Kadokawa Games Reveals Debut Trailer For RPG Maker Fes
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2016)

You know that pre-made RPG kit that used to fill quite a bit of individual slots for Greenlight submissions? Yes, I’m talking about RPG Maker. Kadokawa Games wants you to create your very own RPGs by using the upcoming RPG Maker Fes for the Nintendo 3DS. The devs released a new trailer to highlight that the RPG maker will drop in Japan on November 24th.

Do you like making your own games? If you do enjoy making your own playable projects or seek to make a simple game, Kadokawa Games will bring forth RPG Maker Fes to the Nintendo 3DS later this month for you.

RPG Maker Fes, like many other game creators, offers a big list of assets to pick from that allow you to make environments and other things look the way you want them to.

This includes changing enemies so that they show up in the right places and look the part, how buildings look inside and outside, and how the main heroes will save the world from whatever it is that you have trying to stop the protagonist and friends.

This now brings us to the trailer that the devs just released. The trailer introduces a number of features, including map creation, world map creation, character creation, battles scenes, event creation, menu options for advanced creation kits, sharing created games with other players online, and the option for other players to play them through a free RPG Maker Fes Player.

The near two minute long video sits below for your viewing pleasure, which comes in by Ebtvjp.

As of now there is no information regarding a Western release for the Nintendo 3DS version of RPG Maker Fes, but the game maker is due out in Japan on November 24th. RPG Maker Fes will launch via the Nintendo eShop on November 16th and will provide sample games for folks to test.

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  • Reven

    As someone who has fiddled with RPG Maker since the Don Miguel translations years ago, I understand the stigma surrounding RPG Maker games. Many of them are games thrown together using the default assets and thrown up for a price. Many of these are even first projects. It leads to many games that shouldn’t be sold on steam. RPG Maker as a tool has a lot of power to it if you’re willing to learn how to bend the program to your needs. Games like To the Moon show us this.

    I myself am making a game in the most recent PC version of the software, RPG Maker MV, that takes some inspiration from the Ultima games a little bit. It’s using default assets (and character generator assets, and dlc stuff from bundles over the years) but it will not be released for money when it is finished because I’m making it as a learning experience with the software. It might not even be released at all to be honest. If I do make a game later on it that I do intend to sell, it will use fully original assets, because while it’s perfectly legal to sell games with the default and dlc assets, I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that.

    Edit: As for RPG Maker Fes, it’s kind of neat seeing a new RPG Maker on a console or handheld.