Kong: Skull Island 2nd Trailer Spoils The Movie’s Big Twist
(Last Updated On: November 17, 2016)

So movie trailers have a really stupid way these days of spoiling what the movie is about. If you were hoping that maybe you could go all the way to March, 2017 without being spoiled with the new Kong: Skull Island flick, then you probably won’t want to watch this new trailer.

Airing during the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, the new trailer for Legendary Pictures’ monster movie took viewers by storm with a new two and a half minute spot. It’s nothing like the first trailer, which was basked in intrigue and had a clear air of mystery about it. Oh no, this second trailer reveals the entire plot of Kong: Skull Island and then goes a bit further by even ruining the movie’s big twist. I’ll say this right here and now… if you have any plans on watching this film don’t watch the trailer below!

You didn’t listen did you? You just had to watch the trailer? Your curiosity couldn’t let you escape from seeing what it spoiled about the movie, could it?

Well, now that you’ve watched it I guess it’s time to talk about what you’ve just seen.

So Kong: Skull Island is not just a King Kong remake. They’ve made Kong a heck of a lot bigger, and they’ve changed it where instead of offering up a sacrifice to Kong, they now have him working as a bodyguard for the inhabitants on the island.

Instead of just fighting big dinosaurs, though, he’s also facing off against monsters from the deep below, which is revealed after the American military and some of the scientists show up, led by John Goodman and Samuel L. Jackson. The twist is that the humans need Kong to save them from the monsters.

Kong: Skull Island

They have Tom Hiddleston there as well, alongside Brie Larson, with the duo providing the eye-candy of the film. Hiddleston sports the tight t-shirt and shoulder holster to mark the look of an adventuristic bad boy, where-as Larson seems to be going for the sweet and savvy scientist role.

The real bummer about the trailer is that all of the dark mystery that was lightly hinted at in the first trailer went kaput with this second trailer. If I were Legendary Pictures I would pull it off the net and replace it with something closer to the first trailer. Why would you ruin the best parts about your film?

In fact, the first trailer was similar to the likes of the promo spots for Godzilla, which were very much focused on hinting at the monster without actually showing the king of all monsters. The twist to Godzilla was always kept under wraps leading up to the movie’s release, so audiences could be pleasantly surprised at the twist.

Kong: Skull Island

Here, we now know that Kong isn’t facing off against man but some other skull monsters, hence the name Skull Island.

Hopefully they don’t release a third trailer, otherwise they’ll end up ruining the film the way Warner Bros., did by showing the entire plot of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice within the few trailers that they released.

You can look for Kong: Skull Island to drop in a theater near you starting in March of 2017.

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