [sic]”

Taihou mimicked heaping similar praises onto the game, but did have some issues with the voice acting as well, saying that the devs should hire in better dubs for the game. Otherwise, he loved it…

“A great indie level side-scrolling game where ACT game marries to Stanley’s Parable, with a sprinkle of Super Hot’s campaign mode narration style.”

ICEY is out and available right now for just $10.99. If you want a trippy action game with great gameplay and solid combat, you can pick up a digital copy from the Steam store.


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