Jill Stein Files FEC Complaints Against Trump, Clinton For Illegal Activity

Dr. Jill Stein has filed Federal Election Commission complaints against both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for their illegal coordination with Super PACs throughout the campaign season.

In a post made over on the Green Party organization website, Dr. Stein points out…

“As the one candidate in this race who does not take money from corporations or Super PACs, I am in a unique position to call for the enforcement of election laws, which are already too lax on letting big money influence our political choices,”

The post points out that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have violated FEC regulations regarding campaign candidates not having communications with Super PACs. This is to prevent corporations from having financial influence over the campaign and using unlimited funds to coordinate with candidates and push whatever agendas they want.

The post from the Green Party points out that Trump’s staffers formed the Rebuilding America Now and violated the 120-day “cooling off” period, which states that there should be at least 120 days of separation between close staff of the campaign joining a Super PAC.

In the case of Hillary Clinton, they point to a memo where Clinton’s campaign coordinated with Correct The Record. Oddly enough, the post doesn’t mention that Clinton’s campaign was also involved with paying splinter cell ops to cause disruptions and violence at Trump rallies, as pointed out in the Project Veritas videos and verified with disbursement filings in the Federal Election Commission’s database. Later the Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s campaign denied any involvement with Bob Creamer and the Americans United For Change paid disruptions, but then additional video evidence surfaced implicating Hillary Clinton and the interim chair of the DNC, Donna Brazile, in having direct involvement with Creamer and the shadow PAC used for inciting violence and causing disruptions.

A lot of people have been waiting for an investigation to take place involving all of this corruption that has surfaced, both regarding the Project Veritas videos and the Wikileaks memos, but there has been no formal investigations into Clinton or those in her campaign, save for the husband of her aide, Anthony Weiner, which was recently shut down by the FBI.

According to Dr. Stein, she’s planning on taking this all the way to court, stating…

“We expect to have to resolve this in federal court and are prepared to do so. Filing this complaint against the Trump and Clinton campaigns is just one step towards getting the big money out of politics so we can get the people back in.”

If Clinton manages to cinch the election and become President of the United States, then there likely won’t be any further investigations into the matter.


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