Monster Hunter XX “Brave Style” Gains Five New Trailers
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2016)

Capcom just published a batch of videos showing Monster Hunter XX that pertains to “Brave Style” in the game. This new link system between attacks will be something contained by a Brave Gauge that only fills when attacking. Monster Hunter XX will debut in Japan on March 18th, 2017 for the Nintendo 3DS.

Wasting no time and jumping straight into the meat, Capcom published a new set of video trailers showing Monster Hunter XX “Brave Style” hunting system. Brave Style is designed to string continuous attacks and includes a Brave Gauge that fills as when attacking monsters.

Once the gauge is full you can activate a “Brave State” to use even more powerful link attacks and special techniques. If you want to keep the Brave Gauge from draining you will need to keep linking attacks.

The first video that Capcom released regarding Monster Hunter XX‘s Brave Style shows the basic actions. The near two minute video shows different attacks, counters and much more.

In the beginning of the second video we see the Great Sword put into play against the Lagombi. This 40 second long video also plays a part in the new Brave Style.

The next video in the series of Brave Style moves and actions focuses on single or One-Handed Swords. The new video runs almost around the same length like the video above, which runs eight seconds less.

Coming in after the third video is the forth video that is entitled “Long Sword”. This video dives into the combo system and how the Brave Style works with much bigger swords.

The last video that is in the Brave Style series is the Dual Swords. This video shows a player using the Dual Swords while activating the Brave State.

For those who are excited for MH:XX will have to wait if you are in the West. The game will debut in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS on March 18th.

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