Kopanito: All-Stars Soccer Is Action Soccer Without A Referee

Soccer games outside of the standard titles made by Electronic Arts and Konami aren’t particularly common. It’s rarely a broached genre by most indie devs, but that didn’t stave away Merixgames from trying their hand at a very unorthodox kind of soccer title in the form of Kopanito: All-Stars Soccer.

The game recently launched on Steam, just ahead of the current Autumn Sale going on, offering gamers a referee-free gameplay experience with action-oriented gameplay. The concept centers around action sports where skill is the key to victory. You need to master the gameplay mechanics, brush up on your reflexes, and learn how to intercept balls and take down your opponents.

There’s even a slow-motion feature when attempting skill-shots toward the goal. You can get a look at some of the gameplay with the Let’s Play video below from The Gaming Ground.

The game doesn’t shy away from some brutal, hardcore encounters where you’ll need to time your shots, hone your reflexes and exercise some serious skills in order to pull out some victories in the title.

Kopanito features both local and online play, including one-on-one duels, doubles, three-on-three matches and the full five-on-five roster bouts, complete with party modes and customizable online features that allow you to choose the teams, stadium and match duration.

There are 17 different tournaments to play through, as well as a lot of gameplay playability inspired by Nintendo World Cup and Sensible Soccer.

There’s full controller support, trading cards, cloud saves, leaderboards and a full single-player mode for those of you who don’t have any friends and those of you who don’t want any.

The game spent a year in Early Access and just recently graduated for a full launch on Steam. You can pick up a digital copy of the action-oriented sports title for only $11.99 right now from the Steam store.


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