Minecraft 1.11 Update For PC Adds New Exploration Opportunities

Mojang announced over on their official website that update 1.11 has launched for Minecraft. The update features new maps to scour, new maps to fight and new items to collect.

One of the new locations includes the Woodland Mansion, which work the same as dungeons. Only players will explore the mansions to find what lurks behind the doors, the cabinets and in the spooky old dining room halls. During the mansion missions players will encounter the new Illager enemies.

Another new feature is the Cartographer, an NPC that will add treasure caches to your map in exchange for emeralds. The troves won’t be easily won over just by walking there, though. You’ll have to face off against enemies who may be guarding the secret treasure. Also, there’s a new pet in the form of a llama. You can check it out below in the 1.11 trailer.

As the trailer shows, the mansions also contain traps you’ll need to look out for, and they’ve also added a new Shulker Box that still retains its items even when knocked over. This is likely going to be key for people who have randoms join their games and then go around messing up their house or whatever.

Another new item called the Totem of Undying has also joined the ranks, allowing players to face any kind of danger and be brought back immediately. The trinket even allows you to fall and take full damage and not die.

I’m amazed that Minecraft is still being updated. It would have seemed like everybody has already played it by now but I guess there are still people left for Microsoft to milk.

The update is available right now for free if you already own the game. If not, you can pick up a digital copy from participating e-tailers. For more info be sure to hit up the official Minecraft website.


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