Infinity Wars: Reborn, Fully Animated TCG Arrives December 13th

Lightmare Studios and Yodo Games announced that Infinity Wars: Reborn will launch in full starting December 13th. The updated, new and improved card combat game will continue to feature the fully animated cards on the battlefield, along with new features such as simultaneous turns and an undo button.

They sent out a brief teaser trailer to inform gamers that Infinity Wars: Reborn would go live on December 13th next month. The original game launched back on September 5th in 2014, and Lightmare has been updating and improving the game with new cards, deck features, multiplayer modes and content. You can check out the teaser for Infinity Wars: Reborn below.

During the last two years the developers have consistently been adding new content and features to the game. Including adding in and fixing various avatars, tweaking the gameplay so it’s more balanced, and improving the balance of the game.

One of the prime features in the upcoming release is the undo button, which will allow players to undo a move that they thought was right the first time they did it, but then they realize that they made a huge mistake and they wish they could have taken it back and at least used some better protection because sometimes those mistakes can last you a lifetime and there’s no one to blame but yourself.

Unlike the mistakes we make in real life, the undo button can easily and quickly rectify those problems.

There’s still the ranked PvP modes and fixed deck modes for those who like a challenge, as well as the 3D animated cards and battlefields to help bring the intensity and fervor of the fight to life.

Infinity Wars: Reborn will be free-to-play just like the standard Infinity Wars, and you’ll be able to dive right into the action starting December 13th next month. You can actually learn more about the game or jump into the current version by visiting the Steam store page.


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