Jazon And The Dead: Top Down Action Zombie game Comes To Steam Greenlight

As soon as the trailer started I thought of the 1995 game Full Throttle, mixed with the art style of Telltale Games.

Developers 2ND Studio has recently submitted their isometric shooter game titled Jazon And The Dead, to Steam Greenlight, and the game actually looks pretty cool. Something about the world and character art style also reminds me a bit of the game Brütal Legend.

Jazon And The Dead follows our main hero Jazon, after he wakes up in an old abandon bar, with the outside world filled with zombies and undead monsters. He eventually teams up with a woman named Zoey, and together they go on a deadly journey to save the world from complete destruction.


Jazon And The Dead however is not a point-and-click game like TellTale Games or Full Throttle, but instead takes a different approach and the developers at 2ND Studio decided to make Jazon And The Dead an isometric Beat’em up, shooter game instead, and I think that this mixture of art styles and gameplay genres is what makes Jazon And The Dead stand out and look unique.

The developers also say that the game will have a player-driven story and hints that the player’s actions and decisions will have consequences. It sounds like Jazon And The Dead will also feature a few puzzle elements as the development team says that you can use zombies as weights for various scenarios, or stack them on top of each other so that you can reach your destination. Last but not least, Jazon And The Dead was inspired by classic B-movie horror and Science fiction movies from the 1980s, so you can expect to see some classic story elements and an 80s inspired soundtrack to match.

The developers released a gameplay trailer as well for Jazon And The Dead that shows off a bit of the combat and characters, so take a look at the trailer that I linked down below.

2Nd Studio is also running a crowdfunding campaign from the website Fig.co to raise more money to help complete their game, so if you are interested you can lend your support by following the provided link.

Jazon And The Dead is currently scheduled for a Winter of 2017 release. For additional information about the game and development studio, you can also visit their official website to learn more.


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