Mass Effect 2 And Mass Effect 3 Are Now Backwards Compatible For Xbox One
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2016)

Electronic Arts and BioWare have completed the trifecta of backwards compatible Mass Effect games, making all three titles available as backwards compatible for the Xbox One.

Major Nelson recently made the announcement through a quick tweet to let Xbox One owners know that they can load up any of the three Mass Effect games on the Xbox One now that Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 are currently available as backwards compatible titles.

Unlike the original Mass Effect, however, the latter two games are only playable by disc given that they are multi-disc games. The original game can be played either by digital download or through the original Xbox 360 disc.

This was part of EA and BioWare’s celebration of N7 Day, the fictional day within the Mass Effect universe.

The news about the two games being made backwards compatible was also accompanied by a new cinematic trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda.

If you haven’t played the games before it’s not a bad way to catch up on the series if you do plan on diving into BioWare’s latest. However, if you were burned by that Mass Effect 3 ending you’re likely going to be keen on staying far, far away from the upcoming title.

For new-school gamers you’ll have to pony up change at local retailers like GameStop or other outlets that carry used games if you want to catch a copy of Mass Effect 2 or Mass Effect 3. Alternatively, you can search up places like Amazon to try to get your fix of the old games. Hopefully you can find a copy (or copies) cheaper than what Lost Odyssey is going for. You’re not going to pay anything less than $30 for that game.

(Main image courtesy of Ahknab)

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    I take it this means 2 and 3’s included DLC will be BC as well?

    • I assume so. Given that you can’t get multi-disc games from digital stores I’m assuming you may have to make purchases using the in-game stores. Otherwise, maybe the content transfers over if you’ve already purchased it and added it to your account. They didn’t really go into detail about that.

      • MONAD

        That’d make sense. I seem to recall a statement being made that when a game goes BC, its DLC and other included items will go BC as well. Damn. This means I’ll have to re buy ME, ME 3 and all of its related DLC again, since I started a new gamertag. I’ll likely buy ME next month.

  • C G Saturation

    Garrus is/was awesome. I could never get into the first game because of the shitty mouse smoothing, shitty vehicle segments, and other instability issues. The third game also felt kinda rushed and very unsatisfying.

    At the same time, I kinda wish there were more games like the Mass Effect series, but done better. Better gameplay, etc. I didn’t really enjoy the actual gameplay in Mass Effect. It got boring real fast. Fight a few battles and you’ve fought ’em all.