League Of Legends 6.23 Sees Shyvana, Akali Getting Damage Buffs

Riot Games let loose the patch notes for version 6.23 for League of Legends, the free-to-play MOBA game for PC. The patch notes reveal that a lot of changes have been made to various characters, including some new skins being added for some of the characters on the roster. The most significant changes come in the form of Shyvana and Akali getting some much-needed damage buffs.

Over on the official League of Legends website they revealed that there’s a new Elementalist Lux Ultimate Skin, The mage will be available with five new icons for 3250 RP.

The real news is that they really wanted to buff up Shyvana, mentioning in the post…

“Broadly speaking, we aimed to give Shyvana more flexibility and help her make better use of juggernaut items. In Dragon Form, Flame Breath’s been redesigned away from a basic damage cone toward something she has more options around using. “

So what sort of buffs did Shyvana get? Well, the Fury of the Dragonborn gets a 10% damage bonus against elemental drakes, as well as 5 extra armor and resistance for every elemental drake Shyvana or an ally defeats.

Shyvana’s Flame Breath has received a damage boost, and her Dragon’s Descent has been expanded.

Akali also received a minor buff as well, with Twin Disciplines getting an increase in damage output along with Crescent Slash also having the bonus attack damage being increased with a small notch up in ability power.

Some of the other characters also received some minor bits of tender loving and compassionate care from the developers. But beyond character tweaks and balances, there’s also some modifications that have taken place with the client, including replays being enabled for all servers, the ability for players to see public custom games, and there’s now a sorting filter for Hextech crafting inventories.

In addition to all of this, there are also some glitches that have been stomped out and bugs that have been squashed.

You can grab League of Legends right now, for free, by heading up the game’s official website.


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